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  1.  Not as good as I was hoping for


    I'm quite surprised by the reviews on here - they all speak very highly of the new TombRaider game...
    It was TombRaider 2 way back on the PS2 that really got me into console games...many a happy night was spent slaving away into the early hours to get to the next level...sometimes just to get through one particularly trick area!
    I've bought every game since and found them all pretty good, if all a bit "more of the same" but that wasn't actually a bad thing.
    But this new game is a completely different animal.
    Yes it has excellent graphics and the combat is far better than the previous versions...but where is the exploration? Where are the devilishly difficult puzzles? Where are the hours spent looking for that extra switch or that extra artifact to get you through a door into the next level? This new game seems far too linear for my liking - almost just like a bog-standard FPS.
    I've only played about the first 10% of the game so far, so it could be early days...but it also feels like it's more of an "interactive movie" than a game? Like it's all fully planned out what is going to happen and i'm just pushing the odd button here and there...and cut-scenes where you have to press the indicated button when told to drive me mad...
    So all in all I'm a bit disappointed so far but, as I said, it's still early in the game...

  2.  Still worth a purchase


    I can't actually remember the last time I saw this film...but it was a long long long time ago, probably a few years after it was originally released.
    So when trawling through Play.com the other day I found it and had to add it to my collection.
    Watched it at the weekend and was a little disappointed to be honest - the transfer to Blu-Ray is OK but nothing special, but given the age of the film it's probably as good as it can be.
    I'd also forgotten how appalling the acting is...from pretty much the entire cast! And as for Sean Connery's "Spanish" costume...oh dear...
    Having said that, it's still a classic piece of cinema history! And should be in everyone's collection!
    Poor special effects by current standards, poor acting, but still a classic.
    Forget all the sequels to it though...utter rubbish...as they say in the original "there can be only one"...

  3.  A real surprise hit!!


    I have to say straight off that I love all the Three Musketteers films...with the Michael York versions being my particular faves which included a fine performance from Oliver Reed!!
    But I didn't bother seeing this version at the cinema as every review I read of it absolutely slaughtered it.
    But browsing through Play.com ended in an unplanned purchase of this on Blu-Ray on the off-chance that it might at least be remotely watchable.
    And, I have to say...I really enjoyed it!
    It's the sort of film where you really have to leave the brain at the door and just simply enjoy the film for what it is - a funny action film very loosely based on the original novels. Ridiculous gadgets and traps that couldn't possibly work and clearly weren't around at the time, ridiculous high octane action, 4 men fighting off 40 etc etc and over the top and in some cases very camp acting...but it's just a damn good viewing!
    James Corden got panned for his part in it, but I even thought he was funny - the scene when he's asleep on the balcony had me laughing out loud.
    Yes it's clearly wrong and yes there are a multitude of flaws in it...and you know what's going to happen long before it does...but it's a great film to watch and a great (if slightly odd) take on the Three Musketeers story. Not the best film I've seen this year but possibly the most enjoyable!!

  4.  Should have stayed in the memory


    I used to love The Muppets as a kid; watched it every week it was on.

    Gonzo was always my favorite, along with Waldorf and Statler in the balcony. I don't think I've seen any episodes of The Muppet Show since they were originally aired, so they have only lived in my happy memories of childhood days...

    But I bought The Muppets Blu-ray for my good lady and we watched it the other day. Whilst Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy and the rest maintained their charm I thought the "human actors" were, to be honest, pretty dire. And I found the songs and productions pretty cringe-worthy too...

    I wish now I hadn't watched it - and that The Muppets had stayed happily in my memories...they were great in the '70s and that, I'm afraid, is where they should have stayed.

  5.  Not bad...but certainly not great


    I really enjoyed the first Ghost Rider movie - granted not as much as the likes of Thor, Captain America, Avengers Assemble etc - but enjoyed it none-the-less.

    So I was really looking forward to this sequel which I missed at the cinema. Despite the apparent lower budget that others have commented on, I thought the cast and special effects were very good - as others have mentioned, The Rider is better represented here and does come across as darker and more sinister.

    But I have two major gripes with the film. Firstly, I don't think it was edited very well at all...seemed to jump around a lot and in a few places there seemed to be glaring plot holes?

    Secondly I thought it was all a bit...flat. Even the action scenes were just a bit "yeah OK so what". Ghost Rider provides ample opportunity for ridiculously outrageous fights, explosions, fire effects, screaming motorbikes...but it was all a bit subdued really?

    There are a few good scenes - I particularly enjoyed those with Idris Elba as the alcoholic biker monk - but other than that there weren't too many stand out moments.

    So all in all - worth a purchase if (like me) you like to complete the set of Marvel films, but just don't expect too much.

