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    Perfect for Photoshop and Gaming on PC and MAC.No Drivers required. You take it from there how good it is.

  2.  Good Bargin


    Price may seem a bit steep but 512mb much better than the 64mb to back up your saved games.
    And for a extra bonus, you get a free XBOX Live Arcade game with the card called "Geometry Wars Evolved" (Full Game, With Achievements, Full Game Worth 400points), and is pretty much fun to play :-)

    Downside: You cant copy the game from the card to hdd.


  3.  Fantastic. Well Worth Getting. Love It.


    This game is brilliant, well worth the time spent, plenty to explore 1000s to meet.

    The Goods: When I started exploring the city, people who where a lot more experienced than I where always at hand, giving me gold to buy weapons and storage for the house. High ranked users spare tens of 1000s to get you started, theirs always people in the game to help you, even for stupid questions you got. I would highly recommend getting a USB keyboard also to plug into your Xbox 360, talking to users with your Xbox controller takes far too long to type, they get bored and walk away and you get nothing. This game is linked to other consoles like the PC and PS2, luckily I haven't met ps2 users yet, just PC. Amazing that games are linking systems now to play, log out and use your same profile to log into the PC version that stores your buddy list, emails, etc.. on the FF XI servers.

    The Bads: 40 minutes to register with your controller, id recommend getting a USB keyboard to type up your registration card \ details. Started installing the game on the Xbox 360 console at 21.30 finished at 23.45. Don't plan playing on the day you receive it unless you plan doing an all nighter.

    You will also be spending a few days just getting your level up, so you can actually start doing things big, a few days is nothing compared to the amount you be playing. Lets just get it dawn and dusted..

    Good Luck

  4.  Amazing


    Fantastic Game, amazing graphics and very good story line. as a tomb raider fan this is no doubt one of the best made for video graphics. Earning the achievements makes it more fun, as you are forced to do quest and special moves to get them in the Lara Croft Manor, making it intresting and fun, and brain bashing.

    Very Enoyable and well worth keeping.

    Enjoy !!!

  5.  Brilliant Box Set


    One of the Best Seasons, lots of action and wars on the the G'uad system lords as well as the Replicators. Fantastic Action

  6.  Fantastic


    Very good item, good value for money and plently of storage, no issues, and the hard drive works in silence. Well recommended

  7.  Girlfriend... WHATS A GIRLFRIEND !!!


    Simply the best game out there of its kind, 100s of quest, 16 square miles of land to explore, the graphics are breath taking and the game is time comsuming, Would recommend also getting Microsoft Points to buy the oblivion expansion packs (800 MS Points for Knights of the Nine and 2400 MS Points for Shivering Isles). Shivering Isles adding at least 30 hours of game play, and Knights of the Nine adding at least 8, simply the best game on xbox 360, and.... Lose the Girlfriend.

  8.  Fantastic


    Good Value for this Phone, works great in my area where signal is bad for my network. Highly Recommended

  9.  Fantastic Show


    Very Funny Show, but not as good as its sister tv show, "Family Guy". Season 2 does make up alot for Season 1, very funny.

  10.  Fantastic TV Show


    Very Funny, but not as good as its sister tv show, "Family Guy". Would recommend watching it, some espisodes are toilet humour, but a good few do make up for it