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  1.  mind-blowing


    I had tickets to go see this live, next Februaury, and I must admit, I was quite sceptical about going to see it on film. I honestly didnt think it would come across right, or the way that Michael had intended it too. Oh, how wrong I was. If this show had ever actually taken place, it would have been the most spectacular, visual spectacle the world had ever seen. The atmosphere comes across in this film, which is hard to achieve, you see how dedicated Michael was to making this the biggest and the best show he had ever done, for the fans. He seemed the happiest and the fittest he had ever been, his face lit up during every rehersal, and he was adamant that the show would be spot-on, how it should be. I personally, was left with a feeling of deep gratitude to this amazing man, for leaving the world with a legacy of music and dance, that will live for generation upon generation. But it also left me with a great feeling of loss, that this wonderful, talented human being, never got to complete his lifes work, never achieved all he wanted, and the amount of hard work he put into "This Is It", you cant help thinking he was robbed........and so, indeed, were we. We love you michael.xx.xx.

  2.  Good speed read


    Hot on the heels of devil wears prada and everyone worth knowing, I must admit I did find this next installment a little bland compared to the rest.
    The 3 main characters were fairly one dimensional and it was rather like watching a very predictable film, not necessarily boring or uninteresting, just not that exciting either.
    If you want a book to chill out in bed or by the pool on your hols with, then this is worth a read.If you're looking for the same depth of story as her previous 2 books, then i'd maybe try something with a little more edge.

  3.  Awesome.....


    Simply amazing.
    A truly inspiring story of one mans dark way back from a debilitating brain injury.
    He is, as is his family, lucky and blessed, but you really gain an insight into how difficult his journey to full recovery was.
    An honest and frank book that lets you into the life and trials of a family trying to help a broken man back from the brink.I, personally, am truly thankful that Richard, his family and friends, allowed us a small insight into what it is really like to be on the edge.
    I am just pleased that he is still the happy Hammy we all know and love !!!
    Trust me, you really need to read this book, petrolhead or not, it will make you think.

  4.  A must for all who have seen the show


    Saw this at the Apollo Victoria on Saturday 6th October this year, and it was amazing.We didn't really have much of an idea what to expect, other than it being the story of the witches from the Wizard of Oz, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I would say you would only really appreciate the soundtrack if you have seen the show, it won't really mean much or have a great deal of appeal unless you understand what the songs are about.It's one of those where when you hear the songs, you re-play the scenes in your head.
    If you haven't seen the show, you really need to go watch it, it is truly wonderful and the cast are fabby!!

  5.  Sooooooo good !!!


    Saw the show at the Dominion on Friday 5th October this year, and it has to be one of the best I have ever seen.
    A great tribute to a great group, the new cast do Queen justice and Freddie would be sooo proud.
    If you are a Queen fan, I highly recommend the show and the soundtrack.You will not be dissapointed.

  6.  meeeooooww......


    Usual women hating women and clawing their way up the promotion and status ladder (well, it is American), but if you fancy a night in with a good bottle of plonk, a dvd and a chinese, then this is your basic girly chick-flick.Requires no concentration or effort, you can switch your head off but leave your eyes on and still understand it.If you prefer deeper, more fulfilling films, then avoid this like the plague.Overall though, it's not too bad, but I prefer the book.Alot more in the book than the film.

  7.  Yummy !!!


    I enjoyed this very much, and i'm not really a fan of Bond films.I can't really tell you what the storyline is, as I spent most of my time drooling over the very buff Mr Craig.However, it is a good film for a couples night in as it satisfies both people.The men will love the explosions, cars, fights etc, and the women will be quite happy eyeing up our lovely Daniel for the evening.I know it made me a very happy lady !!!

  8.  Not sure.....


    Not the worst, but certainly not the best of it's type that I have read.It seems to be filled out with alot of rubbish that you don't really want to know just for the sake of having something to say to fill the pages.If you are interested in reading this genre of book, then you want something quite gritty and absorbing that you can really get your teeth into.Something a bit risque that you really feel your'e commiting a sin by reading and hoping to god your mother doesn't walk past and look over your shoulder to see what book you are reading !!!!A book like this should make you gasp, smile, cry, blush, want to rip your mans clothes off and practice what youv'e learned......i'm afraid I only wanted a coffee.Still can't beat Belle Du Jour i'm afraid.

  9.  Delivers it all.....


    Well, what can I say?This book does what it says on the cover basically.Beautifully written and anyone who has ever had a canine best friend, you will relate to this book within the first few pages.It will have you laughing, crying, giggling and sympathising with the author.A fabulous book about a fabulous dog (in the end!!), and a must have for animal lovers and anyone who has an unruly dog (your dog will look like an angel after you have read this!!).Highly reccomended.

  10.  filthy.....but fun


    Loved it.
    Naughty in places but hey, the title speaks for itself so you know what your'e getting and really shouldn't be too shocked when you read it.
    These kinds of books really turn the whole subject of sex and having sex around for women in general.
    For years it hasn't been socially acceptable for women to enjoy, speak about or admit they have any amount of sex, and these books really tell people that women have it and actually, yes brace yourself, enjoy it aswell.
    I think it's about time we had the chance to voice our opinions and speak about our experiences honestly, without fear of being called all the ungodly names under the sun.Men have done it for years and got away with it, now it's our turn.
    That's why this genre of book is so popular, if you can't get it yourself, read about someone else doing it instead !!! And with all the hints and tips women are given from these books, there will be some very happy men folk wandering around !!!