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  1.  Fantastic


    If you're a fan of zombies, i.e you played resident evil, enjoyed watching 28 days/weeks later, shaun of the dead etc... the list goes on - you will love this game.

    You start off with the 4 of you (either you + 3 computer characters of 3 of your buddies if you are playing online) abandoned on a city rooftop where all there is hordes of Zombies for miles around. The voice acting is not too bad for a game and the story trails off a bit after the initial cinematic. However the gameplay is great - if you hook up with your friends on voice chat you will have a great laugh on this going through the levels (I know I did).

    The only thing that limits this slightly is 4 players, I realise why they can't have more than 4 - but at least one or two maps where up to 6 is possible would be a real bonus as if you have more than 3 friends with this, inevitably - someone will get left out. What really made it 4 stars and not 5 is the limited selection of guns. The other items are great though, blowing up zombies with pipe bombs or molotovs is just hilarious on occasions and you can also use gas canisters and petrol cans to the same effect.

    Pat on the back from Valve for making another great game on the HL2 engine - I would highly recommend this one.

  2.  Odd


    Starts off very interesting, lots of suspense and you are thinking 'wow this is fantastic' for the first 40-50 mins. After that it just trails off into some really ODD and twisted plot that I can't really make sense of.

    I would say it is one to avoid - if you want to watch a new sci fi - wait for the latest Star Trek to come out!

  3.  If you like APC...


    ....then you will absolutely love this.

    It is some of the most addictive music I have ever listened to. Ritual especially is a fantastic song.

    I do hope that there are plans for another album as I can't recommend this first one enough!!!

    You will not be disappointed with this one...

  4.  Terror at its best


    Focuses on the psychological part of horror rather than blood, guts and mindless gore. It is geniuinely frightening if you can place yourself in the characters situation and it is a fantastic watch.

    If you liked Vacancy you will absolutely love this movie.

  5.  Repetitive


    The good: nice visuals, lots of planes and weapons, fairly easy to get used to the controls, the ERS system is a lot of fun. Easily the best flight game for the ps3 so far.

    The bad: extremely repetitive, shoot plane, shoot ground target, protect x y or z, gets boring very very quickly.

    This is one to rent, not buy.

  6.  Spot on Blizzard!


    A vast improvement on the last expansion.

    Critics argue that Blizzard has made the game too easy. To an extent, yes, the game is a lot easier, but this simply opens up most of the content to the more casual playerbase, before this expansion, most of the high end content was off limits for your average player, and required very dedicated, skilled players to complete.

    The shoe is very much on the other foot now, with the emphasis on the casual player, the end game is rewarding even if you don't have a huge amount of time to throw at it, and there is so many different ways to gear up than in classic wow.

    The added Death Knight class is a great idea by Blizzard, aswell as being an added 'tanking' class, this is also a great damage class for both PVP and PVE content. The class specific quests for the Death Knight are very unique, and have an entertaining class driven storyline.

    Levelling up in the new zone Northrend was a pleasure, the areas look vast, and beautiful. There are so many quests to complete, you never get the feeling that you are lost or don't know where the next step is.

    Highly recommended, you will not regret buying this expansion!