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  1.  major system requirements and a dual layer dvd drive needed


    like most play.com customers who ordered Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut - Limited Edition Box Set i also got the data4.cab file error on Friday when i got the game and also check out ubisofts web page and saw all the other people with the same issues it seams the issue is with tin case special edition and the fact that you need a dual layer dvd drive as it states on the back of the case well i have just got this version the directors cut edition in a dvd case (not the nice metal tin)and it loaded up first time in a bout 10 mins just to see that i was no fluke i tested it on my sisters computer that has just a standed non dual layer dvd and it work first time but on friday with the tin case special edition version no luck still the same data4.cab file error so that a real puzzle that one well the game itself one word wow right from the opening credits in dx 10 mode on windows vista 32 bit with a quad core intel paired with a geforce 8800gt and 4gb of ddr2 800mhz memory it's one of the best looking games in a very long time (up their with crysis)and having played the xbox 360 version and now played the pc version for over an hour it easily run a lot faster and smoother then the xbox 360 game but with the system requirements it should doand it's windows vista game recommended score is 5.5 (crysis 4.0).game required score 5.0 (crysis 4.5) and my system rated at 5.8 at that a
    intel quad q6600 cpu 2.4 ghz
    gainward 512mb gold sample 8800gt grforce gfx card
    4mb corsair twin x xms ddr 2 pc 6400 (800mhz)
    32 bit version windows vista ultimate with service pack 1 installed so not hardly a budget rig so i would check you system setting first before you buy this game as like crysis a hell of a lot of systems will load but not be able to run this game at full tilt with is a shame because the xbox 360 run this game on a lot less memory and processer power then your average home computer one major issue that i do have with the pc version on the game is the keyboard controls it a lot of button to be pressing a the same time and can be a bit of a pain when running at times but it does support the xbox 360 gamepad as most pc games do these days but the rumble action on the game pad is not supported on the pc version with is a shame

  2.  five star game 2 star job done on it


    wow what a game but what a mess rockstar have made of this in the last two years canis canem edit was one of the last great games on the ps2 rockstars best if not second best next to gta san andres at the time well two years on and with the xbox 360 what a mess it has become ok it looks better but not next gen sounds just the same and plays just the same as the ps 2 game but man does this game have some major bugs it just stops running at random it just freezes on one of it's many loading screens (and theirs lots of them) so you get nowhere unless you save every you do something,complete a class ect i mean this game was suppose to be out in November 2007 so rockstar held it back 5 months and it still fixed or even finishes i read an interview with the guy from rockstar game who done the game for the xbox 360 and he put the blame on the older models of the xbox 360 for why his game does not work well my xbox 360 was made in October 2007 so at six months thats old is it well i say this is just a p*ss poor rush job of a great game Their full statement follows. We have just become aware of the issues people are having with Bully Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360. It appears that some older 360s are experiencing framerate issues, freezes and other problems. You have our word that we never experienced any of this in QA - in any of our offices or at Microsoft. I am horrified, and we are now working around the clock to rectify this situation. Thanks to Neo-Gaf for bringing this matter to our attention. We love our games and put a huge amount of energy and care into making them all that they can be. We would never shove anything out the door - we never have and never will. We apologise to everyone affected for the inconvenience.and i also read a statement from Darlàn Monterisi, the company's public-relations director, said, "We are very aware of the problems some people have been experiencing with the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition and have been doing everything within our powers to resolve these issues as quickly as possible via xbox live in a way of a patch in the next week of so well why not finsh the game first guys it make me me a little bit worried about grand theft auto 4 let hope the extra seven months it's takeing them to finish it has and will be worth it and a lot better and finished job .

