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  1. NHL 10

    NHL 10


    1 New from  £8.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.16

     Epic - i even rate it higher than FIFA 10


    +Custom Soundtracks
    +Intelligent AI
    +Be a pro is fantastic on or offline

    Try the Demo first and you will not be dissapointed.

    Well worth my money!

  2.  Solid Racing Sim


    Great racer! I owned Undercover and was, understandably, apprehensive purchasing this but is awesome! Great cars and the attention to detail (speed, dashboard) is out of this world.
    I just bought the Lambo Murcielago and could barely focus as a i was reaching 160mph+. Damage isn't as good as GRID say, but the impact effects must be experienced - for example as your driver is stuggling for breathe on impact.

    With or without the wheel this game is worth buying, i have both and this game DOESN'T NEED THE WHEEL. It feels hard at first, as most ppl are used to holding the analogue stick you gradually turn to full steering lock. On this, a slight push left of right on the stick is a slow/small turn and full lock is fully held right or left. Easy :D

    I have owned all the Gran Turismos, PGRs, both Forzas, Moto GP 08, SBK, GRID and DiRT - and without a doubt this is worthy of fitting into this group of games.

  3.  Fantastic game - Epic Online


    Campaign is great fun and full of action; fully utilising HD displays and 5.1 Surround Sound. Truely magical experience :D Great weapons and challenging/impressive AI. This doesn't mean it's hard, it will just amaze the experienced FPS player how clever the Helgast can be :-D

    Played my first game online before after playing CoD4 and WaW on the 360. This too is so impressive, i can barely describe it. Excellent gameplay, 32 players - wow! ranking system is involving and addictive to be honest!

    If you have a PS3 or simply like First Person Shooter games, buy it!

  4.  Really Enjoyable First Person Shooter


    I, for one, am a FPS fanatic and after watching several video reviews and interviews etc, i picked this up at £18 of Play.
    Prior to playing this title, I played alternatives such as Halo, Half Life, Quake and more recently Call of Duty. So I've seen my fair share FPS action.
    In contrast to the aforementioned titles/series', Far Cry 2 breaks, or perhaps re-juvenates, the FPS mold with a graphically stunning open-world approach to the gaming adventure.
    Set in a war-torn African, you are a hired, one man army struggling to bring the infamous weapons dealer, the Jackal. Plagued with Malaria, the country tries to survive faction warfare fueled by the one you hunt.
    The player is able to adopt a non-linear approach to storyline objectives, such as concurrently working for opposing factions or running errands for the Weapons Salesmen. This sense of freedom is also well represented in the form of transport as the player can take many routes - road, water or even air - to get to and from missions.
    Graphics-wise, this game is of epic standards. Rich woodland, vast ,open deserts and glorious waterfalls are simply stunning. Gore and Character physics are also good, very ragdoll-esque with excellent reactions to different weapons.
    Gameplay - Solid FPS handling and specific mention must be payed to the sniper rifles. Immense fun for any sniping fan, as this is how you can approach the majority of infiltration missions. The AI attacks are VERY easy to defend against if you are even new to FPS games, my sister plays this game :-)

    + Solid FPS gameplay
    + Non Linear in the most diverse sense of the word
    + Stunning scenery, explosions, Wildlife
    + Great weapons (esp. snipe or DLC crossbow) and Vehicles
    + Sensible Difficulty (you can choose you own level)

    - None, in my opinion. I really thinks negative reviews are generated because people don't like change. I am so bored of walking boring, grey hallways fighting repetitve waves of alien/fictional enemies. This game, a la COD, has some sort of relevance to real life, and don't get me wrong i like fiction - but in moderation.

    To End... Play this Game!

  5.  Very Good! What NFS should have been!


    I liked the Need for Speed series until post-Underground 2 and have missed not having a title like this on the XBox 360. Until Now.

    ***How it works***
    Like any Rockstar open-world title, you can progress through the game via a variety of paths.
    You have to make money and build reputation by winning races, making deliveries, running from the police and various other ways which allows you to unlock more physical and mechanical upgrades.

    I have seen a few people complaining about difficulty, let me clear this up.
    The AI/Computer can be caught up if you crash, but let's be realisitic, if you're in a Golf GTi versus a Mercielago Roadster, you're gonna get beaten. SO DON'T RACE THEM FOR PINK SLIPS.
    So what Rockstar have done is filled the streets with main challenges with various difficulties but have also included an arcade style option where you can race arcade style on a specific route. This is accessed from the pause menu, then RB until you find the correct section.
    You can choose the difficulty of the AI and the amount of traffic etc. making it very easy.
    I used this arcade feature until i had enough performance upgrades to dominate the 'main' races with so much ease :)

    ***Cars and parts***
    It's as simple as this.
    If you enjoy designing cars with detail ranging from seats and interior neons to wheels and suspension - you will LOVE this!
    I cannot get enough of tweaking my little Golf!
    The look and reactions of the cars are very detailed and uniquely diverse.

