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  1.  Not even remotely funny...


    It's sad that a movie this bad, has such great actors in it. Typical (bad) American humor, awfull jokes, very predictable story, bad directing.... Just awfull, woulden't watch it again even if they offered me money for it. The trailer looks promising, the movie itself is just so very, very bad. It may be aimed at teenagers, but even then...

  2.  Great Movie on its own


    I had my doubts about this one, i didn't like the first Hulk movie, but this one stands on its own, the story is a bit obvious, and you know who is gonna win in the end, but great entertainement by any means!!! Both picture and sound are first rate, i can't compare it with the dvd, but i couldn't find any faults in the Blu-ray version at all. There's also a decent amount of extra's on the disc.

  3.  Absolutely Brilliant!!!


    As a fan, you should definitly buy this, if your not a fan: you should also definitly buy this!!!! Absolutely everything on these disc's is worth having. From the many live recordings with very good quality, to the rare recordings, with occasionaly the one and only great Joe Strummer!, this is really worth every euro(pound).

  4.  Great Movie!


    No problems at all with recommending this movie, i loved the acting and it was refreshing to see Guy Pierce again in a great movie, the story whas just short of breathtaking. The cinematography whas equally great. I also loved the second movie of this director John Hillcoat: The road, much better than The Book of Eli, wich has a similar subject. The Proposition is however a very raw film, and that could explain why some people didn't like it. I did buy the American version wich has English subtitles, and isn't hard to follow at all.

  5.  Great Edition


    I love this movie, the only problem i have with it is it's lenght. The story progresses far to fast. The storytellers should have taken there time with all the different relationships between the characters and also with the baddies from the film. There are some great characters in this movie, but they have simply not anough time to fully develop themselves! This movie, and this edition especially is well worth buying, as it is simply stunning in all regards! just for once i wished that it had lasted a little while longer...

  6.  A disappointing movie


    I did love Shyamalan's movie up on to The Village, with Lady in the water he was allready losing the plot a bit, but somewhat finds it again with The Happening, stil, the movie remains a dissappointment... However i was willing to give the Blu-ray version of the movie a second change, because it was supposed to be an extended cut with some extra's, according to me however, the running time was exactly the same as the dvd version...

  7.  2 disc edition, or not?


    I do love this movie and really want it, preferebly on Blu-ray, but i have my doubts weather this really is the 2 disc edition, can anyone confirm this?

  8.  Works in europe???


    Does this UK subscription to Xbox live Gold work in the rest of europe? I live in Belgium.

  9.  Absolutely Great!!!


    I have just received the box and think this is realy a fantastic addition to my Clash collection. As a long time Clash fan, this is the icing on the cake. The box is solid and every single cd is seperatly packed in a white sleeve inside the original cover, beautiful! There is also a booklet inside the box witch specifies al the singles. Also, as a long time customer of Play.com, this company provides first class service!!! And it can't hurt to say this once and a while...

  10.  A great movie...


    King Kong is a terrific HD DVD, and will make everybody want to own this movie. I have allready seen it in the theater and on dvd, but this is truly something else. Both picture and sound are amazing. It is, however a pity that this HD DVD doesn't come with extra's, this was for me the only dissapointement.