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  1.  Get the tissues ready


    I have to say, i bought this film as Robert Patterson was in it and just expected it to be a decent film. I have to say it blew my mind. I buy many films and i have to say this film is just so good.

    I recommend this 100%, its one of those unmissable films

  2.  If you bought Fifa you have wasted your money! This is class


    Ok, just arrived today and wow!

    They have improved everything, the gameplay is unbelievable, graphics are amazing.

    The new additions to how the master league works is also crazily good and fun.

    I have to say no wonder Fifa got there game out there first because this blows it out the water.

    Dont waste your money buying Fifa 12, this is the best football game i have played in years and its vast improved from Pro Evo 2011.

    Dont let the demo frighten you as the demo is nothing like how good this game is now.

    i recommend this game 100%

  3.  Some people expect to much


    I have not been playing it for very long but im enjoying. The story maybe short but the story isnt short if you take the time to explore everything around it. I take the time to look around and work on everything im doing. Yes if you want to race through it you can complete it in 6 hours but what i like is they have made it so you can complete it in your own time and take the time to choose your paths.

    Graphics..... Good
    Storyline..... Good
    Detail........... Good

    What else is there to say. Another good game to the series.

  4.  Amazing but crashes too much


    Ok so I love this game, its Risk on a game basically but it lacks a couple of fundementals i really think it should have.

    1. I think they should add a create you own Civilization, so you can model your own man, your own country or Civ if you wish, not just have a limited choice that your offered

    2. It crashes all the time. I run it off a very powerful laptop and it runs perfectly and quickly and then after around an hour each time it then decides its time to just stop working. Its so frustrating and luckily there is an auto save so you never lose to much but still enough to get annoyed with it.

    So they are the only reasons why it has got 5 stars because i believe the game play and graphics are amazing.

  5.  Best Young film of all time


    I ordered this film a little while ago because its the one film i remember as a child and it didnt fail to dissapoint me 15 years on. This film has everything great music (Same artist who made alot of the Rocky music), Great fighting scenes, and heroic and sad scenes - It makes you dislike good guys to seeing them as heros, to hating the bad guys to liking them. I have since lent this film to parents who have had to go out and buy it themselves because there kids love it so much that they cant stop watching it. Its a must have for the collection!