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  1. Prey


    PC Games

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     Feel the Gravitation


    The game starts of at a reservation on the planet earth. Strange things happen and you and other people end up on a space ship with an alien form.

    The game play is excellent. There is no real "floor" and ceiling, but the gravitation might chance depending on your actions or where you are walking. Not only does the game play around with the gravitation a lot, but also with portals. There are different kinds of them, some are clearly visible, but some are hidden inside boxes, for example.

    Besides the wrench from planet earth, all your weapons are taken from aliens. Seven weapons that you can use, includes the wrench, which is as good as not used through out the whole game after you get your first real weapon. All weapons have two different firing modes and are used differently according to mode used.

    You also have a special ability, spirit walk, that is used to solve some puzzles in the game. When in the spirit world, you can also sneak on enemies as they will not be able to see you while unless you attack them first.

    The biggest issue with this game is, that it is short. It took less than 6 hours for me to finish this game. After finishing the game once you'll gain access to a harder difficulty level, but it does not change the story therefore it does not have a real function making the game "longer". Another one was, the multiplayer which at the current time is as good as dead. I tried looking for servers few times, but I never found one, so don't count on the multiplayer at all.

    I also had some issues playing this game in Vista, but all of those issues were solved after a re-install of Vista. There might have been something messed up with my Vista installation, but from what I read there have been more or less a lot problems with the game. Especially with the OpenAl sound, but I had a great experience with OpenAl sound, so I can't support that opinion.

  2.  The insanity makes this great


    The story is simple and insane but that is what makes this game so good. The moment you start the game you will be hooked inside the world of Psychonauts. The main character is a little boy, Raz, who wants to become a Psychonaut. The problem is that his parents are totally against it and he sneak himself to the summer camp this gives him only few days time to become a Psychonaut.

    I'm totally in love with the story of this game, the characters are just great. But when I first started playing I had trouble with the controls. The mouse movement is very awkward and slow. It does not response to ones movements exactly and smooth. The problem was easily solved with using a game pad, though. This game is really meant to be played with a game pad and not with keyboard and mouse.

    Graphic looks nice and it stays smooth through out the whole game. I experience no lag at all in this game. The slight comic kind of graphic fits this game perfectly, though it is not something everyone likes. This game would not be the same without graphics like this.

    I can only recommend this to anyone who likes some easy adventure with a great story.