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  1.  Black Oops 2


    Welcome back Treyarch. Welcome back poor hit detection. Welcome back connection issues. Welcome back lag. Welcome back naff graphics. Welcome back campers. Wish I could welcome back my 42 quid.

  2.  Modern Awful 3


    Deja vu anyone ?

    Lag, connection issues aplenty and every map playing like Nuke Town. How long before we see the first map pack to bleed the weak minded into parting with even more cash before Treyarch return next year with Black Plops II ? A massively poor effort by all concerned, rushed and only Activisions share price, not the gamer, being the winner.

  3.  RDR - Yee Haw!!


    Like GTA on horseback without radio stations. For the money it's a bargain. If like me, the simply appalling Black Oops has destroyed your will to live, then you can't do much better than this until they sort out the PSN and Battlefield 3 arrives.

  4.  Taken to the next level? I think not.


    Given two stars purely for having the Rolling Stones soundtrack in Campaign mode. Note to Activision: Please make friends again with Infinity Ward as you should've learned your lession when you let Treyarch infect us with WaW. They are now 0 for 2 in my opinion with this very poor release.

  5.  COD 5


    Bought it, played it, sold it, all within a week. Save your money or dust off the PS2 and fire up Medal of Honour Rising Sun or Frontline. Very, very disappointing.



    Billed as a latin GTA. Billed is about all I felt after buying. I would avoid this like the plague. It's dull beyond belief. I thought the driving in The Godfather was tedius, try getting about in this game without losing the will to live. Avoid and wait till October for GTA4.