  3.  like season 4 too short


    In order to give players something original to the Lost experience, Via Domus puts players in the role of Elliot, a new character created just for the game. This character is a photojournalist who had the unfortunate luck of being on the midsection of Oceanic Flight 815, along with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and the rest of the original survivors. Apparently, due to the trauma of the crash, Elliot has a case of amnesia with no recollection of who he is or the events leading up to his taking the fateful flight. Of course, in true Lost fashion, that doesn't mean there aren't people out to get him. So now, the player has to try and piece together Elliot's life while finding himself deeply involved in the events of the show. To the game's credit, the player is injected into the main plot of Lost in such a way that, even though Elliot has (to our knowledge) never shown up in a single episode, he still feels as much a part of things as many of the show's other characters.
    lost is broken up into seven "episodes", complete with a "Previously on Lost" beginning recap of events, and a fade to black ending. For the most part, the game plays like a straightforward adventure game, similar in many ways to Silent Hill or Resident Evil, though without nearly as much of the gunplay. Basically, each level involves navigating Elliot through a set of objectives in a linear fashion. Usually, these objectives involve just going from Point A to Point B to recover Item C, with some interactions with the rest of the survivors toss in-between for good measure. Occasionally, there are a few puzzles which require the player to set fuses into various electrical panels to direct a flow of electricity and complete a circuit at a particular voltage. These puzzles are reminiscent of the security puzzles in BioShock, though nowhere near as challenging.Gameplay-wise, Via Domus is an average adventure experience that most players will be able to wrap up fairly quickly. Odds are, even a run-of-the-mill gamer will be able to play through the game from start to finish in about ten hours or less. And, much like a TV show, once you've finished it, you probably won't go back to it for quite some time. There's virtually no replay value whatsoever. On the upside, the solid scripting does a great job of making the overall experience feel just like an episode of the show. In fact, the game's story and the progression of its plot is what keeps Via Domus from sinking in its own mediocrity. Visually, the game does an excellent job of recreating the environment of the island. Overall, the jungle, the beach, the DHARMA stations, and everything else fans have seen over the course of the show look exactly like you'd expect and with plenty of detail. The actual characters, though, are a mixed bag. Some of the character models, such as Jack, Locke, Sayid and Kate, are extremely well done and easily recognizable. Others though, like Sawyer, Charlie, and Hurley, are looking pretty rough. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground in terms of the game's voiceovers either, as many of the show's cast never hit the recording studio. Those that did their own voiceovers did a great job, and even some of the stand-ins do a respectable job recreating the roles for the game. On the other hand, some of the voice acting is just plain bad. For fans of the show in particular, this is likely to be a huge sore spot. Locke in particular stands out as a sore spot. While you can tell the actor was trying to nail Terry O'Quinn's voice, it's nowhere near close enough.if you are a big big fan of lost this is one for you but it's way to short and over priced for what you get

  4.  two in this case is not better then one


    hoping that Army of Two from EA was going to be better than your average shooter how i was soon let down by ea again. After all, it's completely centered around two-player cooperative play, and early looks promised a game with good graphics and a subversive sense of humor€like a buddy action flick, full of one liners and big explosions. Well, both of those things are few and far between, and the end result feels unfinished and unrealized, as if they had to rush the game out the door. Army of Two is a huge disappointment for me.et me give you one example of how the game seems unfinished,well the biggest issue is it's main selling point the so called co-op play The bad teammate AI and the lack of a good control scheme over your teammate will make many fights frustrating, because he frequently runs off and gets himself killed. You have to micromanage him, but you're not given decent commands to do so. Basically, all you get is "attack," "come to me," "stay where you are" and "lay down covering fire ,ie you spend the game leading you team mate around like a little lost puppy dog when you wish he would go john rambo on everybody around you It's also problematic when you have the aggro built up (i.e. the enemy is focusing on you) and you want to send your team mate around the back of them all stealth like. You can only tell him to advance, which he basically does in a straight line. The reason all this is so annoying, is that this is what the entire combat system is based on€one guy going rambo and the other guy becoming somewhat invisible as a result. Playing by yourself, you're pretty limited in how you make this work at times as you left doing the work of two guys.the gameplay itself is nothing next gen it's no cod4 anyway I personally had high hopes for Army of Two. The idea is a great one, I like the burly feel to the weapons and characters, and I think the two-player-centric nature of the game opens up a lot of great possibilities. But the game ranges from moments of great intense action to totally bland and repetitive sections like a lot of other ea games and games as of late it just fills rushed out unfinished at times

  5.  hours of rubbish


    This is a totally awful game. In fact, probably the worst I have ever played (yes even blacksite is not as bad as this and thats bad).
    It is completely bug ridden and you will be lucky to get it to play at all for any length of time.
    The graphics are terrible, the controls feel very clunky, it takes an age to load, the sound is poor and the gameplay is so bad it's almost laughable.
    Stay well away from this one

  6.  a good rpg to start with


    What GW has over other games:
    - No subscription fee's.
    - No specific servers, so you can meet plenty of people.
    - No Downtime.
    - Not much grinding, grind, then explore explore explore. None of the grind grind grind grind grind; bored of the game once youve hit max level.

