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  1. FIFA 12

    FIFA 12


    9 New from  £4.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00



    Played this game and enjoy it however it only comes off the shelf if family over or online playing... otherwise its collecting dust but still by far the best football game out there....

  2.  Cod Vs BF3


    Both get 4 stars... Cod has smooth multi player and single player - however single player is quite short and lacked what MW2 had.... however i still rate these games and you can play for hours at a time and not even know it.... Too small for snipers.... BF3 lacks that smoothness but has choppers and jets to keep you entertained for hours

  3.  Cod vs BF3


    you cannot compare the 2 games as they are both good in their own rights..... BF3 has better maps and helicopters jets etc... cod has that smooth playability and easier to use.. both get 4 stars in their own right and both in my collection.... both worth playing and both will be played...

  4.  good game easy to complete


    I love this game, i think this game would have been 5 stars if things would have been slightly different.
    Firstly online - not sure if only UK but took about 30 attempts to find a online game i could play it either said cannot connect or wrong map version, look forever online and there is only 1 map version.
    Single player - Loved the proton packs loved the trappimg of ghost and loved the controls, however once played for a hour or 2 became slightly repetative, same ghosts same ways to trap or kill so the challenge became easier not harder. i used to play Ghostbusters years ago and thpough that the driving to the ghost used to be good, no driving in this what so ever. you have no choice on where you go or what you do no mission selects. Would be perfect if this game had a map like GTA where you can drive to certain missions and maybe collect ghosts on the way. all in all a good game completed in a couple of days and will be returning for a prt exchange with fight night round 4. hope review help buy this game you will enjoy it like i did but think mainly cos i loved the films

  5.  Not a great film but a ok film


    I will not pay top price for this film as i feel was very weak, i think ricky is excellent and have the office, extra and all his stand ups, however when it came to this movie i found his lacking some what, not sure if the americans held him back and told him not to go to over the top but this film was not his best, very predictable story with a very predictable ending, there are some good bits in the film and some laugh out loud bits bit not eneough to warrant paying top price.

  6.  Great film


    I have to agree with most on this one, what a film, a great cast and a great director makes this a must have movie. Some good action with a great story

  7.  good film worth a watch


    Now using blu ray i feel this film will be excellent just changed my review from 4 stars to 5 as feel this should be in your blu ray/ dvd collection, a good action film with a few twist mostly predictable but some nice never seen action bits with some good effects. Enjoy

  8. Iron Man

    Iron Man


    3 New from  £15.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.12

     wish i could give no stars


    What a shame, another rushed game to try get money, game play awful 1 out of 10
    Longevity awful 1 out of 10.
    Best bit about this game is turning it off.

  9.  WOW - Worth Every penny


    Bought this film as my first blu ray movie and wow, loved this at the cinema and now on HD its amazing, a good story line with some amazing body explosions and heads flying off. Rambo at his best thanks sly you old dog

  10.  a bit predictable


    Watched this film and about half way through could have told you the end, however i felt myself watching to the end and even though very predictable it was and still is very enjoyable, can't get the interactive black jack to work with my ps3 but the film itself is worth the £10 i paid for it.