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  1.  Dissappointed


    I'd been reading about this game for a while and seeing clips on tv and thinking that I really fancied this and had checked it's release date so I knew when it was coming out with the intention, obviously, to buy it... Then I played it... and rapidly changed my mind.
    There are a few problems with the game that have stopped me from buying it and taken away my desire for it... Firstly the camera angles alot of the time are dreadful... I couldn't see what was going on half the time. This is particularly bad in smaller areas (running through the bank is one example).
    Secondly the targeting system is awful... and even if you do manager to square up a shot you'd swear was on target and unload a ton of bullets onto your enemy they'd still be shooting back... forget bullet proof vests those guys must be wearing a complete bullet proof outfit!
    Thirdly the graphics (as mentioned by other reviewers) are pretty bad... Especially when you compare it to the likes of MGS or Uncharted and you can see what the PS3 is really capeable of.
    If you still fancy a go of this then download the demo or rent it before shelling out your hard earned cash for it because if I'd bought it it'd have been straight back at the shop the next day.
    This game had great potential to be something brilliant and sadly hasn't lived up to it. Lets hope that if they make the rumoured sequel they take the gripes of the gamers into consideration and make something truely brilliant next time round

  2.  Great Fun


    Ths is kareoke done right!
    Great songs and great fun... The ability to download other songs off the Singstore is just an added bonus and will allow you to keep the game feeing fresh even after a ton of plays... if it starts to feel old and get boring... update your tracks... brilliant idea.
    This is my first Singstar game and I loved it that much I went and bought volume 1.
    I love the idea of the harmonising although it is very difficult... I don't know if thats just because I'm not much of a singer or not right enough but it does just add to the fun and the laugh you'll have with a livingroom full of friends or family getting in amongst it!
    The only minor niggle I have is that the mics aren't wireless and thats only because now we're all so used to having a pretty much cable free gaming experience but at the same time the wires on the mics are pretty long so can stretch a fair distance if you've got someone who can't be beothered getting truely into the spirit and won't move from the couch!
    The thing I liked about this over Boogie on the Wii is that everything appears to be available from the get-go... no terrible 'story mode' to work through to unlock all the songs so getting started is as simple as popping on your shades indoors, gathering your entouage and developing your 'I'm the greatest' attitude... prepare to be an instant singing sensation!
    A good game and great fun... absolutely buy this

  3.  Not As Good As I Thought But Still Fun


    I've been hanging around waiting for this since before Christmas when it was originally meant to come out... It's not often I get really excited about a game but I was with this one. I wouldn't say I was disappointed because at the end of the day it's just an FPS so what were we really expecting? It's a tired genre with little new to offer. I feel that Haze has tried o give us something we haven't seen before. Firstly and most obviously theres nectre. When you start using this you realise how useful it really is. Advanced sight both with the gun and also your enemies glow up which makes them far easier to identify and kill. You can also run a bit faster and are apparently stronger, this is evident in your melee attack. Once you turn from Mantle to the Promised Hand you obviously have to give up your nectre. You're instead given a few other aids for your journey. The first of which is the ability to 'play dead' which if you're under heavy fire will give you an opportunity to recover slightly. Also you can steal guns from the soldiers and also convert pretty much any ammo type into the right sort for whichever gun you're currently holding... this is one of the most useful things I found as I was often finding myself low on ammo during the bigger firefights. You'll also find yourself more agile in that you can roll around to avoid being shot making yourself a harder target.
    The storyline is OK but isn't going to win any awards and the acting is the same. You'll enjoy it but you won't start playing it after dinner to suddenly realise it's 2am and you're still playing.
    The online multiplayer is quite good fun although I've only had a few quick shots on it... and despite my lack of any sort of talent it is quite good fun. I haven't tried the co-op yet but imagine it'd probably be a fun experience.
    Unfortunately this game isn't quite the work of genius I'd been hoping for but it is very good fun. If you generally enjoy an FPS then it's likely you'll enjoy this. Decent story, decent graphics and pretty fun gameplay just don't expect it to be groundbreaking

  4.  Good But Lacking


    In theory this is a five star game but in practice sadly a bit of a let down.
    Firstly theres the story mode which you need to complete to get all the songs. The word 'story' is used very loosely. You play through as all the charactors and unlock the songs and other things for the multiplayer (which lets face it is why we buy games like this). I agree with a previous reviewer in the sense that some animation during what should be the cutscenes would've been nice instead of pictures and endless written dialogue (which I too just ended up skipping).
    There are two parts to Boogie - theres the singing and the dancing.
    1) Dancing
    The thing I liked about this is that there aren't specific moves. You just move in your own way to the beat of the music and the clicks through the controller (which I found to be in tune to the music just fine, but thats only my opinion). The only time you have to perform specific movements is once your Boogie meter fills up and you're getting the additional points from that but even then it's only four or five movements.
    Some people might not like that they're not actually told how to move but personally I rather liked that aspect of the game.
    2) Singing
    You don't have to be a very good singer to get points here (which is good news for me) just know the words and the tune and away you go... even then I found that you don't need to sing the right words. On one drunken night with some friends round we were playing this and making a bit of a competition out of it and I beat my opponents score before my time was up and began taking the mick out of her in tune with the song and still managed to score points for it... So this I also quite like because it's always fun to take the mick and even better doing it to music and getting even more points for it! And your opponents face when that happens is priceless!

    Onto the songs... I feel it's a poor selection and would've loved a bit of variety and some stuff a bit more recent. It would also have been nice if they had the original versions of the songs and not cheap sounding cover versions which are honestly pretty terrible.

    In conclusion get some friends round and get the drinks in for this one because sober and solo it's no fun and you do feel a bit of a tool playing it yourself but with other people it's actually not too bad.

