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  1.  The wave of 5 stars is justified.


    What a film. This political satire filmed almost like a 'fly on the wall' documentary gave me laughter, cringeworthy feelings and gripped by its perfect pace.

    Watch as the central abuse dummy, Simon Foster is bombard from the swear word cannon that blows off at every opportunity, Malcolm Tucker looms over his every awkward slip up, from the press to inside the White House.

    A guaranteed intelligent laugh that should be watched by anyone interested in films that are well directed, scripted and casted making 'In The Loop' a comedy masterpiece.

  2.  More fun than GTA:IV


    This game is awesome. The game play is well done, there is so much variation you will find it hard to get bored!

    You can customise your charachter, cribs and cars so much that it lets you paint the game how you want!

    The cars and the driving system is fun and arcade like, in comparison GTA:IV driving felt like trying to control a supermarket trolley at 80 mph!

    If your looking for a medium between GTA and Crackdown then look no further, it is way better than the first one as well!

  3.  Fantastic 360 Model.


    When I got this console I already had another Xbox 360, and this one is far better because not only is it more reliable (it hasn't frozen up in a game once for me), it is quieter as well. Plus the cool design is great, especially if you are enthusiastic about your Halo Games !

    This package includes the 20gb hard drive so you can not only save games but download games, videos, music etc, so it is really an all round home entertainment system.

  4.  Best RTS out on the DS


    This game is brilliant, both multiplayer and the single player campaign due to the highly addictive game play.

    With varied units, this turn based game requires you to use a certain degree of tactical skill, especially if you are playing against people all over the world.

    The story line is a dramatic and dark one, with an apocalyptic outcome which is similar to what we think the dinosaurs ended up being wiped out!

    All in all, if you like strategy simulation games, this is a definite title you should add to your collection!

  5.  Fantastic adventure title.


    As far as adventure goes this game is brilliant, not only for children but for adults as well, if you have apprehensions about purchasing because of the theme of Pokemon, ignore it, its just as addictive as games such as Zelda.

    With lots of different Pokemon to catch, each one gains XP so you can work to leveling them, getting them to learn new skills and attacks that not only help in battle, but can also be used on the surrounding environment.

    With multiplayer functions, where you can battle your friends or trade Pokemon, with a better system than previously seemed, makes this came a sure fire buy!

  6.  Best FPS you will ever play.


    This game is brilliant, the story line is fast paced but short lived so if you want to make the most out of this game you need to have online capabilities.

    With a list about the length of your arm of game modes to play, this game offers you so much verity, the way the game is designed it is very hard to stay in one spot without getting killed. Making the game fast paced.

    Conclusively, the brilliant graphics mixed with a verity of game modes to play results in a excellent game.

  7.  Great Game.


    This game is brilliant, if you enjoyed Guitar Hero then you will love this game. Although this game has pretty much stolen the format created by Guitar Hero it has brought improvements as well.

    One key feature I like is the online store, where you can preview the tracks by streaming them, no more downloading Videos to see what you are going to get!

    The online mode is great except from some times you have to wait a little bit to form a hole band.

    As for difficulty of the game, it is easy to play the guitar mode on expert than the expert mode in Guitar Hero. The other instruments are really good, drums and mic I find pretty hard!

  8.  Great


    Great home entertainment bit of kit. The key bonus of having this over a 360 is the in built blu-ray player, wireless capabilities (which you have to pay extra for on a 360) plust the online gaming is free!

    These consoles that come in this bundle pack are differn't from other 40gb as they have new chassis making them quieter and cooler.

  9. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

    Available  used  from  £5.76

     Spine numbingly good.


    Imagine the streets never happend, instead these were about first, they are amazing, some really deep dark songs to contrast against the jumpy dancy tunes like the beat that my heart skipped. The background to the lyrics is like massive attack meets crystal castles at some points.

    Buy this album and you will not regret it.

  10.  Excelent service that is worth the cost!


    Subscription to Live Gold Membership enhances the enjoyment of your games and prolongs their life span.

    You can play people around the world which you can't do with just the free standard silver membership. One of the arguments for a PS3 is that their online service is free of charge but it is no where near to the standard of Xbox live, Microsoft have made it easy and streamlined to getting together with your friends to get the real enjoyment out of games!