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  1.  Great Figure From A Great Film!


    The figure is of a decent size and weight and the attention to detail makes the model look like there is a miniature Arnold Schwarzennger on your desk! However, one fairly big problem is in the colouring of the figure - the picture shown is not the colour you will receive. Instead Arnie looks like hes gone for a dip in a balti and gone for a few days sunbathing with no lotion - hes really orange... Anyone who has seen the figure has instantly highlighted this problem to me which is a shame as it would have been perfect if not for this fault. Still, a good figure and a decent price - just be prepared for the 'youve been tangoed' Arnie.

  2.  Great performance and Documentary


    If your looking at this chances are your already a Bill Hicks fan so a review seems a little pointless maybe. However the pull of this DVD is the fact it has a bonus documentary that, unlike Hicks's often repeated performances, you may not have seen. Ive seen the shows a thousand times and his jokes are repeated and immitated by many comedians so I didnt really get this for the show itself, but I was more than happy with the documentary that accompanied it.

  3.  Better than T3


    A solid addition to the Terminator franchise that on the whole wont offend any long term fans. However there are a few questionable plot holes and odd storytelling devices the director has chosen to use which, if thought through more carefully, could have completely revolutionized this franchise. still, fan or not ,its a good solid film definately worth a purchase.

  4.  Electric six back on form


    Nowhere near as good as 'Fire' but nowhere near as bad as some of their other records such as 'I will Exterminate Everything...' this album shows a band that have found their sound again. If it wasnt for a few obvious filler tracks I would ahve given this album 4 stars, however their inclusion undermine the album and take away from the uplifted feel of most of the songs. Another reason I personally found parts of the album frustrating is that most of the great songs end by fading out, which totally takes away from the driving energy of E6's sound. Though with 6-7 worthwhile tracks the album certainly is worth a purchase - lets just hope they can build on this with their next album.

  5.  A Fine Example of Prog/Post Rock/Metal.


    Truly a fantastic album by a band that is clearly influenced by 70's prog and more modern bands such as Mastodon. If you enjoy music from bands like ISIS, Pelican, Red Sparrowes, Tool, Explosions in the Sky, Mastodon, ELP etc, then you will love this. It manages to fuse gentle melodic guitars with heavy driving riffs that will keep your ear busy for some time - a must buy for prog fans!

  6.  EPIC


    Im not into giving 10/10 reviews (or 5/5 in this case)-nothings perfect...but this album has something about it, its so truly epic I think it could go down as a classic. I dont think much of Mastodons other albums to be honest, too much mindless screaming, however this doesnt have a single scream on there and is beautifulltysung. It sounds like Black Sabbath/Pink Ffloyd with obvious 'heavier' bits - its so well crafted. The bonus DVD with this one is well worth a watch too - about 2 hours of watchable footage (not just shakey cameras with the band messing about - its actually quite informative about the recording process). I hope to catch these guys touring in the UK to see how they pull this masterpiece of live!

  7.  AVOID!


    This isnt seasons 1-4, its seasons 1-3.5. they have only just finished airing the finale (seaosn 4 was split into 2 sections) - wait 6 months or so, there will be a mega awesome box set then!

  8.  Good, but not Great


    I love the musical version of war of the worlds, seriously love it. So i thought the theatre production of it was obviously bound to impress me, and it did, but not to the extent i expected it to. Its good, really good, but theres something not quite right, i dont know if its the editing, the dodgy at times cgi, the constantly fluctuating level of sound which has you reaching for the remote every 10 minutes to turn it up and down, jeff wayne dressed like hes ready for an evening of darts, or the rock band (i forget the name) dressed like the wurzles - somethings not right. Having said that its war of the worlds, the music is great and performed brilliantly (sounding exactly like the recorded version - the individual can make up their mind if this is a good or bad thing for a live performance). Still i advise buying it, its a great experience, and its inspired me to go to the show itself as i think it was meant for theatre, not dvd...

  9.  Stunning


    As with most people getting into these guys now, i saw them tour with tool and was intirgued (i arrived late so missed most of the set)... Then a few months later i decided to get the album to see what it was like and i was hugely impressed. The complexities of the songs and the way the riffs twist into your head will leave you drooling to see them live... A fan of prog/post rock/metal will enjoy this album, albeit at varying degrees. Never the less this is a must have for fans of the genre! I assume these guys will make it huge with their next album... At least they deserve to!

  10.  A must for tool fans


    This really is the best Tool DVD package. I personally found the Schism and Parabola DVD's a little pointless although there were some nice touches to them. This however is worthy of being a consistent and 'proper' music DVD. The hour long documentary that is included justifies the purchase, but having the video played through a decent TV is much better than finding it on Youtube. The packaging is also very 'Toolish' and will have Tool fans occupied for quite a while. Having an Alex Grey painting come alive in the video is also an astonishing experience - this is definately one for the collection!