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  1.  Best Shooter/Hack n' Slash Game on the Market


    I must admit, Im a massive fan of most of the Warhammer universe video games so was really looking forward to this being released.
    I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. The game play is smooth with seamless transition between the 3rd person shooter and hack n' slash genres. This is rarely done well but Space Marine manages it excellently.
    The array of weapons is great and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into ways of keeping the combat fresh and preventing it from becoming repetitive which so many games end up being.
    Usually you find that games which encorporate shooter with melee combat focus more on one genre than the other with one form of combat seeming clumsy or awkward, but not this game. The game would have been excellent either as solely a shooter or a hack n' slash but they have combined the two very effectively.
    I was really, really impressed, and I'm sure others will be too.

  2.  Standard hack 'n slash


    Don't get me wrong. This isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. Bought it 3 days ago and have completed it already which isn't great. Graphics admittedly are fantastic as are the game play and set pieces but it does get samey after the first few hours.

    They quickly run out of new enemies and just start adding more instead of new but the moves are easy to get the hang of and are spectacular.

    The boss fight sequences are great and add a bit extra to the game but ultimately there's nothing really ground breaking or new here.

    Still enjoyable though and worth buying if your a specific fan of the God of War franchise or this genre.

  3.  Very Realistic (and I speak from personal experience)


    My attention was drawn to this movie slowly to begin with as there appeared to be an absence of a big marketing campaign.

    However, having read a few glowing reviews, I thought I'd pick up a copy when I got the chance.

    To be frank, this is one of the best war films I have seen in ages and really captures the envoironment of the Iraq war in it's entirety.

    Having served in Iraq twice, I personally was shocked at how realistic everything about this film was, from the dusty, rubbish strewn streets, to the rollercoaster of high adrenaline moments through to utter boredom.

    The characters are fantastic and the pschological state of different individuals is articulately portrayed highlighting, especially for people who have never experienced warfare, the mental toll it takes on soldiers.

    The only negative I would comment on is that it does feel a bit rushed toward the end but, that aside, a brilliant film balancing realism with Hollywood excitement.

  4.  Social commentary/action film


    When I first read about this film I thought it sounded really interesting. Primarily due to the fact that it appeared a little bit more intelligent than your average film about aliens.

    The first thing that you notice is the obvious message the film is sending regarding the natural human compulsion to treat things they do not understand with hostility and intollerance. The obvious references to racism is South Africa are also one of the films main topics. Needless to say, humans are not portayed in the best light but the hero of the film inevitably embarks on a voyage of understanding and enlightenment (also getting to blow stuff up along the way).

    However, the great thing about this film, is that it not only is slightely thought provoking but is genuinely entertaining as well as it evolves in the second half into a decent action film. The special effects are very good (particularly for such a small budget) as is the acting with many of the main characters scenes being completely improvised.

    All in all, very entertaining and well worth adding to a decent film collection.

  5.  A bit dull really


    Monsters, action, gore, vikings and a story based vaguely on one of the oldest tales in British culture. Can't go wrong can you?

    Obviously no one told Howard McCain. He's taken some fantastic ingredients and baked them into a great big cake that unfortunately hasn't risen. Poor metaphor I know but stay with me.

    The setting was great. Big sweeping Scandanavian vistas, gloomy pine forests, serene mountain lakes etc, but that was about as close to an authentic Scandanavian viking tale as this story got. Since when have Vikings had facial tattoos?

    There were a couple of decent action sequences but the rest of the film laboured along at a trundle rather than a sprint and there were a lot of missed opportunities in relation to the story line.

    The acting was OK at best. Jim managing to make the best of a bad script but Ron Pearlman couldn't seem to make his mind up as to what accent his character should have.

    The creature wasn't bad but, as previously mentioned, the effects arn't amazing and they must have been a bit skint as the creature didn't make an appearance for at least half an hour at one point throughout the film which, considering the film is a creature flik, wasn't ideal.

    All in all, the film is less than inspiring but would do to wile away a couple of hours one rainy afternoon if it was on sale. I paid a tenner and think that it was way too much.

  6.  Not what you'd expect


    I watched this with a bunch on mates under the impression, along with everyone else watching, that it was going to be the run of the mill monster flick.

    I was really supprised to discover that, as the film progressed this couldn't have been further from the truth. Yeah, there's monsters and the occasional person getting munched etc, but it's more to do with the human psyche and an analysis of several very interesting characters under extraordinary circumstances.

    The monster effects are actually pretty mediocre but again, this isn't what the film is about.

    I highly recommend this film, though a word of warning first. I wouldn't watch it if you're feeling a little depressed...

  7.  Tosh


    I rented this ignoring the poor reviews as I like to make my own mind up with movies but, in this case, I wished I hadn't bothered.

    They took an interesting basic concept for a horror movie and seemed to have a brainstorming session on how to make it as wishy washy, confusing, non-sensical and boring as possible.

    Also, does the word 'continuity' mean anything to the director/producer as on minute the zombie/ghost thingies are appearing out of thin air, the next a door is holding them at bay.

    Like I said- tosh.

  8.  Star Tremendous


    J.J Abrams is a very clever man.

    He has taken a franchise which has arguably one of the geekiest reputations in the world and has made it somehow cool.

    The casting was spot on as all the actors fitted into their roles seamlessly which would have been fairly daunting for anyone trying to fill Kirk's boots.

    He managed to take the seventies look and feel of the original series and make it seem futuristic which I'm still trying to get my head round HOW he's actually managed to do that.

    And to top it all off he's made the action sequences truely brilliant and mesmerising adding a much needed adrenaline shot to the Star Trek films.

    Even if you hate Star Trek this film will more than likely change the way you look at the franchise and has added not only a face lift but a whole new body to the Star Trek universe. Awesome.

  9.  Mutant write off


    I picked this up thinking it looked like some cheap and cheerful B movie action/horror which would wile away a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

    I'm sorry to disagree with everyone who has given this high marks. People seem to think that because it has an obviously microscopic budget it is an excuse to be a rubbish film.

    There are so many low budget films that are absolutely fantastic due to their script, acting, plot or action so to say this film should be highly rated because is 'made the best of a bad budget' is just wrong! It is honestly one of the worst films I have seen in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

    You could use the plot as a seive as it has that many holes in it and don't even get me started on Pearlman's weird accent (I think it's supposed to be Irish or something). How he and Malkovich agreed to put their names to this after having appeared in some genuinely excellent films will leave a lingering question mark in my mind for a long time.

    To give the film it's due the effects are not too bad and the plot could have been used to much better effect but unfortunately it's a fragmented, unitelligable mess with the worst script and acting seen in a long time.

    Do not waste your time even if you're a fan of B movies (unless you just want to laugh at Pearlman's weird accent)



    After having seen the brilliant first series I couldn't wait for the follow up.
    Needless to say I wasn't dissappointed in the least. Another outstanding program and a more than worthy follow up to the original series.
    The fantastic acting, plot and script leaves you supporting the best anti hero to make it to main stream TV as he invents one awesomely devious solution to a problem after another.
    Just finished watching series three (which is even better than the first and second series believe it or not) so I sincerely urge anyone who hasn't seen Dexter to buy the first series asap, closely followed by the second then the third...