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  1.  Somewhat amusing, disappointing ending!


    Bought this for £1.99 last winter and as a student it was about all I could afford. Didn't register at the time but I had already seen it...yes, that's how memorable it was!
    For me, it just wasn't consistently funny enough, and it was really carried only by the performances of the hilarious Anna Faris and not so hilarious Ryan Reynolds.

  2. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £9.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.81

     Okay for a while.


    Not a very challenging game, and designing furniture with bits of apples stuck in them is quite bizarre.
    I haven't managed to complete the game due to the frustratingly slow loading times and the lag that has developed since hitting the halfway mark.
    Nothing like the DS version really; this IS the better game, having more depth, but the DS version runs a lot more smoothly.
    Overall I have enjoyed playing it when whiling away a few hours, but it's certainly nothing special.

  3.  Poor fitting


    Not a great fit, quite a shapeless garment really. Poor quality, the hem stitching came away before I even got it over my head.
    Glad I only paid £4.99 for it!!

  4.  Good game, annoying at times.


    I LOVE the Simpsons, and I was delighted to receive this game for Christmas.
    I spent three days playing it as I managed to catch (another) cold, leaving me bedridden. I played the two player mode with my boyfriend, which made it a lot more fun and if one of us was struggling to complete something, we could swap over.
    There were bits that took HOURS to complete because they were so tricky - silly things like jumping onto a static platform that seemed impossible because of the restrictive 3D view.
    I will continue to play it as the one liners from Homer are priceless, but it could have been a bit better.

  5.  Utter garbage!!


    I've spent approximately ONE hour playing this game, and haven't looked at it since, except to scowl at the price sticker on the case.
    Highly repetitive, nothing to achieve, and its only real use is that it does help you establish better control of your remote/nunchuk.
    Overpriced and pointless in my opinion.

  6.  Great fun, not quite what I expected.


    This game reminds me somewhat of MySims, it's quite interactive and involves a lot of "back and forth" tasks. Some of the conversation options/questions seem redundant, and unless you're on a specific task you can waste a lot of time talking to guests.
    I'm not a massive fan of minigames and there are loads in this game, some of which you have to complete (well) to advance in the level - infuriating for me!
    I've been enjoying designing the rollercoasters, and the step by step instructions are pretty easy to follow.
    I've almost completed it now, and I've put in less than 20 hours gameplay so far, so it's not a long/difficult game to complete.
    I have noticed a bit of a lag when running through the tunnels from one area of the park to another, but that's about all.

  7. MySims


    Nintendo DS

    2 New from  £24.89  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.99

     Not bad for passing the time of day...


    This came as a bundle with my DS and as I already have the Wii version I thought I'd give this a whirl too.
    Really easy little game to play, good for kids (although the Raquetball mini game is infuriating), and figuring out how to complete the level takes some time since it mostly involves just talking to different people.
    Not a bad game, but could have been a lot better, feels like it has been rushed out.

  8.  Worth a play or two.


    I found this game quite entertaining once you get into it but it is a long haul to get into the actual gameplay, and the choice of which ring to use is an unnecessary complication. Not one for the hardcore Sonic fans!

  9.  Genius


    Love it, still find it really novel. Much more taken up with this than I was my PS2. I agree that there definitely aren't enough games out there...and at £40 a pop they're almost as expensive as the console! Sometimes you lose your cursor aswell which can be really frustrating but all in all a great machine. One I'll be hanging onto!

  10.  Lifesaver


    After deliberating over which rechargeable batteries I could use, with no help from Nintendo whatsoever, I finally encountered this little beauty! I just stick my remote on charge everytime I've finished playing and it's ready to go again later! Not really seen the benefit of the 'nunchuck holsters' given the cables, but a nice idea all the same!