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  1.  single player thumbs up, online thumbs down


    Single player is good but everybody knows online is where it's at. It's taken then 3 patches totally nearly 700MB to get this game running about 90% properly. Matchmaking in this is totally unfair. Being put into games where you're only a low level (10) against people who are level 55+ is wrong. This means that they have better weapons and perks and you are unable to compete with them. Save your money people and rent it just for the single player.

  2.  Superb


    One of the biggest and greatest bands ever to live. I have this on VHS but nowadays it can't be played. Bought this and was amazed at the picture quality. If you have a cinema sound system then you can listen to it in DTS HD audio. Like others have said the only down side is the Live Aid footage is in standard definition.

    So load this up, crank up the volume and annoy the neighbours!

  3.  It's ok


    I have been waiting for this to be released for 21 years now. Remember taping it off the radio way back in 1990, think I wore the tape out!

    The CD's are great and a superb british band to listen to, all the classics are on here plus Steve Vai was in the band at the time.

    Now onto the DVD. To be honest it's not brilliant, VHS quality at the best and some of the camera shots are blurred. Looking at this I would say that it was filmed for Whitesnakes own personal library and then hastily slapped onto DVD. The DVD was watched via a PS3 so it should have looked great.

    If you're a big fan of this group then I would say buy it, even just for the 2 CD's.

    It gets 3 stars from me, if the DVD had been better quality then it would have definitely got 5

  4.  Terrible game


    Bought this and now wish I hadn't. Yes the graphics are poor considering titles that have been released recently, but it's not the graphics that are the problem it's the actual game. In 1 week of having this I've managed a total of 50 minutes play because it keeps freezing my console when trying to join an online game. There are thousands of complaints about this all over the internet, from the homefront official forums to facebook.

    This is a console killer because having to reset your PS3 every time you try to join an online game is not good for it. No word on a patch and all Kaos are saying is that they "will fix it when they realise what the issues are."

    It doesn't even deserve a 1 star, I wouldn't give it any stars. Buy this game at your peril. Every single person on my friends list who has this are having the exact same problems.

  5.  Great series


    Started to watch this as recommended by someone and what can I say? It's got it all, violence, action, gore, sex and some brilliant acting (especially by John Hannah)

    There is one scene in particular that will make every man wince! Can't wait for season 2 and will definitely be buying this on Blu-ray when it comes out.

  6.  Do not buy!


    I agree with Gazza on this. Online play DOES NOT WORK! The only time I have managed to connect online is at 1am or 6am in the morning. EA are blocking all UK and European customers from accessing their servers in the US.

    I have had this game 6 days now and so far have managed 3 hours of online play. EA have been contacted by hundreds of people who have bought this game and up to now have done nothing to fix this.