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  1.  Probably not what you're looking for, but still alright.


    Don't let the cover fool you, this isn't the original scores by Ennio Morricone. I have no clue what the name of the people who made this is (considering the booklet was extremely unhelpful). While it's not the original Morricone, it's still alright. Less dramatic and more relaxing, though I urge you to hunt down the REAL standalone soundtracks instead of this.

  2.  Out of Generic Titles


    "Out of Time" is a rather generic movie. The plot is pretty standard and the twists are (mostly) predictable. However, it's still rsomewhat enjoyable if at times a snooze. Buy if you love Denzel, don't buy if you, well, like good movies.

  3.  Square-Enix breathes life into a forgotten classic.


    This is the first time we ever see FFIII released over here in Europe, and we get it in it's finest form; a remake in 3D. It works great and it has all the things required from a Final Fantasy game, except maybe one thing; an engaging story. However, for a handheld game, this isn't much of a concern in my personal opinion. The excellent battle-system with multiple character classes, excellent music and it's long lasting campaign makes up for this. Recommended!

  4.  A stunning rhythm-game


    From the makers of the brilliant Gitaroo Man comes the equally brilliant (and insane) Elite Beat Agents. The concept is simple, yet it's really difficult to master. A recommended title for people who wants a game that's friendly towards pick-up-and-play yet allows hours of fun without boring you.

  5.  Cute and quite fun, but doesn't keep your attention for long


    This is a quite nice title featuring quite a few great minigames (and some less good) and an interesting card-game (with online play!), but it probably won't keep your attention for long. It's a great title to pick up and play, but don't expect it to last long, even if it does have "Final Fantasy" in the title.

  6.  The world, chico... and everything in it.


    While it's just another port for the Wii and the controls doesn't really add that much (but once you get used to them, they're great), Scarface is STILL an excellent game and a must buy for people who liked games such as The Godfather or any of the newer Grand Theft Auto-games.

  7.  Great game at a reasonable price!


    One of the better puzzlers out for the DS. It's Bejeweled mixed with RPG-elements, which might sounds really strange, but it works really well! Don't hesitate picking up this addicting title, especially at this low price!