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  1.  Very good Mouse mat


    Having a good mouse mat is almost as important as having a good mouse. A small plastic mouse mat tend to stick and give you jagged movement. This howerever is very smooth, easy to clean and looks very good. They also have another version with a future soldier. This is the only mouse mat you will ever need.

  2.  Amazing Keyboard


    One of the best keyboards ive ever used. Macros are very fun too and if used properly can give you and advantage in battle :) There is a model up the g15 but they swapped a few macro keys for a small screen that you can use to show items and health etc. I dont really tend to look at my keyboard while gaming.

  3.  Good mouse but had problems for me


    BEWARE: if you have any of the following motherboards you will need to update your drivers and firmware for this product or it will cause problems with your computer

    € Intel 865P Chipset
    € Intel 865PE Chipset
    € NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
    € NVIDIA nForce 680i Chipset
    € NVIDIA nForce 650i Chipset
    € Intel P965 Express Chipset,
    € Intel P965 Northbridge, i82801HR Southbridge

    I have two of these now and they have both broke. First one broke because it was working fine at first and didnt realise to update drivers.

    Second one broke because it would not allow me to install new firmware so i gave up and it eventully (longer then last time) broke again.

    Apart from these problems. Very comfortable and stylish. The very best mouse for fans of Guild wars.

  4.  Awsome T-shirt


    Very good quality and the writing doesnt wash off either. Make sure you wash it on its own for the first time as green dye comes out of it and could stain your other clothes.

  5.  Great surge protector


    Good, cheap, effective and quite good looking compared to other surge protectors.

  6.  Great memory card


    Works perfectly and cheaper then anywhere else. Unless your a music fan or watch movies on your phone this is all the storage you will ever need.

  7.  Awsome film


    Watch this with all my friends and we were in tears such a great funny film. Recommend to anyone.

  8.  Good film


    Enjoyed watching it but not to every males taste. My gf loves it and always sings to the penis song lol

  9.  Good film


    A good film but nothing big. Worth a watch but not as good as other teen movies out there.

  10.  Abit cheesy but good film


    Bought this for a friend and only watched what he says is "the best bit" which i agree it was, but hes happy with it.
    Only great for fans of Carmen Electra.