    One of the things that suprises me still now is the amount of people in the game. In other games, certain area's will be totally devoid of players, even at peak times. But guild wars area's will always have lots of people in them(Except for when everyone is asleep, obviously). Simply because there isnt 5 different European servers, just one.

    The biggest thing about guild wars is the subscription fee's; there is none. I stopped playing Star Wars Galaxies, not because i didnt like the game, i just wasnt prepared to pay £10 a month for something that wasnt very good anymore. Whereas with Guild Wars, if its going through a bad patch its comforting knowing that you arent paying for something that isnt working quite right at that certain space in time.

    I will always go back to Guild Wars if i find a new game i like; ive been playing World of Warcraft quite a bit, but i always to back to playing Guild Wars until i feel like playing WoW again. Because i know it will always be there and i wont have to keep giving ArenaNET money to play their great game.

  7.  handle with care-HIGHLY addictive


    This game is truly amazing, the depth is bottomless with the developers continually enhancing the game and adding new 'dungeons' or areas for the level capped players (those who have reached the max level).

    If you are anything like me however TAKE CARE. This game is very hard to put down and VERY time consuming. Most of the decent things (dungeon raids etc) take a long time to organise (some needing 40 people to be in the same place at the same time), and a lot more time to do. You CAN log on and play for a bit, but to get most things done will take a solid 2-3 hours playing, and thats at a minimum.

    This game is so addictive that I recommended it to an acholoic friend and he has now become totally immersed. It has really helped his drink problem and now he spends most of his time glued to the PC instead of drinking. He used to go straight from work to the pub, now he goes straight home to play. The game really is that addictive. You can't stop, and there is ALWAYS something new to do, or better to get.

    I have now managed to stop playing, but only until the expansion comes out, and I still dream of WOW regualarly.

    In summary; An excellent game, way ahead of any of it's competition. But if you are into your fansy/MMorph and often find yourself spending more time playing than you should then HANDLE WITH CARE.

  8.  the best xbox 360 title yet


    Having owned the game for a few days now, and played through the story twice and the multiplayer almost constantly, I feel it's time to give a review!

    It was an interesting move for the Call of Duty series to venture away from their WWII 'safety-zone' but then again, we've seen the ending of WWII more times than we've had hot dinners, so the formula was getting a little old. Needless to say, the 'modern' update is refreshing and new.

    The story has you playing as both an S.A.S soldier (Soap MacTavish) and a few U.S.M.C soldiers (depending on mission location). Both styles are fundamentally different, with your S.A.S missions focussing on stealth, and point-entry whilst the Marines missions focus on supporting, reclaiming ground, and neutralising confilct zones. Absolutely needless to say, but both sides offer a rich gaming experience and there's fantastic character building on the S.A.S missions; you really feel like part of the team.

    I won't go into too much detail on the story, because I don't want to give anything away, it's hands down the best FPS story I've ever played (and yes, it beats Bioshock in my opinion) and it'll give you many many hours enjoyment as you'll want to play it again and again! One technical thing I thought I'd throw in is that the game is recorded at 60fps, so it's super smooth even on 1080i! This is also true for multiplayer!

    Moving on, I suppose Call of Duty's crowning glory has always been the multiplayer. Call of Duty 2 was incredible, and 3 was on par albeit slightly less fluid compared to its predecessor. It goes without saying that Call of Duty 4 is hands-down the best multiplayer experience I've ever had! Everything is brilliantly thought out and the levels are designed fantastically. There are so many features I want to talk about!

    Perks: Everyone knows about these from the beta, but there's some confusion to the levelling and over-powering that perks give you...Basically, they don't. Perks are decent, and useful, but they are not overpowering whatsoever. Yes, there's a perk to shoot through walls, but only if the walls are pretty thin and made of a lighter material. So you can't shoot through thick building walls or anything.

    Another important aspect of the 'perks' is that you only get the very best ones when your rank is very high, and that takes a long time to achieve. There's a ranks system in COD4s multiplayer where you get promoted based on EXP gained from killing opponents, meeting challenge requirements etc.. and it's well balanced to take people a long time before they get the best weapons. And by best, I mean different. Fundamentally the weapons have similar stats, it's just having the prestige of using fancy weapons over bog standard ones.

