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    I must say, i was a little skeptical when i first played the game, i mean, a bus simulator? sounds boring right? but WOW was i wrong. The thrill that you get when you hear the ding of the bell, when a passenger wants to get off the bus is unmatched. Forget the action packed train sequence from Uncharted 2, or flying throughout the galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2, BELL RINGING is where its at.

    Is that an old lady i just passed accidently in the bus lane? damn. This emotionally charged game will make you cry for weeks. Did the old lady ever get to her destination? Is she ok? Did she die of hypothermia at the side of the road? THATS UP TO YOU TO DECIDE.

    With the amazing graphics that match Crysis, the storytelling of Final Fantasy and the amazing gameplay of Uncharted all mixed into one, Bus SIimulator 2 is the game for all you adreneline junkie's out there. It will keep you hooked forever.

  2.  do NOT listen to "preppy"


    This "preppy" guy has clearly lost his mind. Oblivion is one of the finest games to be released this century. It is absolutely HUGE and will completing the game fully will take well over 100 hours, and that doesnt include the Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isle's expansion which ARE both included in this Game of the Year Edition.

    The game mixes an engrossing storyline, beautiful graphics, non-linear, open gameplay. You get to chose how the game plays. You can customise your character to whatever you want.

    This game is an absolute bargain at this price. It will keep you occupied for months!