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  1.  Great series


    Great series,Great acting would recommend to anyone. Very action packed and keeps you guessing,only draw back is the gun scenes where they seem to fire a pistol about 30 times without reloading and i feel this ruins it a little making it feel a little less realistic.Great anyway though! 10/10

  2.  Why are people rating this so low?


    For whoever thinks this is exactly the same as cod4 is terribly wrong. It is still the basic cod4 game play style but so much better and all the annoying thinks from cod4 have been tweaked. I have the beta and its amazing. Mankin for example Very dark and theres nothing better than creeping through the water sticking to the bushes with a silenced M1 garand and picking people off with nice shots to the head. Sure its WW2 but after u get used to it it doesnt feel like it that much the guns are excellent and most of the perks are still there for example bouncing bettys these are basically clamores but so much more deadly and scary and theres nothing better than planting one and watching a enemy walk straight into it and blow off there arms and legs. Honestly if u liked cod4 i can almost guarantee u will like this so much fun like 7 kill streak attack dogs? or blowing a perfect tank shell into someone and blow them into nice little pieces Brilliant so please dont listen to all of these "just like cod4 but worse since its ww2" ect i would say once this game gets going it will beat cod4 into the ground



    this game is awesome offline and online , first of all the single player is very in depth and can be great fun especialy if your playing with a friend the multiplayer is also very good it just takes a while to get used to since its a very skilled game for example in COD4 or BFBC if your getting shot in the back when your turned round by the time you turn round or try to your dead but in gears if your getting shot in the back you wallbounce stick your shot gun at point blanc range at your opponent and blow them into small chunks but trust me once you get used to the multiplayer and are good at it you will love this game especially if you get in a clan :P but trust me you need 2 give this game a try even though this is a extremely old xbox 360 game it still has some of the best graphics and the best gameplay on the 360

  4.  good


    dont down rainbow coz of the online at the moment the only reason its like that it coz the PS3 Online is rubbish compared to the xbox 360 and rainbow is a great game

  5.  Great Game but some flaws


    I bought army of two on the release date friday the 7th march and when i first got it i thought it was brilliant how you could customize your weapons and make them "pimped" so me and my friend played coop over xbox live and it was great how you could show ur appreciation to your partner or you could show ur anger for example "by headbutting him but the same day i got army of two around 3.00pm i played it until 11.00pm and we had completed the story on contractor

    so the story is very short and is quite repetitive then i moved on to multiplayer the multiplayer is awful and i think the melee option makes it worse because everyone i have played are melee addicts! if you get closer than a foot to them they melee you and it gets really annoying the online is a good idea but with 2V2 it aint very fun i expected a lot more from army of two on the trailers it looked brilliant and in the game you can do alot of things what were on the trailers like Drag and heal,step jump,pull up ,coop snipe and things like that

    overall i think army of two was a great game for the first few hours but as you play it more it gets boring but its only 3 days till Rainbow six Vegas 2 so im not complaning
    but i gurantee that R6V2 is gonna be so awesome

  6.  Good but not the best


    Frontlines fuel of war i played both the demos and i thought the single player one was crap i played the multiplayer one and i thought it was great i got the game and its a bit of both the single player is extremley short and gets boring all you do it sit beside smoke and capture it or you clear out areas it has no real element of fun the multiplayer is good at first well who doesnt want to fly a fighter jet but it gets old very quick you like it when you first get it but after a while you just get bored of it you are much better off getting Army of two :P or the best multiplayer game ever Rainbow six vegas 2 that game is going to own



    one of the best movies ever its so realistic but i was sitting through it thinking why the hell isnt this a 18 but absolutley "this is madness MADNESS THIS IS SPARTA!!*