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  1.  BUG RIDDEN 360 Version!


    I loved Oblivion (over 1000 hours play time), I loved Fallout 3, even with all it's faults such as items falling through walls and floors etc, and put in over 300 hours play time on numerous playthroughs.
    New Vegas however takes the programmes' bugginess to new heights.
    I've been playing for over fifty hours and now it's decided not to let me load any of my game saves! Deep joy!
    It either locks up on loading a save or tells me that the downloadable content - Caravan Pack, presumably - is not available and wont load.
    Maybe I'm just Mr Unlucky and the rest of you will be ok but as there is no one to complain to to try and sort this out the game is going on my shelf until such time as there is a fix.
    Very, very disappointing!
    This is the 360 version.
    Having done some research on this problem I've found that I'm not Mr Unlucky after all. This is a documented problem across all three platforms, however there is a patch available for the PC version just nothing in sight for us 360/PS3 owners as yet.
    The only bright spot is that the place I purchased my game from has readily agreed to my returning New Vegas for a full refund - even after I'd explained I'd played it for over 50 hours!
    That tells you something as most places say that you're out of luck once the wrappings' off.
    My theory is that if enough of us return this otherwise brilliant game the developers will have to fix the problem asap and then we can all buy it again and lose ourselves in the New Vegas world.