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  1.  Worst Online Game Ever!


    Seriously, this is game has the worst online multiplayer ever. It's even worse then MW2. Everytime you play online you guaranteed to find campers, spawn killers. noob tubbers, hackers and more. You barely get a decent game. Though the multiplayer is frustrating and annoying. Campaign, Combat Training and Zombies are still really fun to play. Shame about the fail multiplayer modes. Treyarch you FAIL!!

  2.  Best Shooter Ever!


    This game is amazing!
    The story is really good and even longer then the 1st Gears.
    The graphics are phenomenal.
    The gameplay is just great, getting in cover and just shooting the hell out of the locust. Excellent game,must buy.

  3.  Best Horror Game I've Played!


    I love this game,it's definetly my best horror game.
    The story is deep and the atmosphere is fantastic with loads
    of horror influences.The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is a mix of action and exploration. Highly recommend for horror fans or shooter fans.

  4.  Just Awesome!


    This is the best out of the series.
    The story is strong with hilarious cutscenes.
    The weapons and graphics are just fantastic.
    Also plenty of upgradeble weapons,secret skins,cheats and loads more.In my opinion, best action/adventure game I've played in a while.

  5.  One of the best shooters EVER!


    I love this game,online multiplayer is so addicting,the campaign is
    great and the gameplay is still good as Call of Duty 4. Awesome shooter!

  6.  Better then the first!


    The graphics are awesome,the circuits are cool.
    It's just fun as hell. Highly recommend for PS3 owners.

  7.  Cool


    Great game with amazing curveing bullet mechanism.
    I would have given it 5 stars but its too short.
    Still great!

  8.  Oh My God!


    What a great action-shooting game!
    Amazing storyline and the missions are insane!
    And on top of that online co-op.COOL!

  9.  Stll a great game!


    This game is the god of all shooting games.
    Realistic gameplay, awesome gun sounds and what an unbeliveable multiplayer mode, so fun and addictive for any gamer

  10. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    6 New from  €2.70  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.94

     Fifa kills PES 2009


    Gameplay totally different but really good.
    Adidas Live Season and Be a Pro:Season makes this game even better then any other football game.
    Definetly deserves 5 stars!