    But yeah, as you can probably tell by now, I think the game is very good. I'm also 100% certain that my thoughts are echoed across many of the thousands of current online players out there. Get this game, you'll lose your life, but by God is this a worthwhile game to lose it to.the Limited Collector's Edition extras are a nice touch you get

    * An action-packed film entitled Great SAS Missions with archive footage of the SAS
    * Making of' footage highlighting Infinity Ward's research, technology and story development
    * A level walkthrough by the developer
    * A limited edition Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare poster
    * An exclusive hardcover art book featuring never-before-seen concept & development

    also comes in a nice metal tin as well great value great game

  9.  the best game of all time


    The Orange Box (TOB) is the second of Valve's three episodes for the seminal half life 2, and while we may have had low expectations after the not-so-awesome episode 1, and we've had to wait a long, long time to play TOB, cast aside your worries and concerns: TOB is one of the best games of the year.There are five games here, three of which are new. The new games are Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. The older games are Half Life 2 and Episode 1. This means you're literally buying two games you already own, but that's really not a big deal given the overall price and quality of the package, and if you're fortunate enough to not own Half Life 2, then this is astounding value.

    Episode 2 is probably the weakest of the three games, but to say it's also utterly awesome perhaps puts the overall quality of this package in perspective. The story picks up exactly where episode 1 left off. You're immediately thrown into a series of long and winding tunnels, utterly linear, with some simple physics puzzles here and there. The gunplay doesn't start proper until about an hour in, when you get to a small human camp. It's a great set piece involving turrets, friendly AI and a hell of a lot of antlions.

    The game goes on like this, alternating between rather mediocre linear run n gunning with occasional physics puzzles which are simple, but serve as a pleasant distraction, and then the game throws a simply wonderful set piece at you. I don't want to go into details about them, they are best experienced without prior knowledge. But suffice it to say that while episode 2 is not the greatest of games, it is a worthy addition to the Half Life universe, and a game anyone fond of HL2 should play. It clocks in at about five to six hours, making it slightly longer than episode 1.

    The second game in the collection is Portal, and for those of you not familiar with what portal is: you're in for a treat. It's a first person puzzle game where you can fire portals into walls, a blue and an orange, then step through one and out of the other. It's difficult to simply do the game justice with its basic description. The puzzles begin easy, with things like firing a portal across one side of a chasm, and another on your side to easily pass through. But an hour later you'll be pushing your brain and your finger to their limits.

    The whole game is only around three and a half hours long, but it's an utter pleasure to experience from start to finish, it has a wonderfully dark sense of humour (and is probably the funniest game of the year) as you're guided by an unworldly computerised voice that is... eccentric. Without spoiling anything, the game also has a simply perfect ending.

    Team Fortress 2 is the final original game in the package, and for anyone who even vaguely enjoys multiplayer FPS games, it's the highlight of TOB. It is in essence an objective-based class-based team multiplayer FPS. You'll select a class (each of which has strengths and weaknesses, and has to work effectively with the other classes to function properly), choose your team and jump straight into the game.

    One of the greatest strengths of TF2 is that the individual focus of the player is not merely on kills and deaths, but uses a points based system which also factors in kill assists, headshots, dominations (awarded for killing the same person several times), revenge kills (killing someone who is dominating you) and various other things. This means you won't be preoccupied with your simple ability to kill the enemy, but will be more focused on helping your team as best you can.

    Visually, the game is a pleasure to experience - it looks more like a cartoon than a computer game, and does wonderful things with the source e

  10.  high-definition entertainment experience


    this is a PS3, what more needs to be said about it? well, first off you have to remember this is a cut down version of the original 60Gb version, not too much to concern yourselves with, BUT, this is not backwards compatible with the old ps2/ps1 titles like the 60 model is, this is due to some motherboard modifications and removal of the GF chip. other things missing are the flash/memory card slots but if you really need these you can us a standard usb card reader, just plug it into the console. the other thing is it only has 2 usb ports on the front, these can also be expanded using a standard usb hub if you need more ports too. it still has wi-fi, blue tooth, and everything else the full 60Gb model has also the 40gb model comes with the 65nm cell chip that uses a lot less power and does not get so hot and is also a lot quieter then the 60gb model.the Cell Broadband Engine is ten times better the the old ps2 version it's also a lot better then xbox 360 live and also a lot faster as well priced at £290 it's a lot better value now as well all sony need to do is get behind it a bit more and get some more great titles out like gta 4, gran turismo 5 with some great games all ready out as well like call of duty 4 and the orange box ,assassins creed a true high-definition entertainment experience to be had