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  1.  Can't get enough of it!!!


    This game is really fun to play, especially the multiplayer online.
    At first I thought, "wow, so many new things, so confusing compared to modern warfare one" but after playing it for a few days, It is SO easy to understand.
    If you don't like multiplayer online, special ops is a new feature with mini games including defendeing against waves of enemies.
    The story mode is good too, so an all around awesome game!

  2.  Gripping Film, definately worth watching!!!


    This film had me gripped from beginning to finish!!
    It's a brilliant film with lots of tense moments.
    Many scenarios where you feel like you just want to switch it off and end the film there and then, but somehow you will keep on watching till the very end.

  3.  Good for multiplayer, single player story mode drags.


    The graphics are quite good.
    Multiplayer gameplay is fun, especially the "horde" where they just throw waves of monsters at you.
    £29.99 is a good price, and you get a few extra maps and 48hrs of XBOX LIVE free with it. So thats a bonus.

  4.  Its not a bad film at all.


    I enjoyed watching this film as I like disaster films.
    The camera man is a bit crazy though and you do feel a bit dizzy with the quick movements. The storyline is ok, the film is worth the £2.99 but nothing more than £5.
    I still don't quite understand how the girl can run around the city and still be in her high heels. :)
    Overall, it was quite an enjoyable film.

  5.  Good Gadget to tone muscles.


    Abgymnic is good for your muscles if you use it regularly, it helps tone them up. Once you stop using it, your muscles will weaken.
    I have found that using the abgymnic after a workout at the gym is reall great!!
    Excellent for such a low price!

  6.  Great read..good book.


    The Lady Grace mysterious seem to keep me really interested in the book. I never really read but I got one of these books free in a magazine and have been buying the others since!
    You should give it a try!

  7.  Best Christmas Film EVER!!!


    This is the best christmas film there is!! Its very funny and has a great storyline!
    I would recommend for anyone!! I watched it over 3 times this christmas and never got bored.. There is something about this film that makes you want to watch it, Arnold did a great job!

  8.  A fun game but gets a little boring after a while.


    The game is quite fun to play, you can have a few laughs. After some of the battles it does get a little boring as everythings the same. Overall gameplay and graphics are good but the battles are all very similar making the game get boring very quickly.

  9.  Such a LAUGH OUT LOUD film!!


    This film is so funny!! Will get eveyone in hysterics!!.. even the second time round watching it.
    Its not too scary either which makes it a brilliant family film!!..especially for halloween. x

  10.  An amazing hoodie!!


    Brilliant good quality hoodie. Would recommend to anyone!! The material is nice and soft, it feels comfortable even in bed!!
    The sizes are a bit smaller than you'd expect, so make sure you buy the next size up to avoid disappointment.