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  1.  Thoroughly entertaining


    As a biker, I was intrigued about this film and I'm glad I bought it. It ensures that it doesn't borderline as a 'feel good film' and keeps you interested throughout. There are some satisfying events though, some amusing one liners and effects are good enough to make you think what your eyes are seeing, actually happened. Part of me probably likes it because he reminded me of my past grandad (GH Sayer) who was as inventive and mechanical, allbeit not inclined towards high speed persuits! As I'm not quite old enough I can vouch for it being historically correct, but it certainly looked like it - any would be mobile phone masts must have been cunningly airbrushed out of the shot! I have to admit being enveous of the era the film was set in, none of that running about trying to achieve goals at the cost of alienating friends/relations...although that may be the Australian way?

    Anthony Hopkins performs his character very well and there wasn't one moment when I thought he might eat someone :o) It's amazing to think an actor can perform at both ends of the good/evil spectrum and not be pigeon holed. I'm skirting around the film itself as I have no ambition to ruin it for you, enjoy!

  2.  remove the clutter and make it 45mins and I'd like it more.


    Has to be said that "What The Bleep Do We Know?" is an utterly stupid america production with more padding than one of their own american footballers. I give it credit for it's scientific research and how the information is put together and the order, but it's really for anyone that's stumbled into this field of study through sheer boredom of the more main stream topics, such as football, politics, etc. I'll watch it to the end, but rest assured I'll be selling it, or I'll use the CD as a placematt for cups and the cover to protect more informative media.

  3.  A bit of fun, but not after you realise it doesn't fly


    bought cos it was cheap, and like any mass manufactured product you've just got to appreciate quality is varied. Mine had two options, without the front weight it would fly into the wall within 6 uncontrollable feet; with the nose weight on it would fly into the wall quicker within 6 uncontrollable feet. I trimmed as best as I could and have experience of doing this with past RC airbourne vehicles Nice gimic, but perhaps spend more for indoors fun.