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  1.  This might be the best film in the world...


    ...but nobody will ever know. All the dialogue from Tom Hanks and Halle Berry is mumbled, so mumbled and incomprehensible. The accents are terrible. Great idea but perhaps executing such an idea is a little too brave and over ambitious. The whole thing is so disjointed and would make six much better separate films.
    P.S. I don't like the Marmite analogy. Everyone says you either love it or hate it. I just quite like it.

  2.  More of the same...


    ...but when every album is full of musical and poetic genius, more of the same is a wonderful thing!!!

  3.  Flemming himself would have been very proud.


    For those of you who think The Spy Who Loved Me was the best bond book (not best bond film as the film bore no similarity to the book due to the official secrets act prohibiting the publishing of the story) this film definitely has the same atmosphere. Definitely the best Bond film ever, just not the best Bond.

  4.  Not great.


    If you can see past all the Michael-esque background music, the mundane and unproffessional commentry, the unrelated footage, and the fact that everything said, we've heard before, you'll have no problem with this DVD.

  5.  Terrible!


    Terrible title, terrible theme song, terrible story, terrible script, terriblely constructed and terribely filmed... just terrible! A huge stain on what otherwise is an immaculate series.

  6.  What a year.


    2012 will see the London Olympics, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 100 years since Titanic went down but utmost, 50 years of Bond!
    I just hope they've left room for Skyfall to be added to the collection.

  7.  The absolute best!


    The genius is in making a very low key partly improvised sit com that one wants to watch again and again and again. This sit com has so many levels to it. It really is fantastic. I'd love a soundtrack to be released.

  8. Michael


    Michael Jackson - CD

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    Don't listen to the rubbish about it not being his voice. It's definitely Michael. He was coming back better than ever before. This is fantastic.

  9.  Such an utterly awesome film.


    Utterly awesome in that it leaves me in utter awe at the writing and directing genius of this film. Really very sad they had to ruin it with the sequal. It's a film you can easily watch time after time after time and so on and so forth. Buy it, watch it, love it and thank me for writing this review.

  10.  V-good but I miss James Bond.


    It's a really really good performance and a nice new take on Bond but I have to say I am beginning to miss the James Bond we all know and love. I just hope that these two prequals, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, are just that... Prequals. Maybe the next Bond film will include Moneypenny, Q, and a bit more tongue in cheek humour. All in all, I am sincerely dissapointed in this film. The film is like one big trailer in itself. The story is not fully explained, the action is too fast and incomprehensible with s shakey camera and it leaves you wanting to know what it's about. Being an avid Bond fan, it really hurts me to say it but this film is rubbish. The director needs sacking. Who would spend time and money creating a high octane car chase and just have 1 second close up shots of bits of the car, other than a bad director? It's a sad day for James Bond.