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  1.  Superb


    Visually fantastic, with engaging characters and a fascinating culture! OK, the plot may be a bit light for such a long film, but I didn't care. The storytelling is told/shown so brilliantly. I loved it. A definite keeper.

  2.  Compulsive Reading - hard to put down!


    A simply superb story of a young girl wrestling with a desperate choice. Pulling no punches in the telling, it is utterly gripping, compelling and convincing.

  3.  Very smart & functional stand


    I have the oak version, & it houses all my kit with lots of space to spare. It looks like a proper piece of smart furniture, not cheapy thrown together stuff & was well worth the investment. It is EXTREMELY heavy, though!

  4.  Enjoyable, but read the book afterwards, not before!


    I saw this on the spur of the moment & i quite enjoyed it. The next day i bought the books. I'm glad i saw the film first, as i think i'd otherwise have shared the frustrations of many reviewers. As it is, i enjoyed the book as it fills in a huge amount of detail which the film slides over (or misses out altogether). The ending of the film is nothing like the book, & i did wonder how they'd deal with this in making a sequel, but it seems this is now not happening anyway.

    The film does feel rather rushed at times, but i do like the saphira of the film, & this is a film i would watch again, even if i'd then go back to the book!

  5.  Very well cast and extremely funny


    I saw this on a plane on a tiny screen, & as soon as I got home I bought it. It's a great film with a superb cast and a funny but sensible plotline. Therefore although the film has lots of 'laugh aloud' moments, it also has some depth and a proper storyline. A good film for re-watching by yourself, or for a 'movie night' with friends.

  6.  I wanted to like it...


    ...and it is quite engaging, but I have started watching it twice now, & not managed to finish it... That says it all as far as I'm concerned. This one won't be a keeper.

  7.  Very, very funny!


    Very funny film which everyone will enjoy, but which sci-fi, especially Star Trek, fans will love. The brilliant cast carry it off with total aplomb, & just the right amount of 'not-taking-things-too-seriously'-ness. Fantastic!

  8.  Based on (now & then) the lovely book The Little White Horse


    Another film which is very, VERY loosely based on a book, in this case the lovely classic Carnegie Medal winning novel The Little White Horse. If you watch the film as a completely stand alone story, it works ok in a kind of 'Updated for Today's Audiences' kind of way.

    If you loved the original story, you may question why Loveday has suddenly become some kind of nature goddess rather than the kind & gentle soul of the book, why Robin has been completely changed in both character and family, and why Sir Benjamin has become angry & cold.

    Worse of all, the feisty and dignified Miss Heliotrope, a woman of strength of character & conviction in the book, is here protrayed as nothing more than a cartoon character. The Miss Heliotrope of this film is in my opinion an appalling waste of Juliet Stevenson's considerable acting skills.

    And this is the disappointment of the whole film really. The elements which make the book magical and wonderful are almost all stripped away, & we are left with CGI wizardry which just does not compare with the charm of the original story.

  9.  A lovely involving film


    I waited a long time for this film & it was worth the wait. The two children are wonderfully played and you are completely involved in the story. There are strong resonances with Johnny and the Bomb, but it's its own story and feels very believable. A very enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half.

  10.  Superb for the price!


    I bought this when it was much more expensive, as a camera to use when I didn't want to cart my SLRs around, or when I didn't have room for the other camera, or it wasn't really appropriate to be carrying a big camera bag around. It has been worth every penny I spent, so in my view it's a considerable bargain at the current price.

    * It takes AA batteries, which is really useful when travelling
    * It is small & light & fits in my briefcase so I don't have to have camera withdrawal symptoms
    * It has a fast f2.8 lens - that's faster than any of my SLR glass, so sometimes I use this titch out of preference in low light situations
    * It is not TOO small - there's enough of it to get a proper hold of
    * It has a viewfinder which means I can still use it even on brilliantly sunny (or snowy!) days
    * It takes video clips. I NEVER considered this at all when I bought the camera, but it actually turned out to be really useful on one very special ocassion
    * It has an excellent & sensible zoom range. I personally prefer shorter zooms on compacts & so far this has managed everything I've wanted to photograph
    * It has VR (vibration reduction) which is sometimes handy when you're used to the extra chunkiness of an SLR
    * It has manual settings so you don't always have to use it on programme or scene settings
    * Oh, & it produces excellent crisp results. I've just sold a picture I took with mine on a day when it was far too slippery to risk my very expensive SLR

    In short, if you want a competent small camera which delivers the goods and has myriad flexible options then this is a very good choice.