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  1.  Dull sequel to a dull movie


    This movie is a cross between a monster movie and Daylight. A gaint octopus has moved into the New York sea front. It kills a couple of people and a police officer finds out. He tries to convince people that the Octopus is out there but no one believes him until it it is too late.

    The plot is standard stuff and I would expect no less of a cheapo prodution like this. What is bad about this movie is the effects are duff. The acting is terrible as the cgi creature gets all the best lines like gurlge..chomp.

  2.  Dreadful


    This is without doubt a travesty. You have some classic games. You update them and then they are no longer classics. The concepts have not been updated just the graphics but when you see them they just look like someone has spray painted your DS. Do not buy this game. You have been warned.

  3.  Cool Scottish horror flick


    I saw this at Fright fest a number of years back and enjoyed it.
    Basically it is the story of what happens when you get lost when you are on a hiking trip in Scotland. What is out there in the dark?
    There is a also a lot of dark Scottish humour in it. If you like Dog Soldiers this is a tamer take on that without the soldiers but with the black humour.
    The effects are pretty good.

  4.  Great PSP 1st person shooter


    This game is great. The draw distance lets it down and the way you get an endless series of enemies is annoying. Good points are the graphics and the sound which are excellent throughout.
    This is not a game that you will beat on one sitting. There are plenty of great things to do with it. Most of the missions are capture the flag based but they are just so much fun. Also you have to find other goodies like secret plans. So it has the flavour of the medal of honour series on the x box.
    The wifi gaming also works well and I had a great game with my pal on the tube the other day. All in all the best 1st person shooter I have played on the PSP.

  5.  rent this movie only


    What do you get when you cross Hostel with the Beach and put a bit of the Ambulance in as well....yep you guessed it this movie. The first half of the movie is great but it is when it starts to try to do the horror element of this movie it falls down. The other reviewers are spot on when they say that this movie is a wasted opportunity. This could quite easily have been a classic. As it is its just an attempt to make a horror version of the Beach.

  6.  A Great show and a good package


    I was at this show Hammersmith Odeon aka Apollo. It was a great night as he was promoting what was seen as his comeback album at the time Brutal Planet. I had a great time and was overjoyed to see that it had come out on DVD.
    The DVD is Alice Cooper at his best doing what he does best. That is being a showman and keep the audience entertained. That is not to say that the music suffers as it is excellent as well. At the time this album was seen as a bit of a cash in to the nu metal sound. Personally it just sounds like Alice Cooper.
    The Disks have all the hits and the DVD has all the stage show. The verison of Poison is a bit duff but apart from that it is a great gig. I hope his gig this year is as good.

  7.  Superb shlock shocker


    This movie is based on Graham Masterton's classic horror novel of the same name. While the movie is not as good as GM's orginal novel it is well worth watching if you are into novel ways of looking at the horror genre. Intrigued? Read on.
    The Manitou is the tale of a two hundred year old medicine man (the protagonist), Karen Tandy (the victim of the tale) and Harry Erskine (the hero)(who is played by Tony Curtis (he says he does not remember making this movie) ). Karen gets a lump on her shoulder and goes to hospital, they tell her it is like a foetus. She goes to Harry for help and that is when it becomes apparant that this is no ordinary tumour. The medicine man from the past is seeking a way to get to the future and Karen is his portal. Will Harry be able to stop the native American magic from coming into the 20th century? Watch the movie and find out.
    It is a well made horror movie from the seventies from cult director William Girdler who also made Grizzly and day of the animals.

  8.  Symphony X's best album


    This is a the pinnacle of the band's achievements. The title track is a 24 minute masterpiece that I have been playing for the last three or four years.

  9.  This is an awesome record


    When I first heard this band supporting Dragonforce I thought I need to get this album. Then when I heard it I thought this band is going to be huge. It is a concept album that is the story is a person who is turned into a vampire and his angst at being one of the undead. It is symphonic in the true sense of the word but is not afraid to rock out as well. Buy it you wont regret it. A true classic.

  10.  Wonderful gothique music


    This is a great way to get into Sisters of Mercy with all their hits in one cd. I only bought it for This corrosion which is fantastic. This cd does sound like it needs to be remasetered but apart from that it is a classic best of.