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  1.  A home DVD for fit people.


    This is a tough routine to get through no matter what level of fitness you're currently at. Even her fitness models struggle to get through it. I'd recommend the '30 Day Shred' DVD first if you're looking to get fit, then move onto this. If you're a gym member, there are excellent exercises you can take with you if enjoy doing your own circuit training.

    In response to the first review, everyone has abs but they are the last thing to show because that's where the vast majority of people store fat first when putting on weight and it's the last place to leave. You can't really choose where you want fat to come off. It's mainly eating clean, unprocessed meals that get you there.

    It's an excellent DVD and Jillian Michaels gets results.

  2.  A good all round mouse for the price.


    I purchased this mouse in July 2010 and I've had no problems with it at all, so the quality is good. I don't really use it for gaming, but I DO use it for producing 3D animation at home.

    1st off, I usually use the medium dpi setting. The high setting is too quick for anything I need it for, but the slower setting comes in handy sometimes and it can be adjusted with the click of a button on the top.

    My second point (and my favourite part) is that it can be used on just about any surface and not flinch while in use. i tend to use it on a wooden surface, but right now it's on the arm of the couch and, hold on a second... yip, it works on the back of the TV remote and my wife's bag with unfaltering accuracy.

    Finally, it's also quite handy for the internet. There are two buttons up on the left side (just above where your thumb would sit) and it makes going back and forward through pages a lot easier than looking up to the corner and clicking the arrow every time. You can keep your attention on the page and just flick through with your thumb. It becomes second nature.

    All in, it's a very handy mouse to have on a budget for any type of user, not just gamers.

    Hope this helps.

  3.  Best so far.


    To anyone who has played all the pop's before, i can see where you are coming from with some of the changes made to this game (such as the story), but i think it has to be looked upon as a stand alone game which will have its own sequels and continuing storylines. In a nutshell, 2 words to describe the game are fluid and methodical, oh and the level design is nothing but mindblowing. The fact that you do not die is not a bad thing. It's only a different video sequence from the norm when you would die in other games. In the end you are put back a little and you try again, it's not that different really. For the price on play.com, you should buy it! If it was £39.99 you should only be starting to consider not buying it and then buy it anyway. Enjoy.

  4.  WOW.............just WOW!!!


    Just got this yesterday after ordering the day before. Although slightly more expensive than some other sites, Play seems to be the only place that really has them in stock (it was third order lucky for me). I don't have Crysis, but games such as Mass Effect, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Guild Wars can have textures, lighting, anti-aliasing and the rest set to the highest setting without any lag (that I've noticed so far). This is a must have for gamers or 3D students as it is up there with the more expensive cards.

  5.  Very Enjoyable


    First off, no, the movie is not always set in a fantasy land, probably about 25% of it is, but the rest is a story about a couple of children who meet, become best friends and who struggle with other kids at school. The fantasy part comes in for them to escape the pressures of the real world. IN NO WAY DOES THAT MAKE THIS A 1 STAR MOVIE! If you are not sure, rent it, then you will probably buy it sooner or later. Oh, and pay attention to reviews that sound credible and give good ratings for good reason, most people said this was good and with good reason.