    I saw this movie after Avengers Assemble, and I'm just wondering if AA has now set the bar too high...and now films to the standard of this one (which, a year ago I might have thought pretty good) just can't compete anymore...

  6.  Utter Rubbish


    Just thought I'd add a male's review of this film...

    I'm a typical male, so the types of film I enjoy obviously involve violence, explosions, aliens or (quite often) men in tights carrying shields, hammers and/or swinging from webs...

    But you have to give and take in a relationship, so I'm also subjected to a fair share of "chick flicks". I've watched some rubbish over the years and I'm afraid "The Rebound" is right there with the dregs of them...

    The acting isn't great from anyone, particularly CZJ who you just want to hate from the off...but that may just be a man-thing. She's a lovely looking woman I'll give her that...but when it comes to acting she falls very short. The other characters are equally as rubbish and completely unremarkable except for the instructor at the women's class who is mildly amusing and the kids in it who raise a minor smile or two at various points in the film.

    Apparently this is considered a "rom-com"? My opinion would be that there is very little romance in it (I just don't get any chemistry from the two leading actors) and as for comedy...I'm not really sure there is any???

    As I said, this is just from a male perspective...so (being slightly sexist) I'm guessing the girls might like this film. There are several "rom-coms" that I don't actually mind watching,,,but this isn't one of them.

    Guys...this is definitely a film for those nights when your good lady stays in with some friends for a girly night in...and you go out somewhere...anywhere...to avoid wasting 2 hours of your life!!!

  7.  Great film


    Whilst not quite worthy of 5 stars, I thought this was a GREAT action movie - it has all the right ingredients in all the right portions!
    Non-stop action from start to finish, great stunts, gadgets, car chases, fight scenes, humour...and a very sexy leading lady (gentlemen I point you in the direction of the scenes where she is wearing a revealing evening gown).
    Yes of course it is a bit far-fetched and I'm pretty sure the anoraks in the audience would tell us how certain actions wouldn't work or how other gadgets would fail because blah blah blah...
    But you know what you'll get from a Cruise MI movie...and this one does it VERY well from start to finish.
    If you like the MI films, if you like action films...you'll really enjoy this.
    It won't win any Oscars...but who cares! It's Tom Cruise at his action best!!

  8.  Awesome Film


    What a great film this is!
    As a kid in the 1970s me and a few friends were Marvel mad...couldn't get enough of the comics and constantly making homemade shields, webslingers, billy clubs etc etc to play as our favorite heroes.
    So, through the years, I've watched and bought all the Marvel films that have been released and followed all the hints and scenes in the films that have brought us to the Avengers Assemble. With this film effectively being 7 years in the making and all the hype, I went along to watch it with a feeling that it was probably going to be a huge disappointment.
    It certainly wasn't.
    I'm not sure I can write in review here anything that hasn't already been said a dozen times - but what I can say is that if you are a Marvel fan (to any extent) you will LOVE this film.
    Great action, superb special effects, great acting/casting (they are all on top form), very funny scenes and some great emotional scenes too...it has it all.
    Obviously the Blu-ray isn't available yet - but I'll be ordering it as soon as it is.
    Great great film that is fantastic by today's standards...but also brings back many happy memories of happy childhood days.
    Buy it, watch it, enjoy it.
    'nuff said.

  9.  OK but not brilliant


    I saw this at the weekend (at cinema in 3D) and I have to say...it was OK.
    The special effects and CGI were brilliant - possibly some of the best I've seen. The film is very very heavy with CGI but it never looks fake - and the creatures are superbly created. My particular highlight would be the scenes with the Cyclops smashing through the forrest.
    Action is non-stop and the fight scenes are all top notch.
    And yet...
    I left the cinema thinking "yeah that was OK"...but it didn't leave me thinking "I can't wait until it comes out on blu-ray".
    The character development is pretty poor...you just don't really care about any of the characters. The father-son thing is more prominent this time, but comes across as fairly weak.
    And I'm not sure about the whole Hades thing...I thought he was pretty good in the previous film - but not here.
    And I must admit I found the scenes with Hades and Zeus when they took on Kronos quite laughable...they looked like 2 old men in dodgy outfits...possibly odd rejects from a Potter film!! Zeus saying to Hades "let's have some fun" when they strode off to battle was just...wrong!
    So all in all it was an OK film for the CGI and creature action if nothing else.
    If you enjoyed "Clash of the Titans" you'll certainly enjoy this one too.

  10.  Diana at her best


    I went to see Diana Krall at the Royal Albert Hall last year - great great show full of warmth, emotion and affection. Diana clearly loves what she does and it shows.

    This CD track list obviously featured strongly at the concert, and listening to this CD at home or in the car brings back happy memories of that night at The Albert Hall...perfect collection of songs to sit back and relax to...forget the troubles of the day and just stick on this CD, open a bottle of wine and enjoy.