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  1.  It's about what is important in life :)


    This movie has become my favourite movie. Its not an instant classic, its not epic, its not mind blowing. But what it does do, is remind you not to take life for granted. Here you have a man and a woman that are "in love" But really its a love for materialism and not for eachother, constantly on thier phones to their friends. the guy completely ignoring her for everything else in his life. Not realising that the most amazing thing is right in front of him. Shes blindly in love as woman are (unfortunate, please girls...dont let this happen, people like that arent worth beautiful souls like you)
    She goes over to Ireland where she ends up meeting a completely down to earth, totally stubborn and complete opposite guy to herself. Ofcourse if you don't know...Opposites attract, and make your life complete. So naturally the very thing she hates ends up becoming the very thing she chooses in the end :)
    The acting is incredible, Just the 2 main characters and their bond is enough to make this movie unforgettable, what is even better is the beautiful scenery of Ireland. Being from Scotland, I can tell you that its nice to see a movie that is based in small towns and not New York for once. Its nice to see a movie thats just so down to earth and real :)
    This one is a winner, You will not be disappointed. Girls will love it and guys should watch this to remind them that the things that are important are the people that make you do things you would not have done if they weren't around. A big tv or a fancy car wont do this for you. So dont focus all your energy on it :)

    Sorry if i havent spoke too much about the movie, I would rather you buy it and see for yourself...It is amazing! :)

  2.  Best Fitness Game Available


    This game is fantastic, the creaters have listened to the fans on what they wanted on the original "Your Shape:FE" game and they listened and put it all in...AND MORE. you get to customise your workouts, theres so many areas to work with.
    Checking and comparing stats/challenges is made easier within the game.
    The new menu system makes for easier control and saves time shifting menu after menu. Fitness Classes there are now so much more, you can focus on particular areas like the butt to get your bum well rounded or the abs to get tighter abs. There are classes for sports athletes and thel ike, full 30-40 minute classes which are extreme fitness levels. you get proper warm ups and thats excluding the zen and yoga classes. you get mini football/"soccer" type games and warm ups also.

    Dance workouts are alot more fun, you get latin, african and a bunch of others...all with fun new moves to learn and implemented to make you feel a part of it with some fantastic backgrounds and blending art skills.

    The tracking system is much improved, on the old one doing thingsl ike lunges and staying in sync was a nightmare...not anymore. its not perfect. but its much improved, lunges and the like are now easy....and you can do floor excersises such as sit ups, push ups with ease. I havent even begun to explore this game and im already loving it. The programs are more advanced and will get you burning those calories at a much faster pace than the last edition. You can chop and change your workout to your needs and your time limits.

    if your looking for a fitness game be it to tone up your body, lose weight or just to improve your overall fitness and appearence...this game does it all and does it with style. Don't miss this oppertunity. I reccommend this over all the other Kinect fitness titles on the market...probably for the next 12 months atleast. It just is THAT much more advanced.

    Thanks for reading, and hope you make a wise choice and get this game :)

  3.  Forget meat, you won't ever want to eat it again


    This production speaks alot of truth that people don't think about on a daily basis with their "busy lives" All of the points made are backed up and to see what the animals go through before they reach the supermarkets is eye opening. I know one thing is for sure, thats the last time i buy processed supermarket foods.
    If you are even slightly interested in Health and Safety or even fitness then i advise seeing this. It could just make things so much easier for you 10 years down the line

  4.  Saints No Go


    ok, I got this game at christmas time for around £20, when i was buying i thought "what a bargain", didn't turn out that way.
    Graphics are ok, nothing special and sometimes very glitchy. some of the cars look pretty good...but i expected alot more in that area.
    Sound is good, decent radio makes for one of few pluses in this game! with things like new rock, old classic 80's, country. There is a wide range
    gameplay - got bored within a week. haircuts, buying clothes are already done in GTA...i expected some new things, not alot of missions...so you will be completing the game rather easily.
    After 2 weeks of owning this game i already sold it. if your a BIG fan of the GTA's etc then this came maybe for you.
    but otherwise.. don't waste your money..even at £18