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  1.  Close Your Eyes, Embrace The Darknes And Be Rescued


    This album is amazing. I do not really know how to describe it.

    Each track is seemingly crafted to fill your mind with such amazing imagary, thoughts and ideas that in turn, will make you laugh, cry and smile.

    As said in many reviews, this album is a lot more personal than ANY Nightwish album is! As described in the above paragraph, its very emotional.

    Tarja's voice is raised above any Nightwish album - not by technology, but by freedom. Since this album is her own, she has been clearly able to experiment and let herself go!

    This album has heavy metal tracks, ballads, rocks songs and classical / opera tracks. It has a true versitility, enabling the listener to listen to the track whenever they want.

    My personal favourite tracks are : Die Alive, Oasis, Lost Northern Star and of course, the single, I Walk Alone.

    I am still struggling to describe the emense music that will be sent to you...its truly stunning.

    For notice:
    ( I am not a member of the record company or someone paid to support the album )

    For Fans of : Nightwish, Krypteria, Within Temptation, Epica.
    Avoid if : Your a chav (?)

  2.  "Bloody marvolous"


    At first, I thought this may just be another attempt at reviving the punk scecne - how wrong was I? With metalcore dying out, this album seems to step in and take over!

    I thought I would hate the Gallows - screaming isnt gothic...well, not to myself anyway. So, I was pleasently suprised to enjoy this album.

    Please do buy!

    For fans of : Avenged Sevenfold (pre-City Of Evil)
    Avoid : If you like your ear drums!

  3.  Il2 - The PC-Pilots Choice :D


    I play this game occasionally, and its stunning really. So I hear you ask "then why do you only occaisionally play it?".

    Here is the answer: online gameplay. Many would argue its "super" and "still alive". However, I wanted a more original online play, like Forgotten Battles, as most servers on at the moment, use only 12 types of aircraft...this is really annoying considering the range in the game...

    However - its Vista compatible (yay!) and still has AMAZING graphics and SUPERIOR flying compared to any game on the market - dare I say even FSX?

    For fans of : IL2 and Combat Flight Simulator
    Avoid if : You wanted Jet vs Propellor combat online

  4.  Good Online Game


    I have played this game, its super. The feel of Quake 4 but with a LOT more fun incorperated :D.

    Oh, and a "20gb" would not lag...considering thats an impossible speed to get really...the fastest UK broadband isnt even 1GB!

    If you can play Supreme Commander on full graphics, (online), you can handle this game

  5.  Slow? Not at all!


    Well, I was fed up with the rediculous "small" manufacturors MP3 players that I had bought, so I decided to purchase an iPod. 8GB had never seemed enough for me, and the Classic is the best capacity : money mp3 / video player around!

    I am suprised at the review below, as I have used iPods from every generation and Nano's of the previous generation and they seem slower! Moreover, I would say considering I have over 80 albums - and the Cover Flow feature takes around 4 seconds to load - that its not slow at all!

    I watch movies on my iPod all the time, just rip them onto you iPod and off you go! They play back perfectly and the sound is amazing.

    Apple have converted me to the white side (Apple Mac's logo being white etc) - and man is it better!

  6.  A Harder Faster Stronger Once


    Nightwish used to be THE operatic, female fronted metal band. However, with the dissmisal of Tarja in 2005, Nightwish ended one glorious era, to dive back into a second.

    The opening track, The Poem and The Pendulum, is quite epic. Similar to Epica's title song on the album "The Divine Conspiracy", it is 14mins long. And during those 14 mins, nearly every emotion is played through the strings of one instrument or the vocals of the lead boy soprano or Anette herself.

    The second track ( and my favourite ) Bye Bye Beautiful, about the departure of Tarja, is pretty awsome. For a start, Marco sings well throughout the whole piece and, around 2/3 of the way thorugh the song, there is a dramatic break. In which, the sentence "How blind can you be? Can't you see me?" is echoed / whispered.

    The third, and second single, track is Amaranth, which is comparable to Nemo in many ways. It starts with a memorable piano (which has a layered synth sound) intro, followed by an orchestral / metal outburst. This song has the "repeat" factor.

