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  1.  There will be a Just Dance 2 .....


    This game is rubbish. The graphics are very poor, there is no real gameplay, nothing to unlock and no online. Yet this game manages to be brilliant. The wife and kids all love it and it's a good price. It's straight forward simple fun. Go buy it and bring on number 2.

  2.  Into GH then this is a must buy .....


    It's a shame because this latest release of GH has not had a lot of publicity or reviews in magazines. It is also not widely available as none of my local games shops have stocked it since it's release. Thank goodness to Play for bringing me this. If your into GH then this is a must, it's great with a good selection of tracks some easy and some insane (try playing Eruption on medium and then expert). Having got all the GH's on the Wii my boys and I still rate Metallica as the best, but this comes a very close second followed by world tour and 5.

  3.  The best GH to date .....


    If you like your GH then get this as it is the best so far (also see my GH Van Halen review). I bought this not really knowing much of the music from Metallica and have 2 boys who had not even heard of them. But now it's the most played GH and we have all of them on the Wii. It's no contest if you're into GH then this is a must have.

  4.  It's worth having in your games collection.


    I like this. It's typical Nintendo with colourful graphics and simple yet addictive game play. You will always come back to this for a quick blast or when friends and family visit. The wii-motion does make a difference although I'm not sure all the games really needed it. I'm sure the wakeboarding and archary control could be done without motion+ and the controls for flying the plan are the same as in EA's playground game which has no +. That said you can see the difference in the golf, tenpin, and table tennis, and definately in the frisbee and sword games. Yes it's not cheep as you will need two motions from the start to get the best from it, but I feel it's worth it as the + can be used with other games.

  5.  Mixed opinions in our house !


    I brought this for the wife as she wanted it for her Bday. If she was writing this review it would get 5 star. My daughter and two boys would give it 4 but as I'm writing the review it gets 3. I don't think it's bad but it's not for me. And thats the thing with wii fit it's not going to be everybodys cup of tea. I can't be done with yoga and muscle workouts I just play the mini games, and there are not enough of these. I am impressed though with how long the batteries in the board last and maybe when wii fit 2 or plus comes out it may give me a reason to get it out. As I said at the begining my wife loves it and for her it's worth 5 stars.

  6.  Good clean easy family fun.


    The first half hour of playing this game had me so frustrated and dissappointed I was ready to put it on the trade-in pile. BUT then I realised where I was going wrong, not holding the wiimote properly and swinging back to fast. Suddenly it all changed and I started to hit the ball well, very well. I entered 3 tornaments and each time finished 11 below par and I've started unlocking extra characters and courses. I gave a quick lesson to my 2 boys and they both picked it up within minutes. The graphics are bright and colourful and animation is good. All in all "we love golf"

  7.  Good straightforward addictive fun


    Controls are easy, graphics are ok and at £9.99 good value. Glad I bought it.

  8.  Get with the rhythm & shake & don't forget to strike a pose.


    I've said before sometimes how good a game is can partly be down to how much you paid for it. I only paid £7.99 from play for my copy and the fun the family have had has been money well spent. I think the graphics are fine and the songs are great. I do think the game will play better with 2 wiimotes rather than the nunchuck. But overall another good clean fun game, simple, straighforward, for all ages. Worth paying anything up to £15 for but you should be able to get for less nowadays.

  9.  I'm not what I call a fan but ..............


    Years ago I heard some tracks from a group called The Prodigy. I liked what I heard and so bought their Album 'The Fat Of the Land' Oooh hail the BASS, Breathe, Firestarter and my favourite Smack my B up. Never really bothered with them after that and from what I've recently read haven't missed much. But again heared Omen and Invaders got the album and again Oooh hail the Bass.

  10.  Fun for all


    I had Mario Kart on my old SNES and I never really liked it. I then never bothered with any other versions as I looked at them and just kept thinking 'I'm not going to like it'. Now we have a Wii I started looking at video clips and reading reviews for this latest outing and I decided I liked what I saw and so bought it. I'm sooo glad I did it's great. The tracks are well thought out and the graphics just lovely. The Wii wheel also feels and works perfectly. Some hardcore gamers may complain it's too easy. I've already unlocked all but 2 caracters, both my Wii outfits, mirror mode and almost all the karts and bikes. So I like it because it's easy going on the casual gamer. The rest of the familiy also love it and are also pleased that they are able to unlock extras as they progress. The only thing is it is becoming quite competative in the house as we all fight to get that quicker lap time and earn the best star ranking. But I'm 'the daddy' so I'm still leading,..............at the moment!