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    As predicted on my BBC radio film show, this film will appeal to those who have no idea what a good horror film is! After the crud that was House of wax remake , Texas chainsaw( remake!) Nightmare on elm street ( remake) ,Jason 94 or whatever , Saw whatever number comes this totally predictable mish mash aimed at a specific cinema goer with a specific mind set ( see reviews of this film already posted )" - boring high on gore( as If that makes a classic ) . The Cabin in the woods was a tad more enjoyable with some decent Hollywood thespianis.. This evil dead Trollope has a bunch of wannabes who have no hope in the acting world except in class C horror films . Add the last exorcism franchise and you can appreciate how easy it is to make money in the global industry. Did not jump once,laughed at many a feeble effect and smirked at the ham acting. At least Bruce Campbell's Ash had more guts and style and sam RAIMI must be giggling away in his future pension fund .. Totally abysmal .. And I bet I'm not in the minority with some sense when It comes to Superb horror .. Check out Insidious and now in the cineplexes THE CONJURING, that's proper film making folks !

  2.  As remakes go this is one of the worst


    I cringed when the film moguls announced this release hoping that the totty factor in Hutcherson and Hemsworth would bring in screaming adolescent Tweens . What they didn't bank on was the horrendous script and awful direction which makes the Patrick swayze 1984 film look like an epic.There is little Cohesion and creedence in this plot and some of the scenes are risible . Hemsworth can be spared as he has Thor 2 and Rush this year and HUtcherson has Hunger games 2 . The rest can be crucified for their roles.. A forgettable experience which will go down well with pubertal PS3 teens and Young girls,.but what would they know about a classy film anyway ? Roll on Thor 2 for some sanity

  3.  Another complete waste of time in the horror rehash genre


    Of course there will be 4 or 5 star reviews for crud like this ..it's a democracy! Following the lame attempts of rehashing Friday the 13th,Halloween,Freddie Krueger and all those classics,comes the predictable trash about a woman going back (boring plot predictable) to the infamous slaughter house where horror icon Leatherface existed .. And we know whats going to happen ! I am surprised that the young actress who made a name for herself in the above average Percy Jackson fantasy , did this ..wonder if its her mortgage money? Gunnar Halle who played the original Leatherface ,makes a cameo here to no avail,. Rob Zombie ruined the street Cred of horrors and then more wannabe directors follow suit,.. At your peril watch this not because its scary ( it isn't !) but for the sake of your sanity .For a quality horror watch films like SInister which boasts a great script and solid acting..wonder about those reviewers who gave this 4-5 star? they must be so easily pleased in life .. A waste of money and effort,. And as bad as the recent spate of exorcism film drivel and the awful Evil Dead( no doubt that will do well in the DVD charts for typical folks who adore this Texas chainsaw film which was massacred mutilated and shamed the Brilliance of Tobe Hoopers classic ) !! - I will retire to bedlam if they make sequels of this which clearly spells out the lack of talent in the Film industry .

  4.  A sad franchise but glad to see the purgatory end


    Once again only die hard fans ,mainly women who rattle on about Team Jacob or team this team that, will give this 4-5 star - they decided this even before release.WHen asked to review Breaking dawn parts 1 and 2 for the BBC , I knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed. Howls from the females and Tweens in the audience overcome,with awe of the so called good looking leads( at least R Pattz has some thespian ability but sadly Lautner and Stewart are as wooden and decrepit like a condemned house ) the effects are laughable ,the acting horrendous and only Michael SHeen added gravitas to the proceedings . The film won many awards at the famous Razzies( quite rightly ) but will do well at the pointless MTV/Teen movie awards . The cinema aficionado will avoid this, the brainwashed millions will buy this and wont accept criticism for this lamentable series .. Am glad the pain has ended .. ... Till Beautiful Creatures saga!

  5.  Another example of a Sandler flop in recent times


    How Adam Sandler gets away with making so called comedies nowadays is beyond my comprehension .Unless you are a die hard Sandlerite,stay well clear of films like this. After the awful Grown ups came a film that swept the Razzies in 2012 called Jack and Jill.In That's my boy , a father tries to reconnect with his estranged son on his wedding day..and that's it.Cue awful body part jokes and unoriginal scenes which left me cringing with horror.One of the turkeys of 2012 -and be concerned that Grown ups 2 is coming out this summer .The pain and suffering continues till producers stop Sandler from making balderdash

  6.  pure masterclass by Bardem


    One can see why the great Javier Bardem ( that guy from No Country for Old men ) was nominated for best actor this year- harrowing tale of a criminal wiht little time to live and has to repent and look after his children. Barcelona as seen from the eyes of a illegal human trafficker.. genius and another tour de force after his assassin character in the Coen brothers film from 2008 was rewarded with an Oscar. Firth just pipped him this time but Bardem is one of the best around! How about Colin Firth and Javier in a movie together?

  7.  another pathetic audience vote to a summer no.1 in the UK


    Adam Sandler can do good- think The Waterboy- can do excellent- think Funny People- but then dross like this( a la Click and Bedtime stories)- this film was supposed to be of morals and family values but pokes fun at old people, fat people and people of differing creeds... if this is what humour is nowadays( like Norbit- and no doubt Norbit lovers loved this!), then I will retire to bedlam- and those reviewers who gave this a 4 star, I suggest go and see your GP!

  8.  a typical rubbish J Lo ride


    J Lo should now stay at home with her kids and be a full time Suzy home maker- typically the great reviews are from the females out there who clearly have no idea about great romantic comedies ( e g You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle,Bringing up Baby)- and someone said for a better film watch Leap year, one of the biggest turkeys of 2010? J Lo falls for a cheese farmer whilst trying for artifical insemination- the harrowing plot speaks for itself- The last good J Lo film was Out of Sight back in 1998- avoid this cliched mess and watch Meryl Streep- Lopez may learn a thing or two about acting then- housewife life beckons for her full time- stay clear of movies Jenny on the block!

  9.  an escapism back to the 70s and 80s


    Imagine Sly Stallone as a goalie- throw in legends like Pele, Ardiles, Moore and Van Himst; add the tale of POWs vs Germans and the spice of concocting an escape into Allied France.. Caine is superb; John Huston a famous director and a typical boys' comic book adventure and the ingredients for a very worthy watchable DVD. This did not win any awards but leaves some of the modern soccer films standing e g the awful Goal trilogy. Wonder if Sly Stallone will bring his goalie skills in his new film The Expendables- check Escape to Victory out!

  10.  horror show for the naive female tweens


    utter garbage and how not to make a film-unless you are one of those Jonas brothers fans sucked into this uncreative bunch. The 3D title tries to crank up the cinema package-well everyone's doing it now-this lot will be forgotten soon -until the next Disney fabricated "next great pop singers" come along- like Hannah Montana, this is a migraine inducing and laughable experience -3D should be 3 D's- dire dismal disgraceful-- unless one adores this tasteless music and claims to be a music aficianado i.e the Jonas fan club.Avoid this and watch School Of Rock or even Bandslam, the latter was way better than this.