    The next track, sounding, and seems to be, fairly gothic. Cadence of Her Last Breath. The starting seconds is someone's heavy breathing, then into a heavier metal, I wont go into this song as I think it will ruin the surprise of how good it is...

    Master Passion Greed, allegedly, and obviously is Nightwish at their heaviest yet! With growls (not in death metal style though) and Marco's rugged voice, its truly going to get you cranking the volume up and head-banging along!

    I will skip Eva, as I don't think words can justify it...it is just to heavenly.

    Sahara and Whoever Brings The Night, are again, quite heavy. They are examples of the new Nightwish era, and what is in store for the next album (presuming there will be one!). Featuring recurring rifts and Anette's vocals, these are true stunning additions to the album.

    For The Heart I Once Had, is a slower song (as are 3 of 4 of the last tracks!) but is still good. It helps to demonstrate Anette's vocal range and moreover challenges the emotion of the listener, especially over the small instrumental break; where by Anette sings "Time will not heal the dead boy's scars, time will kill".

    The Islander, written and sung by Marco, is a more traditional piece of their native Finland, featuring various instruments of Finland and sung in a truly stunning style, completely opposite to Seven Days To The Wolves.

    Last of the Wilds, an instrumental piece, should defiantly be added to your play-list. Starting with a Irish/Finnish violin being then emphasised by guitars, is stunning. I listened to this about 5 times in a row!

    7 Days To The Wolves, conviniantly only just over 7 minutes long, is stunning, this is one of the most publicised tracks, thus, I shall not go into it, besides, you'll find out for yourselves what it is like...

    Meadows Of Heaven, with its gospel choir and stunning vocals by Anette. Is truly emotional, you should be in tears by the end of this song!

    Dont compare them to what they were with Tarja. Think of it as a new band, and you will grow to love them once more!

    5/5, well done
    Anette Blyckert.

  7.  This Is a Review Of The BONUS Tracks


    The 2 Bonus tracks are worth having, so this album is worth getting - if you can get it at the same cost as the normal 11 track version. However I got the Special Edition which had the single of "Nemo" in it for £12 which had one of the bonus tracks, and the other is cheap on most download sites.

    Very good album. Probably better than Dark Passion Play. This will NEVER be topped.

  8.  An Amazing Film - A Modern Masterpiece


    Most films set in the cold war are often lost in betrayl or in genera stupidity as they just want to show violence. However this film is not set around that.

    This film is intellegent and sophisticated, showing the true (non-anti-semistic) horrors of the second world war.

    This is film is emotional by nature, the script, well written will provoke any emotion you have.

    This film truly is a masterpiece.

    Buy it now

  9.  Amazing, Addictive - And BRITISH


    Britian seems to be lacking good, sophisticated shows at the moment, with all our efforts going towards comedies...however, rising from the efforts to remake Dr Who (which failed to me as it was too childish) is Torchwood.

    "Outside The Goverment Beyond The Police - The 21st Century Is When It All Changes; And You Gotta' Be Ready".

    Each episode making you think harder about your own life, Torchwood, is a superb sci-fi / cult fiction series based around the lifes of Capt. Jack (John Barrowman), "Dr" Owen Harper (Burn Gorman) Toshiko Sato (Naoko Mori), Ianto (Gareth David-Llyod) and leading lady, Eve Myles whom plays P.C Constable Gwen Cooper.

    With storys which are spine chilling and some that will just make you cry with joy or sadness Torchwood IS worth getting...and it costs around £52 to buy them seperatly, so get in and by the whole series!

    Moreover, the series also develops the viewer into the life of Captian Jack Harness, leaving the viewer in a lost state asking the question "Who is he?"

    Series 2 is coming soon - so get up to date!

  10.  For the faint hearted this book be not!


    This book dose not have a word to describe it - unless WOW! counts; Slow Decay is a true cult-fiction/sci-fiction book, featuring the obvious features of Torchwood but not being the generic espisode , oh no, if they did this episode on TV it would be an 18 - but in a good way.

    Featuring many twists and sudden shocks about the characters, even not-so-main characters, "temps" even, this book is worth its weight in gold - but that'd be wastefull!

    Get this book even if you don't like Torchwood amazingly much.