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  1.  Over the top, assured, tongue in cheek solid gold my son


    Firstly, it's a little unfair to compare this to Shaun of The Dead as whilst there are similariies - zombies being one of them! - it stands alone on its own merits. The opening scene contains some terrible acting and at first I wondered what I was in for but when the two brothers (about who the film revolves) appear on screen, the stage is set for some witty dialogue, joyously hammy performances, ott violence and plenty of cursing. Now, I hate British films normally, and hate British films set in London even more...BUT...hats off to the writer / director, i was glued...ok so maybe the less said about then opening sequence the better but glued after that bit! Its obvious the entire cast had fun making this and its shows, although Richard Briers sadly appears in a movie following which he hinted in an interview of his fast failing health, but overall its a joy to watch. Its also not afraid not to hold back on below the belt humour. When a zombie baby appears, the way the threat is removed is both disgusting (as a parent I have to say that) but its also pretty funny and I am ashamed to admit i laughed out loud.
    So bottom line, if you DID like Shaun Of The Dead, you are bound to love this film too but its not a copy-cat.. Incidentally my sole reason for watching this was because Michelle Ryan was in the cast, but I am happy to say that (lovely though she is) you'll remember the movie for the right reasons - slick, entertaining and funny.

  2.  Darker than its predecessors


    This third installment in the DnD movie franchise is more downbeat and darker than the ropey first cinema movie and its straight to DVD but superior sequel. The heroes of the movie are effectively villains, so you don't really root for them as they search for treasure, and whilst there is plenty of magic in the film, fans expecting various beasties will be dissappointed save for one sequence involving a dragon. Its a lot darker and has more gore than the first two movies as well as some brief and unnecessary nudity which makes me feel the director has sold out (its Gerry Lively, same director as for DnD2) and the ending is rather abrupt. But, that said, its an occasionally good looking film with some nice ideas, but dissappointing nonetheless. I would still recommend fans of the first two DnD movies give it a viewing as its still an official DnD film. Don't expect brilliant acting but you get used to the talent after a while, with the exception of the lead male - a wet behind the ears and incredibly dull - knight who remains annoying throughout the film.

  3.  Last Samurai minus Tom Cruise?


    Following a familiar plot, a man loses those he cared most for on a distant planet and vows revenge although unfortunately his fighting skills are limited to waving a sword in the air and not actually hitting much. So after almost dying in a barbaric game and left for dead in the desert, his luck is in with a stranger helps him and escorts him to a village run by some kind of Yoda-type who teaches him the way of the....well hitting things with his sword. The movie is okay, the fighting is not overly impressive but it had fairly high production values and will pass the time. I was dissappointed as I'd hoped for better choreography but i've seen worse.

  4.  Dissappointing and dull


    Once, Primeval was an exciting if slightly repetitive show with all that really changed the monster that needed to be captured or dealt with. Season 5 sees a more complex story structure but at the loss of the very things that made the series so enjoyable. Yes there are beasts and giant bugs to deal but with inbetween that a lot of dull dialogue from characters that frankly are uninspiring. I realise I am likely in the minority but for me the series is going downhill and the writers are struggling so we've started seeing jerky camera movements to try and generate excitement and a feeling of pace where really nothing much is happening. Kids will switch off so a family show has been spoiled. I was a fan but now i simply don't enjoy the show which is a shame as it used to be fun if not entirely original

  5.  Fast, Stable, Excellent Product


    I have used one version or other of Pinnacle's Studio range for around 15yrs and by far this is the most stable if not entirely bug free version yet. The biggest gripe I have is that the video capture won't recognise my camera but you can import video if using win7 by the included win software so its annoying but not a deal breaker. The effects included in the package are fine and you don't need to purchase more effects but can do so if interested. Yes there are bugs such as too many photos/stills in a row with more than a basic fade between them will cause the system playback problems but overall its a very good upgrade and rarely prone to crashing. Other reviewers on other sites have claimed that crashes are frequent and I was a bit put-off but my experience is that this is a joy to use, the included features are powerful and whilst the tech support from AVID who effectively own Pinnacle is less impressive, the program is easy to use, the results very professional, and of all the versions I have used over the years, this is a refreshingly stable version and I'd recommend it easily.

