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  1.  Wires are now a thing of the past!


    Good Points
    +Great sound quality
    +Very light
    +Great price
    +Good battery
    +Comes with lots of accessories

    Bad Points

    -Don't fit all head sizes perfectly
    -You wont be able to put them down (is that a bad point?)

    I have been using these headphones for around a month now and I can safely say my phone has now replaced my iPod. They do have a few bad points though, Firstly your head needs to be the right shape for complete comfort around the neck. I would say I have a normal sized and shaped head but they stick out at the back a bit which can be a bit annoying unless you have a big head. Although they are very light so you can hardly feel them anyway. Also they are very comfortable around the ears and I don't feel myself having to stop wearing them after a while like with the iPod headphones.

    They come with loads of accessories including a cloth case and a case for you phone which via the wonders of Velcro sticks to a supplied arm band for running I guess. Although when you see how far the thing sticks out you probably won't bother. It comes with a charger and a choice of different size ear buds also.

    Now down to the functionality side of things the sound quality is fantastic. It kicks in with just the right amount of bass and treble. The buttons are useful so you don't have to reach for you pocket to; answer calls, skip forwards and backwards, pause and change the volume and work relatively well. The battery is great and seems to last ages and it can bond with, up to 10 mobiles.

    Also ignore the guy that said the Bluetooth's range is only 2 foot - I can leave my Sony Ericsson phone in one room and the headphones still work at the other side of the house. One other thing, the headphones I got were all black and didn't have the red stripe shown in the picture. They still look good though.

    Go buy them!!!

  2.  A must for any ps3 owner!


    Just finished the game and WOW what a game!
    The first thing you'll notice are the graphics which look fantastic. The gameplay is very varied right from the start with a massive choice of crazy weaponry and different types of gameplay such as flying a space ship and a large amount of mini games which utilise the sixaxis controller; I didn't realise how well the movements in the controller work until I played this.

    The dialect is very funny and the story line is good as well; even if you are new to the series. The game is quite long in length to say how well detailed the levels are and lasted longer than I thought it would. All in all this is probably the best platformer I have ever played and made the purchase of my new ps3 seem that bit sweeter. If you own a playstation 3 then click 'buy now!' you wont regret it!