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  1.  Popcorn Punch-Up


    Was quite excited about this movie when i saw the trailer.

    Very cliched, but then cliche's work. Predictable storyline, great fight sequences, really gritty, good soundtrack to the movie as well.

    Fit female part - Amber Heard and the main character is like a young Tom Cruise!!

    From a geek point of view - was nicely shot too, good rain shots.

  2.  Everything a good movie needs...GUTS GUNS EXPLOSIONS


    You always hear in cop movies, when they say 'we've got a 187...' This code stands for MDK - Murder Death Kill. MDK is the very definition of RAMBO, there's loads of guns, guts, explosions, bow & arrows and the action man killing machine himself RAMBO. Man is this movie ACE!!!! He just owns the joint!

    Forget the plot, forget the acting just focus on the action! This is a killer of a movie. LOVED it to bits. I loved Rambo 3 loads, even though it was the worst out the trilogy, it was the fact that Rambo takes on an entire army with just an M 60 machine gun...He kind of does the same thing in this one. IT IS SWEET.

    By the way, this isnt a rom com....Just in case you didnt realise.

  3.  I'd rather watch paint dry...


    Resident Evil 1 was ok, the 2nd one wasnt great but was passable and this one - what a shocker!! Ive never seen such a bad film, and ive seen lots of films.

    The plot has nothing to do with the games, the action makes no sense because its so random and the acting is appalling.

    The cgi is pretty good, when it shows Las Vegas. that was another point, i thought nearly the whole film was set in Vegas - far from it, Vegas is in one scene!

    Complete let down... and i LOVE the Resident Evil games. They just ballsed up the movies.

  4.  Surprisingly really good


    One of the best 'movie to game' titles out there. Is quite dated now, but if you have a PC that can still run this then buy this game! Sticks to the storyline well, lots of baddies to kill, ace levels, good guns, but a pretty hard game to beat. If you love the Die Hard movies then this is game to play. If you hated Die Hard Vendetta dont worry because this is nothing like it. Over all good game, but quite old now. Graphics also good too...for the time.

  5.  Probably not what you would expect.


    This isnt an action film, or mega budget flick. The scary thing about this movie is that its not far from reality. What would happen if dirty bombs were detonated on a large metroplitian area?! What procedures would the public have to follow? How would the government contain the situation? To sacrifice a life to save others??

    This is an interesting film, well directed, and keeps you wondering what will happen next, probably worth a rent. You cant exactly watch it over and over.

  6.  The Legends have done it again!


    Such an awesome movie. First went to see this at the Hot Fuzztival they did, and i didnt see one member of the audience not laugh! This is a godlike movie! The humour is at its best and Pegg, Frost and Wright just rock. This is a must see for all lovers of action/comedy/horror and...well, all movies funnily enough! Just the best.

  7.  All looks and no trousers!


    This game has some of the best graphics on Xbox 360. However, the camera angle is the stupiest thing about the game, its 3rd person gone wrong, the storyline is very linear - just get to the end of level and kill everything in your way. The cover system isnt very good - not as good as Rainbow Six Vegas. But then again everyone in the world seems to love except me!

  8.  Incredibly fun


    This is the perfect definiton of why British films can be so much better than Hollywood. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright did an absolutley awesome job of this, couldnt have done it better. Although i might be biased as I think Simon Pegg, Nick Frost Edgar Wright are legends. Must buy for subtle yet sometimes in your face comedy fans!!

  9.  Oh dear...


    This film is very bad, no plot, stupid action, lame characters. Throughout the entire movie you are wondering what the hell is going? However, this proved itself worthy of a coffee mat, so not all is bad!!!

    Dont waste your money.

  10.  Most action in a movie ever!


    This film has the most action i have never seen in any movie, and i have seen alot. Its got like 18 minutes out of 2 hrs of talking in the entire movie. Woo/Fats best movie! The dubbing in the film rubbish though, however quantity and quality of the action in it makes up for everything. No holds barred gun fights, all out mayhem! Absolute legendary movie.