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  1.  AMAZING!


    This is a great album, rustic MOD at its best.
    The Draytones are a great band, they have an amazing and original sound, you will not be disapointed.

  2.  Musical Genius


    This is a great album, the lyrics are excellent with brilliant instrumentals, makes for easy exciting listening! Extremely orginal especially the leads voice, which is strange but in a very good way : ) my only problem with this album is it is a tad depressing because of the subject of many of the songs, but it still sounds good and is a must have for any music fan!



    The gorillaz never seem to let me down, they cram so many different styles of music into their songs, hip-hop, electro, rock e.t.c and it works extremely well, not a bad song on this album one of my all time favourites. If you want a good style of music, originality, and excellent listening, look no further! Bargin Price a must have for any music collection!

  4.  Amazing


    Catchy songs, very original, enjoyable to listen to over and over again, excellent lyrics clearly well thoguht about with excellent guitar to back it up, great album and for the price will not let you down.

  5. Konk


    The Kooks - CD

    21 New from  £4.08  Free delivery

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     Complete Let Down..


    I bought this album expecting it to be great after their excellent first album but found myself disapointed. Most of the tracks are extremely similar with only a few stand out tracks, it seems to have lost the originality that the first album has, just buy their first album and forget about this one, its so terrible its actually put me off them.

  6.  Whats with the bad reviews?


    This is the best film i've seen all year! It's pretty much action packed through the whole movie! Theres always some type of fight or chase going on, good CGI throughout the whole movie and an interesting storyline. I think most people have been put off by the way the makers have moved away from religious artifacts like the holy grail e.t.c I think its refreshing that they have moved on to something new, you cannot call this movie bad at all!

  7.  Best season so far!


    This is the best season of smallville so far, every episode is action packed and the storyline is great this season! If you like Heroes you'll probably also like smallville!

  8.  Ahead of its time!


    This movie is ahead of its time and is by far one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time! Action packed, brutal and funny its a great mix. However this film has about the worst ending i've ever seen in a film, so if your looking for a climatic ending i wouldnt buy this film.

  9.  Fun... but not enough.


    The game is good but i dont exactly agree that it is a revolutionary multiplayer game, i tried to play this with my friends and we became bored very quickly and at times the game is incredibly frustrating. There are only around 3-4 things that you can do which soley relies on multiplayer and none of these are that great and there is only one vehicle in the whole game which is a really bad hovercraft! I had more fun playing through the game on single player! The game probably wont last you very long, and dont look for the extra length in mulitplayer if you buy this for ps3 as no 1 is ever on it! Avoid! Or at least wait until its in the bargin bin.

  10.  It looks good but..


    althoguh though Haze looked good from the demo and was fun to play... it isnt really much more than a bog standard fps with "nectar" added to it, i think this game will become a little repetitive and you actually switch sides and cant use nectar anymore for the majority of the game, however online co-op was good but team kill is on so depending on who you play with could change the experience lol ; )

    After Playing the real game i found it to be even worse than i predicted terrible graphics, boring and repetitive waste of time and money.