    Very Fun. You can race against others for rep and money for your career or just cruise around LA with your mates. Really good modes and great fun, like Burnout Paradise online.
    This is what would have made NFS:Underground 2 perfect.

    Awesome game for all ages interested in modding cars.
    The only negative point is that it isn't obvious that you have all the routes available to you i.e. using arcade to build money first.
    Otherwise, this game is Epic. There is no doubt in my mind that NFS will have to take a long look at itself, a la Tony Hawk after Skate's release.

    100% BUY IT!!!

  6.  So much fun...


    Firstly, i am massive gta fan and absolutely devote my gaming life to it's series. I really only picked up saints row 1 to see me through to gta 4's release. However i came to like it, really like it. It is the arcadey opposite to gta's realism but this is by no means bad. So...

    Saints row 2 - boasting massive freedom, rivalling gta san andreas' freedom was my impression. So after playing it....

    I love it!

    ~Really easy driving using the lt to brake. Bikes (esp. Peewee!) are great
    ~Customisation of cribs/ character is great fun.
    ~Shooting is greatly improved from saints row 1 - dual wield, improved accuracy response, gore:d
    ~Little things like mini games, buying drugs/drink etc are still there and expanded upon.
    ~ Added difficulty level selection is good for the hardcore and recreational gamer's alike.

    In general amazing fun, which is why it get's all 5*. The graphics may not be improved but, hey, gta: San andreas is still a 5* imo cos it's fun.


  7.  Brilliant - READ THIS


    I own both Project Gotham Racing 4 and Forza Motorsport 2. I like them equally the same because i play PGR4 for the motorbikes (which are brilliant) and Forza for the car driving.

    The reason i picked Forza for car driving is because the driver has more freedom but it still remains realistic. for example, you can powerslide but it still looks and feels like an old Gran Turismo game. PGR4 is just visually poor in comparison and is too focused on KUDOS to be called a driving sim.

    GRID- in my opinion, is what Forza 3 would be like. Stunning visuals and fantastically fun (but realistic) handling. I literally love this game.The Demo was pure class in the M3 :P so i had to buy!

    I am no fan boy following one series,as you can probably tell, so if you are similarly minded - BUY THIS!

    P.S. I also play:

    GTA4 *
    FIFA 08
    DIRT *
    The Orange Box *

  8.  Beautifully Epic JRPG


    I LOVE this game. Firstly, let me tell you my game taste. Forza 2, Half life 2, Fifa 08, Halo 3, Skate are the main games i play and in my opinion the best titles in their Genre.

    In relation to this genre, Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG), i was previously interested in the Final Fantasy series on Playstation and PC; especially FF7 and FF9. Eternal Sonata takes the basics of FF such as movement and environmental interaction but changes features i PERSONALLY think were for the better.

    The turn based system of fighting returns with a twist; the player has to actually attack and use tactics to defeat enemies. The items/weapons etcetera you collect throughout the game to no become overwhelming in terms of quantity and the individual stats each possesses a la FF. They are kept simple. For example, to upgrade or check for upgrades for the characters main weapon, you select it and the most powerful upgrade is very easily identified, with fewer stats to comprehend.

    I also recently bought mass effect but, although it has stunning graphics and is generally epic, i just didn't enjoy the whole SCI-FI story line.

    Anyway, fantastic game. The achievements are very fun to achieve and encourage two full plays.

  9.  Best Games = Best Console


    This price is amazing. There has been a lot of bother with red rings of death, but Microsoft are very good. You ring them, talk to someone that understand you, they email a label, give you a number to call UPS at your own leisure (up to 10 days) and they collect. returned in a week or two. A HARD DISK WILL BE REQUIRED AS FORZA 2 HAS LARGE SAVES. my friend had this problem. The game though is superb, so is the xbox live arcade game texas hold 'em. £150 is peanuts for this, the 20gb HDD will be cheap too.

    This console has the best games available. I bought it for GTA 4 and even though it is on several platforms, ONLY the 360 will the extra missions etc. through downloadable content. party on!

  10.  Better Quality


    I owned a Premium Console and it only lasted a month. After constant repairs and returns i got tired of the nonsense, so i bought one of these. It has been fantastic so far and seems to be free of the other problems in the premium and core consoles.