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  1.  amazing


    First of all people need to realise that these headsets are made for music with good studio production and what type of music you intend to play. I listen to a vast range of music and some cds that have usually poor quality can improve drastically and some which will not improve. The best type of music for these headsets is hip hop I recently played Notorious B.I.G. life after death and kanye west and was blown away, these headphones release the very essence of how Notorious B.I.G. would sound in the studio the headphones bring out so much. They are also very good for other music and I think that if you are into music in a big way and do not want to buy a super stereo then invest in these because they are a fraction of the price and take music to another level.

  2.  solifugae


    This game is far better than MW2 because if you are like me and like FPS games to bit slower paced and more tactical then this is the game to play. You get to play with vehicles and destroy building to add to the carnage. Graphics are very good but not as spectacular as MW2 but sounds of weapons and explosions are more realistic. A must have for an alternative to MW2.

  3.  dane1983


    For anyone who is into Roxy Music will obviously know who Eno is. This album is absolutely amazing from beginning to end and I think Brian Eno is tremendously underated. This album is simply a must have.

  4.  dane83


    As a huge fan of Black Sabbath and no they were not the same when Ozzy went and they managed to draft in Dio later which was a good move. This album shows that after mob rules and heaven and hell albums all those years ago Iommi, Butler, Appice and Dio have not lost their tightness as a unit. And reformed to offer a masterpiece of an album anyone who is fond of the aforementioned albums should buy this as there is not one bad song on the album. Is a tour on the cards!? I sure hope so.

  5.  dane83


    Saw this band at the camden underworld and thought they were absolutely amazing especially as they were a support band. They can easily fullfil headline status but I can't see them wanting to be too main stream. I never bought the cd at this gig due to lack of funds but picked it up in London and I am glad to say I did as this is a very tight band as a unit and wow just pure chaotic metal.

  6.  Great


    This film is a very good film and once again Polanski does not over do it. If people are into the mythical world and supernatural then this film is for you it has a great story and Johnny Depp is probably as good as ever he rarely lets you down but for me this is one of his more relaxed peformances shall we say. Which is the kind of acring I prefer. I would recomend seeing before buying as it will not be to everyones tastes.

  7.  prophet of DooM


    I bought this from play recently :) I am very impressed, very different and and change from the usual. This is mind bending and clever. It is catchy and fun if u like zeppelin and cream and sabbath then this is worth getting.
    Not quite a masterpiece but still a worthy album.

  8.  prophet of DooM


    For anyone who is a fan of Down or simply likes their music then this is a must have. Very good heavy rock and doom album. Intricate guitar riffs and decent bass and class drumming. Never heard of these til recently but I am glad I came across them.