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  1.  C&S Go Mainstream


    I pre-ordered this from another reputable music dealer and was chuffed to find it on my door mat when I got in today. I've listened to the album all the way through, expecting...well, big things. I've seen Chase & Status live twice now, and bought their previous album, so was hoping a similar sound.

    First impressions, for someone who was looking forward to a hard hitting dnb/dubstep album...it's a big disappointment. I kept thinking all the way through that they'd sold out. Cashed in. Appealed to what's popular.

    There's a lot of Rock/Indie influences, a la Pendulum - In Silico. There's also a lot of UK Grime with Tinie Tempah (or however you spell it) and Dizzee Rascal featuring. While these kind of acts will no doubt win over fans of those genres as being 'new', 'fresh' and 'turning a new page' for me it's not what I was hoping for. Yeah they are known for UK Grime/Urban stuff but also for their Dnb more prominently.

    I get that they want to make money and drum and bass/dubstep albums are not going to pull in big money, but after some of the explosive songs that rocked the dnb dancefloors like 'In Love', 'Hurt you' and 'Take me Away', from my first listen there is simply nothing to compare. No massive drops to blow you away, no racing beats.

    That's not to say it's total garbage though, songs like 'Blind Faith','Time' and 'Midnight Caller' are all stand out tracks for me, but they're not DnB by any stretch of the imagination.

    I hope it does make them sucessful and they earn a nice wage from this, but I'm going to dig out More Than Alot and remind myself why I liked them in the first place.

  2.  Not Sin City!


    I went in to watch this movie with high hopes, the last Frank Miller adaption was excellent, Sin City, so that was my frame of reference, my goodness was i way off!

    There is an element of comedy that is trying to be put across to the viewer but it fails miserably, everything feels forced and rushed. It's almost like he's tried to apply everything in Sin City to a weaker storyline, and it's just infuriating to watch.

    However, it's not all bad. Eva Mendes has a fantastic arse, for this alone it's worth 2 stars.

  3.  Button bashing madness!


    I've got nothing more to add than those who have already given reviews. Online for me seems to work great, arcade is impossibly hard but for me the best experience is playing mates. We've been jumping around all over the place playing this game, this is the first game that's got the adrenaline racing on the PS3!

    Personally a must have if you've got some mates over.

  4.  Nood good enough after Modern Warfare


    Most people loved playing COD4 for it's pretty faultless online gameplay (other than the annoyances of the PSN network). I hoped Treyarch would carry over this feeling, and just put the WWII skin on it, and to a point they have.

    The biggest failing of this game for me is the bugs, of which there are many. In most of the maps there are huge clipping issues, where online players can hide under maps and kill others without being seen, and to be frank, it's cheating. You could say, if you can't beat em', join em'. However you don't pay £40 for a game, only to work around glitches, thorough testing should have eradicated these issues.

    There are other annoyances which detract from what could have been a great iteration of this franchise, the weapons being from the WWII are not as fun as those in COD4, but a saving grace is the levels, which bugs aside are actually really well done.

    I enjoyed playing this game until more and more people started cheating, now i've gone back to Modern Warfare as it's more solid online.

  5.  An absolute masterpiece, you simply must buy this.


    I'd never heard of Band of Brothers until I flicked over an episode recently. That same week I saw it on Bluray for £35 and thought for a series, it sounded like a good deal. I was wrong.

    This boxset is an utter brilliant piece of film making, without question one of the best pieces of television or film I have ever watched.

    It starts off with a group of young recruits training for the parachute regiment in WWII. The story takes you through their battles, losses and victories. It's an absolute triumph in character development, you almost feel a part of the team as you watch the story unfold, and sense the terror these guys must have felt, especially as you have the war veterans formally a part of the 'Easy Company' talking you through their actual experiences.

    If you look for viewing pleasure in the form of something with substance and meaning, you simply have to buy this collection you will not regret it.

  6.  An absolute must have Blu-ray


    Assuming you have a quality set up, and have been boasting, like me, for ages about how quality Blu-ray really is, you need to buy this film.

    I've just sat my dad down to watch it, he's seen the DVD, and sat in awe of the picture quality and sound, in his words 'wow'. That just about sums up what this film is like to watch.

    Turn up the volume, sit back and be blown away by proper home theatre.

  7.  One of the British best horror movies of 2008...apparently


    I hate it when you have what can only be construed as lies printed all over the front of a DVD box, making large claims that films are absolutely awesome, when they're not. Enter The Cottage, which claims to be one of the best British films for a long time. It just isn't. It's an averagely funny, averagely gory, completely predictable popcorn flick, in which Jennifer Ellison doesn't even get her knockers out.

  8.  All I ever wanted was to smash this CD to pieces


    For some reason they keep playing this album at the gym i go to, and while the beat might do an average job of keeping some motivation up when you're running, the rest of it is garbage, the lyrics are awful, and the bloke obviously can't sing as everything has been synthed, badly.

    The only good thing about Basshunter is the undoubtedly mint birds in the video, i'd prefer if the sound was muted and some decent music played though

  9.  A fairly good D'n'B Album


    I was hoping this album would be the follow on to Diary of a Digital Sound boy. I was mistaken, it's just a compilation of other stuff.

    CD1 - Grimey D'n'B, personally not my favourite type, but provided you've got a big sub woofer, tunes like 'Machete' are pretty good.

    CD2 - Vocal D'nB, my favourite, there's lots of good tunes on this one, Johnny L, Chase & Status and High Contrast all have some awesome tunes on here that i've been listening to for months!

    CD3 - Essentially a Jungle CD, it reminds me of the old Jungle Massive CD from years ago, good for a bit of nostalgia!

    Overall, it's one of the best compilations of recent months!

  10.  Live for nothing or die for something...


    When you buy a Rambo film, you don't expect to have a empathic war film, you expect death, explosions, commies, guns and blood.

    I'm pleased to say that this film has all of those in abundance. I kept laughing out loud, because of how brilliantly awesome this film is! I mean in what other film do you have a graphic depiction of the star of the film blowing someone to shreds with a 50 calibre machine gun from less than a foot away....brilliant.

    I immediately felt 500% more manly after watching this film, kinda like wanting to go and thrash my car immediately after first watching The Fast and the Furious, this film will make you want to get some massive guns and go and blow up a small part of asia.

    Excellent action film!