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  1.  Gripping!!!


    I loved Ayrton Senna, I worshipped the man and I remember the Sunday 1st May 1994 vividly as the day he died on the Imola track. I remember watching it unfold horrified and then a few hours later being told on the news reports that he was gone. I thought it must be some mistake. Unfortunately not.
    I bought the dvd in 2004 "The Official Tribute" and was left very disapointed in that there was more of Senna off track relaxing in Brazil than him on track doing his awesome job.

    This 2011 "Senna" puts that right and shows all the glory and the Senna V Prost rivalry that turned very very nasty. At one time both men fiercly hated each other BUT were on the same team. The dvd seems to suggest that they made up a little bit before Senna's tragic accident so that's a nice feeling. This dvd is the best documentary about Ayrton Senna that you could wish for. Senna died in 1994 and from 1994 to 2004 Michael Schumacher won 7 World Titles. If Senna had still been driving would he still have won them?

  2.  Not as good as hoped


    I would say this book is good but should have been much better. For Queen's 40th Anniversary it should have been a better book.

    The reproductions of concert tickets, posters, fan club letter and vip tour passes are very nice to have and I give top marks for those BUT the pictures are very ordinary. Not really any rare ones I haven't seen before.

    I was hoping for some rare backstage ones especially on Innuendo (as it was Freddie's last) but there wasn't. They put in the same picture as in the original Innuendo album. The one with the band covered in a dark blue light.

    All in all I hoped for better. Queen should look at The Beatles Anthology book released in 2000 to see how it could have been.

  3.  Poor song selection, great Band!


    Poor lazy choice of songs. Not evenly spread throughout the albums. It is supposed to be a mix of lesser known album tracks from Queen's final 4 albums plus the 1 that was finished and released after Freddie's passing.

    Sounds good? Well it isn't. There is only 1 song from 1986's A Kind Of Magic album and 5 from 1995's Made In Heaven album which was a patchy affair understandably as it was finished after Freddie was gone. If there was Don't Lose Your Head instead of Made In Heaven, Scandal instead of A Winters Tale and maybe Gimme the Prize and not It's a Beautiful Day(reprise) it would be much better.

    A Winters Tale though an ok tune is a sickly sweet christmas song and thus most of the year it is out of place. Could have been much better! Don't expect loads from Queen these days though in regard to pleasing their fans!

  4.  About time to see this on dvd.


    I have waiting for this show to come out on dvd for years and years. I used to own it on vhs. It was so well written and acted. Louise Germaine played the part of her life. She was so brashy but also vulnerable. The story takes place during 1956 during the Suez Crisis. Louise Germaine is unhappily married to Douglas Henshall. Ewan McGregor takes a shine to her. Watch out for a great performance from Bernard Hill (Who would later play Captain Smith in 1997 Titanic) as Uncle Fred, a true headcase. Terrific series!

  5.  If you want it uncut then...


    Buy it on Region 1 if you want to see it uncut (if you have an all region dvd player of course). I just bought the complete OFAH collection on region 1 and I played A Royal Flush, expecting the heavily edited UK version and I was very surprised to see it was uncut. The episode is good but not as good as some other episodes. Del Boy gets drunk and goes too far. He is really nasty to Rodney.

  6.  The Beatles moment from The Fab Four to World megastars.


    This is excellent stuff. 4 complete episodes of The Ed Sullivan show including the original commercials (which are very entertaining) so you watch it as people would have watched in back in 1964 and 65. Great value. But beware as it says region free on the article and on the outer box it says region free but the actual discs have region 1 on them so you need a region free player to play them.

  7.  Great for a fiver!!!!


    Prince Naseem Hamed - 1990's Boxing's greatest showman but also he could fight and mix it.This dvd shows some of Naz's best fights from 1994-1998. He was exceptionally fast, brave and powerful! Unfortunately he let his ego get out of control and had too many hangers on who weren't helping him. He fired his training people that had served him so well and got him to the top and replaced them with new. By 1999 he was on the decline and by 2001 he did finally lose and had no heart or motivation to try and put it right. One of the best British boxers, such a shame how it fizzled out. Anyway this dvd is very good and has all of the 1997 Hamed v Kelley fight (One of the most entertaining you will see!) If you can get this for a fiver or less then you have got a bargain.

  8.  Nice at the price


    Very pleased when this arrived. The print is nice and big. The material feels nice and soft. The design is very classy too.

  9.  Pretty poor stuff


    Firstly I will admit I have seen this film only once and that was at the cinema in 1999 and I came out thinking what a poor Bond movie. I thought Tomorrow Never Dies before it was a lot better than this. I don't know about can't think of a better Bond film, I can think of 10 straight away. On Her Majesty's Secret Service blows this one away and there are others also that are streets ahead. I remember Robert Carlyle as a nothing special villian and the Bond girls were pathetic. The first 15 mins were good then it fell apart. The other ratings of 5 stars I really don't know what they liked about this.

  10.  Could have been better but wasn't bad


    Having read the reviews here before seeing the film I saw mostly it had either 1 star or 4 or 5 stars so to many pople they either loved it or hated it. I thought it was ok. It could have been a lot better granted. The director spoiled it for me with his irritating camerawork and yes I agree with an earlier review that the grainy camera doesn't make it look more gritty and real but it messes it up. On the whole I would say rent it not buy it but it passed away an hour and a half for me with decent entertainment.