  5. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £9.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.99



    I loved this game!
    It's just enough like The Sims to keep fans of the series entertained and happy but with enough differences and changes to make you want to shell out your hard earned cash for it!
    The cartoony graphics are fantastic and suit the game tremendously where they would just look silly in a normal Sims game.
    Basically you're the new Sim in town and an architect type to boot. You design houses for the residents and after meeting up with new arrivals staying at the towns hotel and convincing them to move into the town you then build their houses/ shops/ restaurants for them aswell. But it's not all building houses because it turns out you're also a bit of a handy man/woman. The towns-people will ask you to build them things to put in the house/ shop/ restaurant you've just built them. You've to match these things to their personality and in order to get this right you need to chop down specific trees to get certain woods and if you can't find them because you chopped them all down you just find a patch of ground and plant another and find certain items scattered all over the place.
    This game is fun... and thats all there is to it... a definate must have.

  6.  Just The Sims But With A Twist


    In short this is really a good game however don't make the same mistake with it that I did...
    At the start (as with any sim) you prepare your charactor. I only made the one... this was my mistake I hadn't realised that if you only make one sim then only one sim will be marooned on the island... this can make for quite a frustrating gaming experience because the social meter can be difficult to keep up at a green level and if it dips to red it's very difficult and time consuming to get it back up there. So heed this warning... make more than one sim!
    With that being said though this is still a very good game. The usual sims stuff is there including the meters for hunger, hygiene, comfort etc, cooking your own meals (difference is here you need to catch it or find it first!), designing your house (in this case initially just building a bed and later learning to make a little bamboo shelter which gets more extravagent as the game progresses).
    Exploring the island is fun and it really looks the part and the usual sims humour is very much alive in this game.
    The reason I only gave it three stars is because it's just the same old sims slightly rehashed which is fine if you like the sims but it would be nice to see some something unique (like the changes between The Sims and The Sims 2 on the PC).
    Don't misunderstand me this game is great fun and I highly recommend it if you like The Sims but just don't expect anything new because it's really just like the rest but on an island.

  7.  Its a Super Mario Game... Need I Say More?


    Super Mario takes us all back doesn't it? It's a franchise that you KNOW you're gonna play and just love!
    When I bought it I was unsure how it would pan out with the Wii but was very happy that I took the chance and trusted Nintendo would do a good job on it because they really did.
    The story is typical Mario... something happens to the princess and Mario is off to rescue her... same old same old... But who cares because this is utterly brilliant! The graphics are polished and just look fantastic.
    I admit there are a few levels which nearly resulted in the whole lot (game, controller, console the lot) being binned out of sheer frustration but over all it's so playable and not overly hard so a casual gamer like myself can pick it up and enjoy the experience rather than feeling like they wanna put it on a certain auction site and sell it to the highest bidder!
    Theres really not much to say about this because underneath it's shiney newness it's just a Mario game at heart and if you love him (which you know you do) and own a Wii then the bottom line is you absolutely have to buy this game! ... Right now!

  8.  More to it than meets the eye (hence massive review!)


    This game is not what it appears... When I bought it I had pictured in my head GTA but in a school... and although the similarities between the two games are there it is slightly different in the sense that in my opinion the charactor of Jimmy (you) doesn't want to partake in alot of the tasks and is actually wanting to keep out of trouble but is drawn in for one reason or another.
    I love a good story through a game and in my opinion the story/plot in this is a little thin but in it's defence there's not really any better one they could've worked in than they did and it does what it needs to do. Boy is abandoned by mother at boarding school after being expelled from numerous other education establishments and the rest as they say is history.
    Like GTA there is obviously the main story missions which progress you through the school year (the addition of different seasons is a nice touch with prefects and the other kids donning hats and scarves during winter). There are also side missions which usually involve helping the teachers.
    The classes can also be fun although some can be a little frustrating. Personally I enjoyed Photography (running round taking photos), Math (clicking on the correct answer), Geography (placing the flags in the correct locations... you'll be surprised how little you actually know!), Gym (wrestling and dodgeball) and English (making as many words as possible from the letters you're given). Your other classes are Art, Music (press the buttons prompted in tune with the music), Shop and Chemistry (both of these you press the required buttons at the required time). In my opinion these classes are frustrating in the sense that I felt (particularly with shop) that when I was doing the required movement at the time the game wasn't registering this... maybe it's just me!
    You can also take up little jobs to make some extra cash which allows you to buy clothes (different clothes stores in different parts of the town which correspond to the different social class of student you're currently dealing with) and also gifts for the women in Jimmy's life (flowers and chocolates). These jobs are either mowing lawns or doing a paper route.
    You also have side tasks which you don't need to do to progress through the story but are required for 100% completion. These are just other people in the game requiring help (stuffing kids into lockers, egging the dorms, finding dogs, taking photos etc). These are fun and a nice break from the story driven missions as they're usually fairly easy and short in length.
    There are also collectables; rubber bands, collectors cards and transistors (collect the transistors and a hobo living behind the school will teach you new fighting moves). These are scattered all through the school and the surrounding towns. A nice addition are the things you collect for your dorm room by simply doing the missions or completing classes. You'll go back to your room at night and have something new pinned on your wall or sitting on your desk or window ledge. It's the little touches like these that make a game stand out.
    Alongside all this theres also the carnival, bike races, go-karts, boxing, penalty kicks, keepy-uppy, arcade games, taking all the photos for the year book and finding the hidden pirate to keep you occupied.
    Theres a lot more to this game than at first meets the eye and it will keep you entertained!
    This game has so much variety (which is why this review is HUGE!) in it that honestly you will enjoy playing it. If you like GTA this is very similar and far less frustrating! A must buy and at a bargain price!