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  1.  Bloody "marvel"ous


    I can't explain how much I love this film...I just have one doubt about the screenwriter. Was it the same guy who wrote the end to Transformers: Darkside of the Moon - too many similarities to be simply coincidence...hmmm???

    But other than that, awesome film - Josh Wheddon, you da man :)

  2.  One word...AWESOME


    Fantastic film - if you love Star Trek, or even Star Wars for that matter, watch this film. It has more twists and turns than a twisty, turny thing.

  3.  Why, oh why, oh why :(


    1. I'm a big fan of the games, so probably a little bias
    2. The first film - brilliant, 2nd - ok, 3rd - passable (just), 4th - awful, 5th...beyond bad!

    5 reasons not to buy or watch this film

    1. Characters are constantly posed - it's as if they are shooting stills for a BDSM magazine. They are so oblivious, or immune, to gun fire that they often stand openly in gun fights, rather than "duck and cover" just so that they can pose some more.
    2. Every character from the RE game franchise has been shoe-horned in (with only Barry and Jill being adequately cast IMHO). Good to see Michelle Rodriguez smile for once though (she should do it more often, 'cause she's a babe).
    3. Yet again, Mr Anderson has gone for bright colours and flashy (completely pointless) aerobatics, rather than spending the time to learn to read and write and come up with a decent plot.
    4. They have clearly ripped off "Aliens" with the whole alien taking little girl nonsense.
    5. The actor playing Wesker still can't act his way out of a paper bag.

    Oh, and I almost forgot...
    6. The ending sucks and is quite obviously leaving things open for Mr Anderson to come back and make an even worse film to keep him in crayons and colouring books.

    Want to watch a really good Game/Comic film?
    Watch "Dredd" (not the Stallone one, the Urban one), Doom (Urban again) or Wanted (McAvoy) - but whatever you do, do not give anymore money to Mr Anderson otherwise he'll go and make another awful film.

  4.  Die Hard in Space? Who wrote that on the front of the box???


    This is by no means Die Hard in space, as the front cover of the box suggests. It is nothing like the Die Hard plot and no where near the character of John McClane. This is a rather sacrastic and childish Snake Plissken from Escape from New York, with the same plot (almost) as Escape from New York.

    Now that we have that out of the way, this is a thoroughly enoyable film. The CGI is a little on the low budget side, and the plot a little ropey, but the overall delivery is excellent - great for a saturday evening sci-fi film (when there's nothing else on).

    I remember Guy Pearce from Neighbours, and groan whenever I see he is to be in a film, but after seeing him in Iron Man 3, I thought I'd give this a go, and I wasn't disappointed, but I think I would've been had I spent a tenner on it. Got it for under a fiver, and at that price it was a bargain and good value

  5.  OMG just doesn't do this justice


    Awesome film - so dark, broody and simply not one for kiddies. I watched this and was completely blown away by Mr Urban as Dredd. I used to read 2000AD and always feared what a feature film would do to Dredd, but I was shocked at how good this film was. Great plot, great action...simply great. I just hope that they do another, and with some of the proper bad Judges.

  6.  What would you do...?


    I'd take the pills, for sure. But then I need them :)

    Excellent film. Doesn't get a 5 because I'm jealous that I didn't have the idea first.

    But seriously, the only flaw (and it is only a minor flaw) that I saw with the film was the european money lender. Didn't find him as convincing as the rest of the cast. Sorry, but I didn't.

  7.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS...in fact, pay NOT to see this


    What was that all about? The film has some lovely scenery...but that's no reason to give this film anything more than a 1 star. The acting was average, the main character was not intimidating or particularly brutal (except when forced to fight at the begining of the film) and the claims that this film was thought provoking or in anyway a social commentary on any aspect of religion are false. This was a student film makers first attempt at being artistic by using every arty trick in one film. Unfortunately, the lack of evolution of plot or character leaves me feeling like I have been mislead, and cheated out of my hard earned cash.

    And the DVD packaging, and the trailer, leads one to believe that Bill Hicks was correct to say "If you are in advertising or marketing...kill yourself"!

  8.  A successor to Event Horizon???


    I loved Event Horizon and expected this to be a lame attempt at following that Stuck-in-Space, Space Horror genre - but to tell the truth, I am amazed that this bypassed the local cinema. This film is fantastic.

    So it was shot using the BBC light bulb (i.e. in near pitch-black darkness), but that's what you want with this kind of film. Not being able to see everything in near-dusk quality, like most of these types of films, leaves a lot more to the imagination than you would expect.

    I was also glad to see Ben Foster playing a much larger role than we are used to, as he is a very talented young actor and films like this should make his reputation grow. Dennis Quaid's performance was special, and his pressence in the film adds a little more weight than you would expect from a B-Movie.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is a B-movie, but don't let that fool you. It is well directed, well shot and the story is excellent.

  9.  Bluddy Marv-lus


    12 tracks of pure quality
    1. Out of the Oridnary - Der Waisse Hai
    2. The Age of Love - The Age of Love
    3. Beltram - Energy Flash
    4. Fierce Ruling Diva - Love Your Enemies
    5. Technohead - The Passion1
    6. Ace the Space - 9 Is A Classic
    7. Joint Venture - Masterblaster
    8. Humate - Love Stimulation
    9. Piano's Party (S.O.B.) - Spatial
    10. Alex Lee - Take It
    11. Joi & Jorio - I Won't Waste Your Time
    12. Members of the House - Reach Out For Love

  10.  God Rest His Soul


    I have to firstly say that I dismissed the idea of Heath Ledger playing the Joker as a farce. Then I watched this film. . . .

    Mr Bale is the Batman - there is no denying that (IMHO better, dare I say, than Mr Keaton) - but Heath Ledger is (sorry, was) a true psychopath!! His Oscar worthy performance was deeply disturbing; I actually had a cold sweat every time he came to the screen. It's just such a shame that his best ever performance was to be one of his last. But if you're gonna go, "go with a smile".

    The story is long, and complicated, but the reward is priceless. Performances, cinematography, script - all finely tuned to tell a truely dark story. A wonderfully masterful piece of film making. Bravo.