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  1.  Missing that zing!


    This is good, & showcases the choir's vocal strength, but I agree with the earlier reviewer - the 'zing' of their live performances is just not there, and I really miss it. Which is a real pity, because this CD just doesn't do justice to the brilliance of this choir.

    If it was only possible to put together all their live performances from Last Choir Standing... I'd put my order in straight away!

  2.  Excellent


    Very comfortable to wear, with clear digits on the screen, & a sensible flat bit on the band so that when your hand is on a desk, for example, you don't have a rounded bit to annoy you. And although the fit is comfortably loose on my medium sized wrists, it doesn't flap about all over the place, or get caught up in stuff. The only thing i'd say can be a very minor negative is that it has a tendency to rotate on your wrist so that the watch face is underneath (as that's the heaviest part of the bangle), so instead of finding the nice flat bit, you sometimes find the watch face is under your wrist. But hey, it's not exactly strenuous to swivel it back up the right way! Great value for money, too. I bought 3 of them over christmas & everyone likes them.

  3.  Great to see the original cover illustration back!


    A great story, which brings back happy reading memories! Really good to see the lovely original drawings back where they should be, too.

  4.  Looks great but very difficult to follow. Disappointing.


    I was really looking forward to getting to grips with this DVD, & that was the problem in the end. It is just so difficult to work with. A great disappointment & one which has put me off buying any dance related exercise DVDs.

    Oh, & you do need quite a bit of space to do it - so if you have a small living room you may have trouble avoiding walls/furniture!

  5.  Another ok film which is VERY loosely based on a great book.


    Helen Mirren as Eleanor made me very eager to see this. And it was quite entertaining. But far too abbreviated. And once again, the screenwriters have seen fit to 'adapt' the story in a way which significantly changes it. Inkheart is a big book, so it was always going to be tough to adapt for screen, and this does show.

    That said, the film rolls along briskly, the casting works very well, the story it tells works, & a friend of mine who hadn't read the book LOVED it. So I think, like Eragon, it's a film best seen BEFORE reading the book. Now you've seen the film, buy the book - it's MUCH better!

  6.  Good but not great.


    The scenery is lovely, and the story is ok, but it varies SO much from the book (not just literally but emotionally too). Far too many battle scenes, one of which is ENTIRELY pointless & unnecessary, & far too little time on the characters, & the effect of their journey to Aslan's How. And although Prince Caspian looks very pretty, there's not all that much which is the boy king from the book. And all that silly oneupmanship between Caspian & Peter. Pah!

    In short, it's an ok film which is quite entertaining, but for many fans of the original stories it is rather disappointing.

  7.  Wonderful, heart-stirring film based on a true story


    Meryl Streep is fantastic in this, playing the lead with passion, sensitivity & joy. It is an absolutely marvellous film, & I've bought several copies over the years to give to friends. I defy anyone NOT to be moved by the fabulous ending. And it's based on a true story!

    Ignore any negative reviews, & take a plunge. At the price on Play it is well worth a chance, & I think you won't regret it.


  8.  Top quality album - well worth the money


    Another beautiful and varied album from Josh, with the added bonus of a nice Christmas disc. Solid value for money both for Josh fans, & a good introduction to his music for newcomers.

  9.  Beautiful


    I bought this as a present, & am buying another copy for myself. It is a real pleasure to listen to. In fact, I think I will be buying more than one more copy as it makes a wonderful present, having such a beautiful mix of songs. I very much hope there will be a second album in due course.

  10.  Nice story, but very odd colours!


    The story is great, & I really enjoyed the film, once I managed to get over the distraction of the very strange colouring on most of the 'outdoor' scenes (actually shot indoors on a soundstage). A nice easy-going family film though.