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  1.  Great Value, Great Bass, Good earphones, Except............


    Please read my review of the Sennheiser CX380 Sport (as play sent me those by mistake when I ordered these Sony's, and there is info you might find useful) so I can keep this review fairly short.
    I thought the frequency responce of these was a 'typo' as it was very low (ie. deep bass). When I got them I realised it was not an error, as the bass response was very good/deep (I cannot understand why some have called them 'tinny'?).
    These earphones therefor have a lot going for them imo. I have not seen another pair of this design/type and they would be near perfect for running at a bargain price, except.......... they do not go very loud with a given input :-(
    The Sennheisers may not go as low, and have an annoyingly long cord (if you use an armband or iopd shuffle on your lapel) but they go plenty low enough and the extra volume more than makes them the better product imo.
    To update my review on the Sennheisers, I have now run in them a lot and they have never fallen out.
    This may be because they just fit my ears well, but I think its more to do with preparation and effort.
    I would say try them. You may find that you need a neckband like on the Sony's. But if you do not then it is only going to be an uncomfortable and unnecessary addition, and you may find it actually spoils the fit and therefor sound from the earbuds themselves!

  2.  As good for running as this type of earphone can be!


    Play sent me these by mistake, I actually ordered the Sony MDR-AS50G (which are earbud type but with a neckband), but decided to try these as they are water and sweat proof.
    I want them for running and after three outings I have to disagree with the previous reviews saying they are not suitable for running.
    Any in ear (without head or neckband) earphone is going to be prone to fall out when running. The 'silicone earbud' type such as these are the most secure (other than made to measure ones) of in ear types (as opposed to side on with neckband or just regular in ear) I would say. A lot also depends on your own ear size/shape I guess too!
    I have been out for three 10k runs and they have stayed in fine (I am Mr sweaty when running!).
    That said it is very important that you use the supplied clip and attach the cord to your top to minimise cord pull. The only thing I had to do was pull the right hand cord level from behind my neck now and again as it can slip and pull on the right earpiece (again, as any of this type would) when running.
    Other tips would be to ensure ear and earbud are clean/dry before inserting so as to get a good initial 'grip' and use the correct size earbud (s/m/l supplied).
    Both previous reviewers also mentioned hearing unwanted noises of cord rubbing against your clothing etc. This is again just a characteristic of this 'earbud' type of earphone. Because they seal off the ear canal completely and it affects the sounds you hear, but it is not noticeable when listening to the type of music and at the volume most people run to. If you listen to quiet music or music with long quiet sections or book tapes, then you will notice it, but again it is just the type of earphones, not the model in my opinion.
    The sound quality/bass is very good. The bass response is I guess what most people want from earphones, and these have a decently low frequency response of 17Hz giving a distinct 'thump' at the low end.
    They are not worth the 49.99 list price, but are a very good buy at play's 17.99.
    If you think you need a more secure fit try something like the Sony's (which I have reordered, but yet to receive) with a neckband. Neckbands may offer a more secure fit, but the downside can be that they are not as comfortable for a lot of users. This is one of the reasons I kept and tried out the CX180's, I am glad I did because for me they stay in and I would recommend you do not rule them out for running.
    My only grumble is the long cord. It would have been nice to have a short cord with an extension as some others have. This would work much better if holding the player or if you use an armband.

  3.  2.5mm? beware, headphones are 3.5mm


    Am not quite sure what this adapter is for? Seems to take a 2.5mm jack/plug, but headphone minijacks are 3.5mm.
    If you have something 2.5mm to plug into it, it's probably great. But surely most people will want to plug their headphones in, and they will not fit!

  4.  As good as I thought


    Have been looking into getting a digital photo frame for ages, and finally got round to buying this Philips at £99.

    The 800 x 400 resolution is a must for me. I had a Mustek delivered a while ago, which was advertised at 800 x 400, but turned out to be 400 x 200. The quality of the image on the Philips is easily worth the extra money alone!

    But besides that, the build quality is excellent and the menu system works very well, having icons on the screen which directly relate to the buttons on the back when viewed from the front.

    There are a few minor niggles.

    The battery does not last very long at all, it is very handy for 'wire free' setting up etc., but you only get
    about a couple of hours of viewing time.

    It does not take 'naked' memory stick duo's, you have to use a full size adapter. This really is no big deal I know, but a bit annoying.

    And lastly, there are lots of different transition effects when in the 'random' mode, but you can only select four of them individually, and in my opinion, they are not the four best ones.

    I prefer to have no effect, and the photos to just change, so again, this is no big deal for me. But it would be nice if you could select all of the transition effects individually, or even pick two of three favourites to rotate randomly.

    Maybe a software upgrade is/will be available?

    All in all I am very pleased with the frame, and can recommend it highly.