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  1.  A moving, inspiring tale


    I definately would never have thought a tale of two hairy, heavy metal musicians would have moved me so much.
    Even if you hate heavy metal, just check this film out.
    It will have you thigh slapping with laughter, and touched by the deep dedication these friends have for their music & each other.

  2.  What a snoar


    Very disappointing.
    Just a lot of driving, getting into fire fights at every checkpoint,
    More driving kill some people, drive back, fire fight the same checkpoints (recruitments very quick in africa)
    Get a new mission, drive to the opposite side of the map (its always the opposite side of the map) and repeat....boring.
    Graphics not impressive even on the highest spec machine,
    And the voice acting is appalling. Looks like its been rushed for the pc market.
    Try the demo first

  3.  excellent


    this is what you call a fps, compelling story, acting good, but the game play and atmosphere second to none, very very well made game will work on mid range p.c's. crysis take note: this game beat you hands down with half the promises, advertising, long long wait (and eventual disappointment of crysis, its just farcry with Koreans and broken trees).
    cod4 is close to perfect as half life it may be shorter than most but you'll enjoy playing through again.. and again

  4.  Horrible


    oh dear, sof is dead. graphics very poor, mouse movement is horrible, needs a high end pc to run and still looks crap. avoid

  5.  are you sure this is new? groundbreaking?


    too similar to farcry , ai is appalling, and more bleedin' alien things, very disappointing . call duty 4 has beaten this hands down

  6.  requires high end computer


    don't bother if you don't have the latest graphics card, my pc is only 6 months old and pretty high spec, and on the lowest settings really struggled ( whereas Bioshock plays like a dream..(and the graphics are far superior in bioshock)). if you still are tempted try the demo first.

  7.  snap crackle buzz


    Not the expected result
    Not the one in the picture, which has bars protecting the charge ( the one i got has a grill that is too fine to let flies through) should give a loud crack and kill instantly. this one crackled, smelt a bit and gives the victim a bad headache. one fly was trapped in it, squeezed through across the full charge and flew away, he did not get away from the rolled up newspaper though . The ones that work have horizontal bars approx 15mm apart