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  1.  Better than Bubblewrap


    I was a bit unsure if this would be as good as the real thing! Could pressing buttons be equally as pleasurable as popping little air trapped plastic.

    Well in short, It is! this is an ace bit of kit, and reasonably addictive, not once have i justed pressed it once. Everytime i will go for the hundred pop's to be rewarded with a quirky sound.

    well worth the £7.99, a good buy, improvements could be made to the chain, not that mine has broke, it is just a bit cheap!

  2.  Incredibly Detailed


    If you are a fan of the final fantasy range, especially Final Fantasy Seven, then this is a must have collectible of arguably the best summon in the entire game.

    The Statue is relatively small but amazingly detailed with every knight of the round included, it comes very well packaged and can be displayed in its box. It was delivered boxed again by Play, to avoid any damage.

    The figure is very well made, with vibrant colours and looks awesome on a shelf, the size is a little out of proportion to the other figures in the range but its scale is represented by the price. To put the size in perspective it is the a little bit bigger than the length of a pen and as tall a tin of beans!

    Overall Well worth the money

  3.  Spidey Money Bank


    Holds About £50.00 to £60.00 Worth of change, about £100 of just pound Coins. So Deceptively Large.

    It looks extremely good as well, due to the design and being suprisingly detailed for the cheap price. You can also buy a black suited spiderman one too, i bought both for my office desk, they look wicked.

    Normal Twisting stopper on the bottom, so you can always get your money out when needed. Good for some and not for others! Completely durable as it is plastic so can quite easily be used by Children to save or as a display for there room.

    Overall a Decent product, excellent price and look amazing. Buy One!

  4.  Great for playing thorw with people you don't like!!!


    Not quiet sure on this. Based on the good old fashioned frisbee but you throw it completly different, a bit more like a throwing american football i.e an overarm throw.

    it is quiet small (about 10cm) and is a circle of a thin plactic with strange shapes cut into it, similiar to getting a piece of acetate and rolling it to make a circle. Not sure how it works, but it strangly hovers for ages, even further in the wind cause it is so light.

    It easily Fly's 100 feet+, which is the main problem as when you have finished playing it is like, "oh, Hi! haven't seen you in ages" to your friend. i think it is more aimed at competitive people that want to reach the 600+ feet with it.

    Not advisable for Dogs, it will not last long at all.

    Overall quiet good fun if you got a large park or good stretch of beach to play, cheap, and much cooler than a 99p frisbee so well worth the money. Good excerise too.

  5.  Racing Falling over grannies!!!


    Work straight out of the Box, You wind up the little old dears with the turner on the side. The same as on the chattering teeth you would buy from the joke shop.

    Once wound up, you place down on the table and let go, and away they go at a snail pace, as grannies do. The granny to get to the end of your course ( End of the table) wins.

    My grannies fell over a lot!!! Or they wouldn't walk forward, if this happens all you have to do is adjust you zimmer frame, as the position of this also effects the speed you granny will go.

    Bought mine at christmas for a Secret Santa Present, so at £5.00 they were ideal, and they were in my opinion the best present on the night, everyone joined in to have a race. Unfortunatly after that they just stayed in the box, so they are a use once type of present.

    Quiet Fun, Cheap, But im glad i bought them as a present and didn't have to keep them.

  6.  They Still Make Top Trumps!!!


    A Good old fashioned card game, this set to commerate the Brand new Priates of the Carribean film 'At Worlds End'. Which by the way is very good, much better that number two!!!

    The idea is that you split the pack of cards between all of the players ( Ideally two, but more can play). Each card is a different character of the film such as Jack Sparrow and you have five different attribute scores on the bottom of every card. Attributes such as level of piracy, height etc. You need to pick one of these attributes which you think will beat the same attribute on the other players card. If it is you win that card, if it isn't, the other player wins that card. Really Smple.

    Will kept adults and children entertained for a good 20 minutes per game, is Cheap enough that you don't care if you lose any, you probably wouldn't notice either as you do not need all the cards to play the game anyway.

    These are also My New holiday Essential. The games eat up your flight time and any stranger sitting near to you will iniatially look at you weirdly whilst you play, but that soon changes to envy when they are sat there watching the plane on the world map, wishing they could play.

  7.  Super Monkey


    Looks like a normal monkey teddy, well normal if a monkey wearing a cape and mask is actually normal?!?

    The monkeys arms are completely elastic like the strings on a catapult, you put your hands in the monkeys glove hands and pull back and let go. And Yes, it flys, not sure about the 50 ft as advertised, not going to measure it, but it flys far and screech's all the way. Also very loud for a little monkey.

    Only problem is that it doesn't really sound much like a monkey!!

    Also a great toy for Cats, as they seem to appear to hate the monkey screech.

    Not a Bad buy for a fiver!!

  8.  A Little Ball of Power!!


    This thing really does work! This is too much fun to be a exercise.

    Warning - Strangely Addictive

    Works Straight out of the box, will take you a few goes to get used to it, but you will know when you have mastered it and will always get it going the first time afterwards.

    The idea is basically a ball within a ball, you start of by spinning the inner ball using one of the two strings provided, you then move your hand in the same cycle as the inner ball creating a gyrosphere, this will only take a couple of seconds so you then work towards increasing the speed and RPM, therefore increasing the resistence and effectiveness of the excercise.

    it becomes quiet addictive and you will just pick it up and start working out without even realising it. Personally it has turned into a game of how fast i can get the RPM up too. All the info of the workout is clearly displayed on the LCD display.

    Works mainly the forearms, but i have found that by simply raising the ball above your head that if you keep a straight arm, turns into a extremely effective Tricep exercise.

    Only Downside with the Powerball are the strange looks you get wilst using it, to be honest you will look a bit weird when you reach the high RPM's and i seem to keep losing the strings you get with the powerball.

    Overall, Great Product, Great Exercise, Great Game and totally addictive!

  9.  A Mug!! With Monkey On!


    A Must for any fan of the Old Monkey series, Pure cheese Retro and can even multifunction to hold your Tea, Coffee or your Cocoa. Unique enough that no one else in the office will mistake it for their own mug and use it by mistake!!!!

    Standard Mug Size.

    Sorry for the short review, What more can i say!!!