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  1.  Great little device


    I was looking for a simple and cheap wireless card which would connect via USB and this does the job perfect!

    Im not a computer genius so didnt want anything fancy and bought this purely because I didnt like the wires over my living room when I was on the internet and it was cheap.

    This is easy to install on your PC (laptop in my case) by following the instructions on the CD supplied and has a good range around the house.

    I run Windows XP and have a Netgear router.

    Only downside is it gets hot quite quickly.

  2.  Ballad of Gay Tony keeps this game alive.


    Let me start by saying I was not expected much from this game before I bought it but two games for less than 30quid you cant really complain about that.
    The real value for money comes from The Ballad of Gay Tony but it doesnt mean its not worth playing The Lost and Damned story.

    The Lost and Damned. youre basically a biker trying to make something of gang but this goes wrong when your leader comes out of rehab. This puts you into mission after mission of gang rivalry which does get a tad repetitive and boring. Luckily (depending on your views) you can finish this game in less than day! Having 25 mini gang-war games and races makes this drag out a little longer again a bit repetitive.

    The Ballad of Gay Tony. now youre the bodyguard to the flamboyant Tony Prince (Gay Tony). He will have you running all sorts of errands and introducing you to interesting characters making this more exciting (and very similar to GTA: Vice City) than the Lost and Damned. Mini games include managing his clubs (Doorman in other words) skydiving cage fighting drug runs (with your friends). To me this should have been the original GTA: IV.

    The stories are cleverly written to tie in with GTA: IV.
    Both Niko and Roman pop up somewhere in the stories.

    New features include new vehicles and weapons new social hangouts such as the golf range and air hockey. I think this is a real credit to GTA: IV and well worth the asking price.

    Sorry I cannot comment on the online feature yet as I have been more interested in playing TBoGT.

    It certainly was more than I was expecting though just a shame it took so long to arrive on the PS3!!

  3. JLS


    JLS - CD

    28 New from  £1.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    Fantastic, one of the best debut albums I have heard in a long time.
    (without covers)

    Still hard to believe these boys are from the UK.

    Bought this for my girlfriend but must admit I have not had it out of my car since. Every song on the track has potential to be number one.
    I thought the album would have a couple good songs then the rest being cheesy boy band material.
    I couldn't be more wrong. These boys have really put effort into making such a brilliant album. Every song is easy to listen to and sticks in your head.
    I think staying away from the "pop" and being more RnB is what makes this album appealing to people such as myself, but is great for all ages.

    JLS will be around for a while now and establish themselves as one of the best groups ever!

    Bargain price, don't miss out.

    May I recommend;
    Keep You,
    Don't Go &

  4.  give it chance


    Many reviews on here are criticising the game for its poor passing/through balls. I thought this when I first got the game but stick with it a while and you do learn to alter your playing style.
    This game is a vast improvement from previous PES.
    For me the best thing about this game is the master league. You now have sponsership deals (with bonus for home game etc), the champions league and can negotiate contracts inbetween negotiation periods, loan out players easier, adding a champ manager feel to the game. Currency is now in £ (if you like) so buying players is more realistic..now £20million instead of 2756points. English cup knockout stages are played at Wembley! This is by far the best PES.

    This is the first online game I have played on the PS3 and so far it is faultless, never slows down or crashes. I enjoy playing online more than the game itself.

    10/10 it is hard to get used to but after a day or two you'll will be fine. Great game not to be missed out on.