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  1.  addictive


    Alot of people are saying this game is definately for kids, i beg to differ. I am a 20 year old female who has most enjoyed playing this game. It's very addictive and you want to complete it. Easy enough for kids, but good enough for adults too.

  2.  Fine as a 1st xbox 360 thank you!


    I bought an arcade xbox 360 mainly based on the fact I dont game a huge amount so I dont need a huge hard drive, or online gaming, so for half the price of a PS3 (which my partner already owns) it was a good buy. Yes hard drives are expensive on top, but you CAN get them cheaper, I know for a fact some high street electrical retailers were selling them off for £25 for a 20GB HD. The wifi adapter is expesive, but a wireless bridge (not adapter or router) does the same job and can be purchased for roughly £30 or less. Perfect for HD gaming and has the HDMI connection which the mid range console didnt to start with. I would highly reccomend buying the HD DVD drive for this (roughly £20 from some retailers) and then buying classic HD DVD's from £3!! Who gives a wotsit if blueray won "the battle" for HD movies, when you can watch HD movies for such a cheap price?

  3.  Other Reviews misleading


    This product is amazing. Other reviews say its bad in built up areas but they clearly have it set to a high station, set it to 88.00 and you will be fine. I have driven from city to city all over the Uk with this thing on and never had an interuption in a built up area due to being on a frequency no one seems to use!
    Songs will be louder and quieter, due to the file on your actual computer and ipod. If you rip them at a low quality from a CD they will be quiet, if you download on itunes or from other sources then they are likely to either be very good or very poor.

    I would highly recommend this product, and I work in electrical retail and have never had a single one returned for any of the reasons stated in the other reviews.

  4.  Brilliant


    I've owned this album for roughly 5 years and i never get tired of it. brilliant band, brilliant album. Buy this!

  5.  keeps you occupied


    This is a good game. Its simple to navigate and will keep you occupied for hours. both myself and my other half have played it now. ok its not amazing graphics but to be honest, I dont need that from a game, i need a game that keeps me wanting to complete it...and this one does.

  6. Catz


    Nintendo DS

    2 New from  £11.84  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.14

     Great for kids


    This game is great for kids, specially if you cannot let them have a real live pet. I played the original catz game as a child and this is obviously an amazing game in comparison. Its better than Nintendogs, because you dont have to speak to it and make yourself look like a total muppet on a bus etc! People need to learn to respect that alot of these games are for children, not for male adults who seem to write every single review on this website!



    I work for an electrical retailer and NO printer, no matter what the brand is sold with a USB cable. Please take note of this, cos you will end up disappointed like customer review no.1 who did not check.