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  1.  Massive....awesome but massive!


    Firstly when HDN delivered this gigantic box... it took 2 people to carry it!! Its a bit if a job getting it out of the inner box but once you have tackled this you have this fantastic piece of memorabilia sitting on your living room carpet. No detail has been left out from the transparent dome, mandibles to the underside of the head...everything has just stunning detail. The Metal look dreadlocks (made of polystone) have to be attached by hand, each hole in the predaliens skull is numbered which corresponds to the numbers on the dreds, so you cant get them wrong, much the same as on the wolf predator bust. The whole thing is simply stunning, but is a fraction nose heavy so be careful and its 100 pounds cheaper on Play than it was on Forbidden Planet which is always a bonus! 5*

  2.  Alien Queen Facehugger


    Had this pre-oredered for months and was so glad its finally arrived, Sideshow/ADI have done their usual bang up job from the translucent webbing on the legs to the awesome paint job,my only gripe is the ugly rod which attatches the hugger to the base,you have this beautiful maquette with a fantastic base, it just looks a little bit out of place but hey, thats just me nit picking! All in all well worth the money and a welcome addition to any Alien collection

  3.  Very Suprising


    When i got this i was disappointed to say the least to find out that it was Swedish with English subtitles, started watching it and started to get fed up after 20 minutes but thought id give it the benefit of the doubt and carried on watching and im glad i did, its a beautifully filmed,excellently acted tale of a young bullied boy who befriends and young vampire girl, i for one was captivated by the end.

  4.  Excellent!


    Have just taken delivery of the Scar Bio Helmet today and im very impressed, apart from the fact that Play.com is cheaper than ANYWHERE else for this piece, the quality of Sideshow Collectibles items is as good as ever. I have the Wolf Bio and this looks excellent right next to it.
    The Mask is held onto the (very heavy ) stand with an extremely powerful magnet inside which sits into one of two cut outs on the top of the stand which can then be wall mounted if required then it simply sits in the opposite cut out on the stand. Looks stunning.
    With reference to the previous review - you will very rarely get a COA from sideshow unless the item has been on a very limited run or has been signed (see the Gigers Signed Alien bust) so its not uncommon not to receive one but keep the outer Sideshow shipping box (complete with serial number in bottom right hand corner) should you decide to sell your mask, collectors almost that a COA.

  5.  Ooooh A Clicky Touchscreen!!


    Ive had this from Vodafone for about 2 months now and thought id give it a good going over before i wrote a review about it. This is Blackberrys 1st touchscreen smartphone and they've opted for this clickable touchscreen thingy which at first feels so weird,like you're going to break the screen because the whole screen clicks just like a normal phone keypad or pc mouse,does take some getting used to! To make sure you're going to hit the right key,just before you 'click' the key lights up blue just so you know what you're going to hit which is helpful. As you'd expect, the email is a piece of cake to set up although Vodafone in their wisdom took away the wi-fi on the 9500 Storms for the UK, probably to keep the cost down but left it on the US BB Storms (the 9530) so all web browsing has to be done over 3G which is a bit disappointing but it seems nippy enough. The media player is cracking, it will play converted movies (MP4) seamlessly on its vibrant and crisp widescreen display and also has a top notch mp3 player on board as well. It looks very bulky in the pictures but sits very comfortably in your hand with all the (virtual) keys within easy reach and also sits quite comfortably in your pocket.
    This is not quite the iPhone killer but then again every new touch screen smartphone that's released claims to be that but the Storm comes very close! Well played Blackberry.

  6.  Nokias 1st Touch Phone Is Actually Ok!!!!!!!


    Well Nokias first crack at a touch screen phone is a mighty fine effort i have to say, quite a handsome feature set, 16m colour screen, wi-fi, stereo speakers the list goes on but all is not fantastic hence only the 4 stars. The touchscreen can sometimes be less than responsive, comparing it to the iphone (as we all inevitably do) it does fall a bit short but then its cheaper so fair dues i suppose. Mine 5800 does seem to freeze every so often but maybe firmware updates will correct the 'bugs' in the future. The sound quality though is simply superb, as this aimed purely as a music phone its just as well! All Nokia phones have been fantastic in this department though and this is no exception and even tough this is primarily a music phone the camera and video quality are outstanding too.
    If only the touchscreen was just a touch better (no pun intended) it would get my 5 stars for sure!

  7.  Quality!


    Love this little Sony, couldn't believe that they could cram 8gb of memory into this smart little phone. As this is a dedicated Walkman phone to don't expect any great things from the camera, this is primarily a music phone, the SE pc software suite actually works with is a bonus as most phone software is 'buggy' to say the least! Transferring files, be it music, photos or video is a piece of cake, nice change! Build quality is top notch with a good strong hinge, looks good finished in piano black which attracts fingerprints like mad but what do you expect from a shiny black phone!! :)
    The Walkman player itself is a joy to use with its dedicated media button and even with the stock SE earphones delivers quality bass when needed and is easily customizable for all music tastes,Walkman have it nailed!!

  8.  Excellent Feature Set But....


    Lets be honest, Nokia couldn't cram more into a phone if they tried hard, this is all and well but you can see where they have cut the corners. On the plus side is the GPS receiver (which you have to pay a subscription for to use properly) the massive 16gb memory (now sold my ipod!!) good solid sliding mechanism, excellent colour screen as Nokia are now using the 16million colours rather than the industry standard 262,000, all is looking good till you actually feel the phone itself, the back cover is that flimsy and creaky it seems like an after thought,it was the same on the N81,the front isn't so bad but the flat keypad takes some getting used to but the build quality on the N95 was far superior in my view, like i said you can see where Nokia have cut corners!!!!!!

  9.  Loved It!!


    Just loved this 2nd installment, just as, no doubt, many other reviewers have already said Ron Perlman was born for for the role as Big Red...let alone the drummer from 80's boy band Bros as Prince Nuada......bizarre, first Luke Goss was in Blade 2 and now this but before you cringe he is excellent and his martial arts skills put many Hollywood action stars to shame.
    With new little horrors like the actual Golden Army, the nasty little Tooth Fairies and the Angel of Death himself its real escapism stuff.....cant beat it!! :)

  10.  Just.......awesome


    Received this yesterday and i'm blown away by Sideshow's detail, as with all of their other busts, the detail in breathtaking.
    Now dont think this is as simple as take this beast out of the box and put it on display, first you have to attach the dreds, looks a daunting task when you first start but once you lay all of of the numbered (but very oily!) soft rubber dreds on the floor in number order order but its as simple as fixing them in the corresponding numbered holes in the Predators head. I do have to say he looks dead freaky with no dreds fitted...you really dont ever want to see a bald Pred!
    Once more it was well worth the pre-order wait, once finished it looks stunning.