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  1.  Punk it up.


    First album ive owned form these guys and im not dissapointed , sort of bad religion\green day mixed with every song having good lyrics and awsome riffs. Going to go for entertainment for my fave and hero of war even made me get my guitar back out lol, buy it :)

  2.  Well made.


    This bit o kit is very well made and ideal for the kitchen\bar etc, you wont regret buyin one :)

  3.  Just...ok.


    Big hype on this game on release so when PLAY was selling it for a Fiver !!!!! yes a fiver down from 35-40 what a deal so had to buy it :) , the graphics are very good as is the weapon selection but as others have stated i found the stealth side of things didnt work too well :( ............. What was it about ? i dunno either lol , found the story a bit.........well rubbish actually , the dark ones popped up occationally and sort of disapeared towards the end then a big cut scene with lots of whispering (had to take my headphones off it was so annoying!!) and i didnt have a clue what the hell was going on ! just glad i didnt pay top dollar for it .Fallout fans will enjoy but its not as good , enjoy :)

  4.  Cooooold cpu :)


    Installed coretemp and cpu(x2core) running at 60-70oC whilst just web browsing! with a asaka(blown down) type cooler, but upon insalling this badboy they went down to 40-45oC!!!! massive difference so oc fun commin soon :) .Small note tho this is BIG!! i had to completely remove my mb (lian li case) as i had to install a back plate but all done in under an hour so not worth dropping a star, if this does bother you id suggest checking your case/mb type beforehand, Enjoy :).

  5.  Belter :)


    What can i say ! another bloody hack fest from Mr A and a hint of whats to come next at the end :) never did see the bloody nine :( kinda missin him as hes not 'in the mud' just yet, good book so go n buy it.

  6.  Fast ram.


    Upgraded from 2gb to these and what a difference !!! startup\shutdown and general tasks is loads faster but more importantly......... gaming is a lot smoother and load times (for example) BF2 vietnam are faster too :) result. Reading reviews these can be very well overclocked too woohoo :)

  7.  Very Good.


    8 Gb for under a tenner !!! excellent value play thx :) yes this usb is very small and made of plastic like other reveiws state but i didnt find this a problem as im just using it for movies on my dvd player so unless your sticking it in a washing machine or doing extreme sports with it then its a bargain :).

  8.  Excellent t.


    Well made T-shirt and cool pic, looks brighter than the pic on play tho :) enjoy.

  9.  Cool T.


    A must for any Danzig fan, really well made and thick print dont think even the wife can turn this one grey !!!! lol

  10.  A comic


    Read this book years ago and wanted another copy........... how daft was i ? lol its a comic not the paperback doh !!!! really well made tho and very well illustrated.