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  1.  Good series


    I stayed with this series from start to finish and with each episode IMO it got better and better. True and loyal to the original comic adventures in many ways. Released in time for the feature film for optimal timing I see... Deffo one to own and at this price too.
    Bring on season 2.

  2.  Ain't that just swell


    An impressive set for any would be fan of Eastwood's work and most of his best work is featured here. Though the omissions of the 'Man with no name' trilogy, Coogan's Bluff, Joe Kidd, Two Mules For Sister Sara, Play Misty For Me, The Beguiled, Paint Your Wagon, Hang Em High etc...are somewhat unforgivable. Shame, as he deserves more and so do we the customers.

  3.  Dull as dishwater


    You often have suspions of stories coupled together for releasew, as it usually means they or at least one of them is a dud. In this case the dud is The Space Museum. It has it's moments, but plods on somewhat and the villians of the piece look as camp as xmas.
    The Chase on the other hand is marginally better, but just... again it plods on relentlessly, but the Mechanus planet and it's city is somewhat impressive by mid 60's standards. Though what theat Dalek was doing buried in that sand dune is beyond me. Ian & Barbara's farewell, so for that alone, it's worth buying for these endearing characters.

  4.  Perfect 10


    David Tennant took me a while to get used to, but as the seasons have gone over, I've warmed to his portrayal. I admire his passion for the series and no doubt will become a fine ambassador supporting it in many years from now.
    The set itself, superbly packaged with booklet included, the only gripe I have is that there's only commentaries on the final 2 discs - which let's the set down somewhat.
    Extras are scant, but those included are worthwhile - esp Tennants last diary log - quite emotional and you genuinely feel for him.

    4 stars from me, deffo one to buy.

  5.  Oh mummy


    Originally released as part of a 4th Doctor action set, this memorable foe of the Doctor's is a welcome addition for those of us wishing to buy individual figures. Surely Lord Sutekh himself is to follow.

  6.  Excellent!


    The Cyberman of the 80's with no less than four appearences in this guise. Easy to convert one into a Cyberleader, this option is a must for all fans of the show.

  7.  At lasssst!


    A great sculp of the original Ice Warriors from the 1960's - just hope yours can get to you with all this snow... Impressive throughout, shame this set doesn't come with a collect and build option, as I'd love a Zarbi. Maybe an Ice lord next time..?

  8.  Impressive


    This particular version of 'Absolute Greatest' does look the ideal choice for the collectors out there, and at this price it's a snip.

    One thing irks me though - why include WWTLF? It only reached the mid 20's in the charts, when they could have included the far more superior 'Let Me Live' -their last top 10 hit back in '96.

  9.  Hulk smash!


    Excellent stuff from Marvel. Just what you want - action all the way through. Guest supporting characters include; Deadpool, Loki, Sabertooth, Enchantress, Lady Deathstrike, Warriors Three, Hela, Sif, Valkyrie, Balder.... what a cast.

  10.  Addictive viewing


    This show get's better with age. If you thought the recent Children of Earth was good stuff, then try this boxed set. It even has Martha Jones from Dr.Who in a few episodes.