  6.  Poor title - good film


    This is one of those movies that sneaked in under the radar. I'd seen an old trailer which made the film look good but the new trailer was quite poor. When I sat down to watch it, I was expecting a family friendly movie about a boy which special powers being hunted by some boo-hiss villains. What I wasn't expecting was a movie with some truly dazzling action sequences and fantastic effects. Whilst parts are reminescent of X Men 2, overall its a fun, pacey, movie with a great villain and which maintains your interest from first to last, building up to an enjoyable if predictable show-down. Its a shame that with such an impenetrable title many people might not have bothered to watch it, but hopefully that won't be the case as its a very worthwhile way to spend 100 mins and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps not quite the family friendly film I was expecting - Anyone else seen Stormbreaker? - but great nevertheless.

  7.  entertaining but not one of the best


    There has been a great surge in animated movies recently, and most sadly are unfavorably compared to Ice Age and Shrek, both of which franchises have a well deserved reputation. In its own right, Animals United has its moments - the animation is good, the cast okay and characters likeable enough but the biggest problem is, as has been mentioned already, a story that is quite complicated for children who are probably going to get the most out of the movie. With a young family I watched the film and all enjoyed it more than we thought we would, having heard some bad reviews, and its by no means a terrible film despite the plot which has several stories some of which seem totally unrelated to the key one about animals trying to thwart mans attempt to retain a dam and starve the animals of their water. It does boast some very funny moments and whilst I found my attention wandering in places, my 8 year old was transfixed throughout and it is a lot better than some of the animated films that have recently come out. If you like Ice Age, Over The Hedge, Shrek etc then I'm sure you'd like it - Its much better than Alpha & Omega and the incredibly dull Legend Of The Guardians (that owl film) so give it a go.

  8.  Terrifying film - terrifyingly bad that is


    This movie contains the most uncharismatic "dracula" (largely absent for most of the film which is probably doing the audience a favour) ever put to celluloid. Before you meet him you have to endure Coolio's awful performance as he for some reason seems to be given more to do than the rest of thr cast which includes Erika Eleniak (Baywatch, Under Siege) and Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), the latter of which spends most of the film looking bemused, no doubt wondering what his agent was thinking getting him the part. Set in the year 3000, supposedly, story is about dracula waking up on a spaceship and actually not doing anything much really. He bites one person, who then irritates you for about 40mins, then disappears off-screen for much of the duration so its a bit of a cheek calling this dracula as its a very poor variation on a very well known tale. I am trying to find anything good to say about the film but given the awful vampire effects (bright red contact lenses that look very plastic), the terrible dialogue, poor script etc i am finding it hard but actually the opening credits look pretty good. Its a shame the film itself truly is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I am a little ashamed I didn't turn it off but for some reason I hoped that it would improve. It didn't, and the ending is awful as well. I would suggest you stick with Dracula 2000 (or 2001 depending on whether you're in the US or Europe) as whilst it is no masterpiece, it is substantially better than Dracula 3000 as is watching paint dry, or pretty much any other activity come to think of it. Avoid avoid avoid....unless you have a lot of beer / wine handy, some friends over, and want to sit back and watch a truly awful movie so you can laugh your way through it.

  9.  Like what they did with the title


    Inspired title aside, obviously the film should not be confused with the slightly bigger budgeted Battle Los Angeles, this is actually nowhere near as bad as previous reviews suggest. You cannot watch a film put out by The Asylum who have a massive catalogue of movies that have similar sounding names / plots to bigger and better movies as they cash in on demand, and expect the same level of entertainment. I think that is why people don't get their movies for what they truly are : gloriously awful popcorn fare. This movie has little plot but plenty of action, some very decent effects, and I would suggest anyone giving it a one star needs to avoid all Asylum movies as this is probably one of their best.

  10.  Enjoyable medievil witchcraft tale with odd casting


    A Nic Cage movie usually delivers the same things - cheap entertainment for the popcorn munching audience, not high art. So you should expect modern dialogue, a few quips, not historical accuracy. Its a fun movie, felt more like a made for tv than cinema film though Nic is hopelessly miscast. Still, if you don't mind the fact that this treads from comedy to horror and back again throughout, its enjoyable enough as Nic and pal Ron Perlman escort a woman accused of being a witch to a bunch of monks for a trial. It has a few good moments but overall never really amounts to much, its an odd movie in that regards as it feels like the producers weren't really investing time and effort into their product but if you like Nic Cage then you'll probably enjoy it